21st of November 2014

Q&A: How can an older guy be attractive to younger women?

If you’re an older guy, you have qualities that younger guys lack, and by displaying those qualities, you can attract younger women. You need to understand what a younger woman wants when she dates an older guy, and act accordingly — this doesn’t mean you need to act younger, but you also don’t want to remind her of her father. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin explain the importance of style and being in shape, where to meet younger women, how to approach them, and how to show them what you offer that younger guys can’t.

20th of November 2014

Q&A: How can I accept my girlfriends sexual past?

If you’re bothered by your girlfriends sexual past, relax. It’s a normal reaction, and to deal with it you first need to examine why it bothers you, and then either change the way you think about it, or break up with her. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin tell you how to know if you should break up with her or not, how to find out why her sexual past bothers you, and how to reframe it and feel better.

19th of November 2014

Q&A: If I Failed With Women in College, Am I Hopeless?

If you failed with women in college, don’t get down on yourself; most guys don’t actually have much success with women until after college. In college, mating success is mostly determined by social popularity, whereas after college it’s determined by other things, like your ability to be a good partner, how motivated you are, and what you’re doing with your life. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin tell you how to increase your mate value, find women who are a good match for you, and have successful relationships after college.

18th of November 2014

Q&A: I’ve made progress but still lack self-esteem, what do I do?

Lots of guys have issues with self-esteem, and there are many ways to improve. The best way to feel better about yourself is to do things that make your life better. In this episode, Tucker and Geoff cover most of the major ways to improve your self-esteem, like building relationships, improving your health, doing work you’re proud of, and overcoming negative thoughts.

17th of November 2014

How To Be Attractive To Women, Pt. 7: Smart Is Sexy (Intelligence)

One of the traits that women find most attractive in men is intelligence. There’s a huge amount of untapped intelligence potential in almost every guy, and unlocking this potential will make you significantly more attractive. In this episode, Tucker and Geoff tell you some myths about intelligence, why intelligence is attractive, and how you can become more intelligent.

14th of November 2014

Charlie Hoehn Interview #2

All guys can become more successful with women, they just need to focus on the right things. Charlie Hoehn had some very limiting beliefs early in life that didn’t help him with women. In this episode, Charlie tells us about his limiting beliefs and his failures and successes in dating, and through that, Tucker and Charlie explain how to be funny, how to develop confidence, and how to become the most attractive version of yourself.

13th of November 2014

Q&A: What Do I Do If The Women I Find Attractive Aren’t Into Me?

If the women you find most attractive aren’t into you, then the likely explanation is that your mate value is too low for them, or you aren’t properly displaying your mate value to them. The good news for guys is that we can raise our mate value pretty easily. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils tell you how and when to initiate contact with attractive women, and how to raise your mate value so that you can attract the women that you want.