31st of October 2014

Jake Seliger Interview

Our guest today is Jake Seliger, novelist and writer. Jake has gone from being very unsuccessful with women to very successful, and has lots of actionable advice. In this episode, Tucker and Jake discuss where to find women, how to ask them out, how to know when a girl likes you, and what you can do to make yourself more attractive to women.

30th of October 2014

Q&A: Can I have a successful a relationship with my co-worker

Relationships with co-workers can succeed, you just need to approach it correctly. The key thing is to avoid reputational damage and legal disaster. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils tell you everything you need to know to intelligently and effectively pursue a relationship with a co-worker.

29th of October 2014

Q&A: What To Do On A First Date From Tinder

Tinder is a great way to match up with interested girls, but what do you do after the match? You meet the woman in person, and the best first date is meeting in a social situation that is low stress with a short time commitment. Tucker, Geoff, and Nils explain the best way to go about this, and also tell you how to find girls who are looking for the same thing you are on Tinder.

28th of October 2014

Q&A: I Fall For Girls Too Fast, What Is My Problem?

Falling in love too fast is a common issue guys have, but if you have this problem and don’t fix it, eventually you’ll end up in a toxic relationship. In today’s episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils explain the exact steps you need to take to have healthy relationships, starting with recognizing you have a problem, managing your emotions, and building intimate non-romantic relationships.

27th of October 2014

How To Be Attractive To Women, Pt. 4: How Rich Do You Need To Be? (Material Proof)

How much money do you need to be attractive to women? This is a question lots of guys ask, because they think having money is what women want, and for a good reason: consumerist culture has taught you that your value, your identity as a person, and your sexual ability is tied to the things you buy. The problem is that all of the actual empirical data says the opposite–women don’t actually care that much about wealth (and when they do, it’s in only specific situations). In today’s episode, Tucker and Geoff discuss how much money you really need, and what actually matters to women.

24th of October 2014

Dr. Heather Berlin Interview

Today’s guest is Dr. Heather Berlin, acclaimed researcher and neuroscientist, and Dr. Berlin and Tucker discuss exactly how guys can develop and retain good habits both in dating and in life. Dr. Berlin also talks about what it’s like to be an intelligent, beautiful, successful woman dating in New York City and the things she sees that guys do right and wrong.

23rd of October 2014

Q&A: I’m In A Long Term Relationship, But Still Want To Flirt With Other Women

A lot of guys think that once they have a girlfriend, all other women must immediately become unattractive to them, or they’re morally bankrupt. That’s not only silly, it’s unnatural and unhealthy–for both partners. But on the other hand, if you have an intense desire to actually be with other women, you should examine whether your relationship is right for you. In this Q&A, Geoff, Nils & Tucker unpack all the issues that surround the “flirting with other women while in a relationship” question.

22nd of October 2014

Q&A: What Is The Difference Between Assertive And Aggressive?

What’s the difference between being assertive and aggressive? Assertiveness is attractive to women, aggressiveness is repellent to them, and it’s extremely important to understand where the line is. In today’s Q&A, Tucker, Nils, and Carin explain what the difference is and what you need to know to find the right assertiveness balance to be attractive to girls.

21st of October 2014

Q&A: Why Is Small Talk Important?

Guys often think “small talk” is a meaningless waste of their time and don’t understand why women want to engage in it. Small talk is not meaningless; like many things in mating, the real purpose is not what the surface meaning appears to be. Small talk is actually a critical part of a woman’s assessment of a man, and in today’s Q&A, Tucker, Nils, and Carin explain why small talk is important, and give some tips to get better at it.