18th of December 2014

Q&A: How can I fix my narcissism?

If you’re narcissistic and you want to have good relationships, you need to constantly be aware of your behavior. It’s hard to change your attitudes, but you can change how you express them. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin explain how to figure out what specific problems you have, how to fix those problems, the importance of therapy, and Tucker and Geoff share how they have dealt with their own narcissism.

17th of December 2014

Q&A: How do I keep things interesting in a long term relationship?

The problem with monogamous commitment is that the instinctive male desire for sexual variety isn’t fulfilled, but there are things you can do to fulfill it to some degree. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin tell you what you can do to make your sex life more interesting, keep your relationship exciting, and some deeper questions to consider if you’re getting bored in a relationship.

16th of December 2014

Q&A: Girls Assume I’m A Player Because Of My Appearance, What Do I Do?

If women assume you’re a player because of how attractive you are, you can have lots of success with both short-term and long-term relationships. For long-term relationships, you just need to signal romantic interest, and for short-term relationships, you’re already in the perfect position. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Carin explain how to signal interest for long-term relationships and how to be more confident and effective in short-term mating.

12th of December 2014

Q&A: How Do I Use Tinder To Meet Women?

Most guys use Tinder completely wrong. In this episode, Charlie Hoehn joins Tucker and Nils to explain what most guys do wrong on Tinder, how to optimize your profile, and how to easily meet up with your matches.

11th of December 2014

Q&A: Why Did This Girl Suddenly Stop Talking To Me?

Sometimes a girl will lose interest, it happens to everybody. When this happens, the first thing you need to do is evaluate your behavior to see if you did anything wrong, and if you can’t find a reason, you need to move on. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils tell you some potential reasons why a girl will lose interest, how to learn from your mistakes, and when to move on and find a different girl.

10th of December 2014

Q&A: I’m Bitter Towards Women Because of Past Rejection, How Can I Get Over This?

If you’ve been rejected by lots of women, it’s natural to feel bitter. But ultimately, bitterness will only hurt you, no one else. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils explain how to reframe your experiences in a way that will help you feel more positive about yourself, and give you tips on how you can better evaluate where you are and what you need to do to attract the women you want.

9th of December 2014

Q&A: How Can I Attract Older Women?

As a younger guy, you have a lot to offer to older women. They may be skeptical about you being younger, but there are things you can do to reduce that skepticism. In this episode, Tucker, Geoff, and Nils explain what you have to offer older women, what you need to do to reduce any skepticism about dating a younger guy, how to have short-term and long term relationships with older women, and some things you need to be careful about.

8th of December 2014

How To Be Attractive To Women, Pt. 10: Being Popular Matters (Social Proof)

Everyone knows that women are attracted to men with high social status, but what most guys don’t understand is that it’s possible to display high social status in many different ways, namely through what psychologists call “social proof.” Social proof is what people think of you, and your social proof is a key part of your ability to attract women. In this episode, Tucker and Geoff explain why social proof is important, how to raise your social proof by improving your social skills, making friends, adding value to those friendships, and how to utilize those friendships to meet women.