10 Bizarre Facts About Men’s Anatomy You Never Knew!


The Strange and Fascinating Behaviors of the Penis

Are you aware of the weird and fascinating behaviors of the penis? As a male, you might have encountered unexplained erections, morning wood, or fast ejaculation. Meanwhile, you may wonder what the differences are between growers and showers, or why urine sometimes shoots from a weird angle. Fear not, as we delve into some of the strange facts about the penis, which might astound you!

Strange Behaviors of the Penis

Shrinking When Wet

Have you ever noticed that your penis seems to shrink when it’s exposed to water?

The explanation lies in the sensitivity of the penis to temperature changes. When the penis is exposed to cold water, the testicles will shrink, which makes the penis appear smaller. It’s the body’s way of regulating body temperature. However, the penis will return to its normal size when it’s warm again.

Morning Wood

Why do men wake up with an erection in the morning? The reason behind this is linked to testosterone and Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT).

NPT refers to the spontaneous erection that happens during sleep, with or without erotic dreams. Testosterone is responsible for sexual desire and strengthens the capacity of the penis to have an erection.

Wet Dreams

Wet dreams, also known as nocturnal emissions, occur when a male expels semen during sleep. This is another indication of testosterone levels, where males go through puberty. A sexual dream usually triggers a wet dream, while others occur without any recollection. It’s totally normal and happens to many men, regardless of age.

Unexplained Erections

Have you ever experienced an erection at an unexpected time and place? This phenomenon is generally thought to be a result of the muscular function of the penis and the oxygen supply present. The penis requires a sufficient amount of blood flow to reach an erection, enabling the muscles to contract and expand consistently. So, next time you experience an unexpected erection, you can blame your body’s amazing muscular system.

Urine Shoots from a Weird Angle

Sometimes, urine might shoot from a different angle than usual, a symptom commonly referred to as ‘pissing sideways.’ It’s often a sign of a urinary tract infection or the residue of semen left inside the urethra. The discharge of semen typically happens after sex or masturbation, and it’s essential to maintain hygiene to prevent urinary tract complications.

Penis Size Variation

Penis size varies from one person to another, with some referring to ‘growers’ and ‘showers.’ Some people’s penises increase significantly when erect, while others remain relatively the same, regardless of the level of arousal. Genetics mostly influence penis size, and body size doesn’t necessarily determine penis size.

So next time you’re comparing your penis size to someone else’s, blame genetics, not yourself.

Situational Erectile Dysfunction

Stress, psychological problems, relationship issues or medical conditions could adversely affect one’s ability to achieve an erection in specific situations. Performance anxiety leads to an inability to sexually respond, resulting in situational erectile dysfunction. If performance anxiety becomes persistent, it could result in chronic erectile dysfunction, and it’s essential to seek medical attention.

Penis Shape Variation

Penis shape varies from one person to another, with different curve variations. Mostly, the penis has a particular curve when erect, and despite this being unique to individuals, it’s generally considered normal. However, extenuating abnormalities that cause pain during sexual intercourse might require remedial measures. Interestingly, curved penises may sometimes offer additional benefits during sex compared to their straight counterparts.

Fast Ejaculation

The myth surrounding fast ejaculation is that it’s common among older men, but that’s not true! The average copulation time is around five to six minutes, with some lasting longer than others. Orgasm duration also varies from person to person, and there’s no hard and fast rule to this.

Semen Taste Variations

Semen taste can vary due to different factors, some of which include diet, fructose and vitamin C consumption, and sodium bicarbonate levels inside the semen. Men who consume fruits produce semen that tastes better than those with different diets. A metallic taste could indicate weaker zinc levels in semen, so it’s important to watch your diet.

Historical and Cultural View of the Penis

Apart from being a bodily organ, the penis had historical and cultural significance. It was common to find phallic symbols in ancient art and sculptures. For instance, the Washington Monument and Eiffel Tower have distinct phallic characteristics. In the medieval era, the penis was viewed with both reverence and discomfort, depending on the societal context.

The Importance of Understanding Your Penis

Normal vs. Concerning Behaviors

It’s crucial to pay close attention to our penis behaviors and know what’s considered normal versus concerning. If something seems out of the ordinary, you should never be embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor. They are medical professionals who can provide knowledge and help keep you healthy.

Some normal behaviors include random and unexplained erections, varying penis size, and the occasional morning wood. Varying penis size is due to a result of blood flow and a natural occurrence that happens to many of us. Although random erections may feel embarrassing, they are a sign of normal bodily functions and hormonal activity.

While some normal behaviors may sometimes be embarrassing, certain behaviors could be signs of more serious health issues. These include blood in the urine, painful erections, lumps, or curves in the penis. These can indicate serious illnesses like Peyronies disease, which is characterized by a curvature in the penis. It’s important to speak to a professional if these signs occur.

Impacts on Daily Functioning

Our penis health can effectively impact our daily functioning significantly. Many of us take for granted the ability to urinate or perform sexual functions without issue until it’s too late. Penile issues can significantly interfere with these activities, leading to embarrassment and frustration. Urinary problems can arise when urine leaks or sprays out of the penis in abnormal ways, leading to discomfort or an inability to fully empty the bladder. And, unfortunately, some penile issues, such as erectile dysfunction, can sometimes lead to sexual dysfunction, leading to discomfort, anxiety and other emotional issues.

Benefits of Knowledge and Awareness

Awareness and knowledge are vital to our health. Understanding what is considered normal and concerning penile behaviors can be hugely beneficial in our preventative health measures. This includes daily hygiene and maintaining a healthy diet. Improved knowledge about our penile health can also lead to better communication with our partners.

While sexual issues can be uncomfortable to talk about, the more open the conversation is, the better. Having increased awareness and openness regarding these issues in our relationships could significantly improve the quality of our sexual health overall.

Moreover, knowing what to look for and discussing potential issues with our doctors can help us avoid more serious health problems down the line. For instance, proactively identifying and treating an STI or urinary tract infection can keep us in good health.


In conclusion, our penis is not only an essential reproductive organ but also plays a significant role in our daily life. It’s important that we pay close attention to ours and its behavior and take proper preventative measures.

While some behaviors may be normal, others may indicate a more serious health issue; therefore, it’s important to seek medical attention when necessary. Increased awareness of penis health and improved communication with our partners and physicians can lead to an increase in preventative measures and a healthier life for our reproductive organ.

This article has covered several important topics related to the penis, including its strange behaviors, historical and cultural significance, and the importance of understanding its health. We learned that while some behaviors may seem unusual, they are often a natural part of the penis’ functioning.

Understanding the historical and cultural significance of the penis can help us appreciate its place in society while understanding its health implications can help us maintain a happy and healthy sex life. This article emphasizes the importance of awareness and communication with our partners and doctors and how this can enhance our overall health and well-being. Knowing how to look out for potential issues and taking preventative measures can help us avoid more serious health complications down the line.

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