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10 Heartbreaking Songs to Help You Heal from Heartbreak

Heartbreak Songs: The Ultimate Guide to Coping with Heartbreak

Hey there, have you ever found yourself in the middle of a dark stretch, feeling like you’re trapped in an endless abyss of sadness? If you have, then chances are you’ve turned to heartbreak songs for some cathartic release.

From Roxette to Adele to Rihanna, music has been an outlet for many generations of musicians who have experienced heartbreak. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best heartbreak songs that will undoubtedly hit you right in the feels, so sit back, grab some tissues, and let’s dive in.

It Must Have Been Love Roxette

Do you remember the Swedish duo Roxette? Their iconic song, “It Must Have Been Love,” is a classic heartbreak song that is guaranteed to make you have an ugly cry.

Written by Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, the song tells the story of a love that has come to an end, leaving the singer feeling empty and alone. If you’re trying to get over someone, this song will definitely help you get through those rough times.

Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton’s heartbreaking song, “Tears in Heaven,” is so painful to listen to that it’s almost unbearable. Written after the tragic death of his four-year-old son, the song explores the pain and sadness associated with the loss of a loved one.

Clapton’s raw and emotional delivery evokes a sense of empathy that is hard to ignore.

Someone like You Adele

Adele’s voice has the power to move anyone to tears, and her hit song “Someone like You” is no exception. The song speaks to the remnants of the past, the lure of a “new girl,” and the inevitability of heartbreak.

Adele’s deep, melancholic voice paints heartbreak in the most vivid and profound way possible. Say Something A Great Big World ft.

Christina Aguilera

“Say Something” is a piano ballad that explores the dynamics of relationships. The song laments the things left unsaid, the things that are “better off unsaid” but are equally hurting.

The emotional juxtaposition of A Great Big World’s subdued vocals and Christina Aguilera’s soaring voice delivers a poignant and aching message.

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys are known for their poppy, upbeat songs, but they also have a few heartbreaking songs under their belt. “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” is an unsuccessful teenage love story that speaks to anyone who can’t find the meaning of life because they can’t understand why they can’t be together.

Noise Zsela

Undiscovered gem Zsela gives us “Noise,” a song that is a perfect example of how music can evoke deep emotions. Her deep, soulful voice is enough to make you break down and cry.

The song speaks to the moments when heartbreak makes itself known, leaving you with ugly bouts of uncontrollable sobbing. Chelsea Hotel #2 Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel #2” is a love story gone awry, the evocative memories of losing someone you loved dearly.

The song is full of the pain and anguish associated with heartbreak and the memories that stay with us long after the relationship is over.

I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston

“I Will Always Love You” is a classic heartbreak song that needs no introduction. Whitney Houston’s raw pain delivers a powerful message about being hung up over an ex and trying to move on.

The song is on a loop, and you may find yourself listening to it night after night, crying yourself to sleep. Stay Rihanna ft.

Mikky Ekko

Rihanna’s “Stay” explores the push and pull dynamics of a relationship that has run its course. The song searches for answers, nurses similar pain, and delivers an aching ballad that is hard to ignore.

Ain’t No Sunshine Bill Withers

Finally, we have “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers, a song that has stood the test of time, generation after generation. The song explores darkness, the stinging coldness associated with heartbreak, and missing someone so much that it physically hurts.

It’s a song that speaks to siblings, parents, and anyone who has ever lost someone they loved. In conclusion, heartbreak songs are a great way to cope with a breakup or any other form of heartbreak.

These songs speak to the pain and sadness associated with heartbreak, and they remind us that we’re not alone. Don’t be afraid to turn up the volume and let those tears flow.

After all, they say that crying is good for the soul. Expanding on Heartbreak Songs: The Ultimate Guide to Coping with Heartbreak

Heartbreak is a universal experience that leaves us feeling lost, broken, and alone.

It’s in those moments that heartbreak songs come to our rescue, helping us to make sense of our emotions and providing us with some relief. In this expansion of our ultimate guide to heartbreak songs, we’re going to delve into the importance of embracing the depths of pain, and how heartbreak songs can help you move on and tided over.

Embracing the Depths of Pain

When we experience heartbreak, it’s natural to want to run away from it. No one wants to feel that kind of pain, but the truth is that heartbreak is a part of the human experience.

Instead of resisting it, it’s important to embrace the depths of pain. When we allow ourselves to feel those intense emotions, we’re giving ourselves permission to heal.

It’s only when we confront our feelings head-on that we can begin to move on. Heartbreak songs are a great way to embrace the depths of pain.

They speak to the raw and intense emotions that come with heartbreak. When we listen to heartbreak songs, we’re allowing ourselves to feel those emotions, and in turn, we’re giving ourselves the opportunity to heal.

The lyrics are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings, and they remind us that we’re not alone in our pain.

Moving On

Moving on from heartbreak is a process, and it’s one that takes time. It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to move on.

Some people might move on quickly, while others may take months or even years. The key is to honor your own journey and take the necessary steps to heal.

Heartbreak songs can help us move on by providing us with a sense of closure. They allow us to process our emotions in a healthy way, and they remind us that we’re not alone.

When we can find comfort in music, it makes the process of moving on a little bit easier. It’s a reminder that even though we may feel like we’re in the depths of despair, there is still hope for happiness.

Tiding Over

While heartbreak can be one of the most difficult experiences we go through, it doesn’t last forever. It’s important to remember that even though it may feel like the pain will never go away, it will eventually subside.

In the meantime, it’s all about tiding ourselves over until we’re able to fully heal. Heartbreak songs are a great way to tide ourselves over during those difficult moments.

When we feel alone and hopeless, we can turn to music to provide us with comfort. Whether it’s a slow and melancholic ballad or an upbeat tune that makes us want to dance, heartbreak songs have the power to soothe our souls.

In conclusion, heartbreak songs play an important role in helping us cope with heartbreak. They remind us that we’re not alone in our pain and that it’s okay to embrace the depths of our emotions.

They also play a key role in helping us to move on and tiding over those difficult moments. So, if you’re going through heartbreak, don’t be afraid to turn up the volume and let the music heal you.

In conclusion, heartbreak songs have the power to provide us with comfort, solace, and healing in times of heartbreak. They speak to the raw and intense emotions that come with heartbreak, helping us to embrace the depths of our pain, and providing us with a sense of closure as we move on.

Heartbreak songs serve as a reminder that we’re not alone, and that even though the pain may seem overwhelming, it will eventually subside. So the next time you find yourself in the midst of heartbreak, turn to the power of music and let it guide you through the healing process.

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