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10 Signs of Real Love and Red Flags To Watch Out For

Real Love: Signs and Red Flags

What is real love? How can we know if the love we’re experiencing is genuine, or if we’re just kidding ourselves?

These are questions that have puzzled people for generations. In this article, we’ll explore the signs of real love, as well as the red flags that indicate something isn’t quite right.

Signs of Real Love

Here are some signs that what you’re feeling is the real deal:

Excitement about life

If you’re in love, you’re excited about life. You want to go on adventures together, make memories, even have fights and make up again.

You feel closer to your partner because of these shared experiences.

Feeling Lucky

When you love someone, you feel grateful to have them in your life. You consider yourself fortunate to know them and value each moment together as a grace.

You feel lucky to be their partner, and you don’t take them for granted.


Real love involves acceptance. You’re not seeking perfection, but rather accepting and embracing your partner’s flaws.

This includes self-love and body positivity, no matter what society might say about it.


In true love, there’s always a sense of hope. You’re confident that you and your partner can overcome any obstacle that life throws your way.

You have the strength and resilience to face any challenge. Supportive/Brave

Love is about teamwork and encouragement.

You support your partner through their struggles, and they do the same for you. You’re brave together and strive toward accomplishing your dreams.


Real love is never boring. You’re always curious about your partner and how they see the world.

You’re excited to go places and see new things, to have movement, and to share the experience of fascination.

Worried in a healthy way

Love involves caring about your partner’s well-being. You worry about them, but in a healthy way.

You seek to ensure their safety, and you’re always there for them when they need you.

Feeling Safe

In a true love relationship, you feel safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about uncertainty because you trust your partner.

You know that nothing can break the connection you have.

Feeling Loved

When you’re in love, you feel a distinct affection for your partner, a special kind of devotion that runs deep. You feel a strong connection that makes you both feel loved and treasured.


At the end of the day, real love brings inner peace – a sense of self-fulfillment and purpose that sustains us even when things get tough. You’re happy because you know that your partner is someone you can count on, someone who will be there for you no matter what.

Real Love is Not… Lets also explore some of the things that real love is not.

Sometimes it can be challenging to recognize unhealthy patterns in our relationships, but being aware of these things can help us make better choices.

Instagrammable life is not happiness

We live in a world where appearances often matter more than substance. Social media is all about projecting an image of perfection and living a life everyone else would want to live.

But this is all surface-level, and it does not lead to happiness. True happiness comes from the inside, not from external validation.

Unhealthy worry

While worrying is natural, when your concern becomes constant or even paranoid, it can be harmful to both you and your partner. Mistrust and insecurity can damage the relationship, so it’s important to communicate with your partner and work through your worries in a healthy way.

Lack of support

In real love, there’s mutual support and encouragement. If your partner is indifferent or neglectful, your relationship may not be built on a strong foundation.

It’s important to make sure that you’re both invested in each other’s dreams and successes. This support goes both ways; the relationship can only thrive when both people are invested in it.

Resistance to growth

Real love is about growth and change; it’s about becoming better individuals and supporting each other through growth. If one person is stagnating or resisting change, the relationship is not moving forward as it should.

This can lead to resentment and dissatisfaction, so its important to recognize when growth is necessary and encourage each other to embrace it.

Conditional Love

Love should come without expectations, limitations, or strings attached. When love includes a list of requirements for the other person to fulfill, its not real love.

True love is unconditional, where both people can be themselves, and their love for each other remains undiminished.

Wrapping Up

So, what is real love? Real love is about feeling level-headed satisfaction paired with enthusiasm, its about being valued for who you are, its about self-love, safety, and respect.

Love is not about perfection, materialism, or expectations. Its about two people who are in it together, through the highs and lows.

Keep these signs and red flags in mind as you navigate your relationships, and youll be better equipped to recognize what’s genuine and what’s not. Here’s to finding real love, and to making that love last!

The quest for real love can be challenging and overwhelming.

However, knowing the qualities of the right partner and the steps to finding real love can make all the difference.

Qualities of the Right Partner

Honesty and transparency

Openness, authenticity, and sincerity are essential qualities for a healthy relationship. A partner should feel comfortable expressing their feelings and thoughts without fear of judgment or rejection.

Transparency and honesty build trust and respect, making it easier to work through challenges and conflicts.


A trustworthy partner is loyal, reliable, and dependable. They make an effort to be there when their partner needs them and will keep their promises.

Trust is essential in any relationship, and a dependable partner is crucial in building that trust.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence involves empathy, self-awareness, and communication skills. A partner who can understand and relate to their partner’s emotions can provide the support and comfort they need.


Shared values, interests, and goals are critical for compatibility. A harmonious relationship is built on common ground and shared experiences.

A partner who aligns with your values, beliefs, and ambitions is more likely to understand and support you.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect involves consideration, admiration, and appreciation. A respectful partner will actively listen, validate, and respect their partner’s opinions and beliefs.

They will also acknowledge and appreciate their partner’s efforts and accomplishments.

Effort and commitment

Relationships require effort, dedication, and perseverance. A committed partner will invest in the relationship by communicating, making time, and actively engaging in the relationship.

They will show dedication to their partner’s growth, development, and happiness.

Willingness to grow

A partner willing to grow and evolve is essential for a healthy relationship. Personal development, self-improvement, and maturity are vital for a relationship to flourish.

Finding Real Love

Self-love and acceptance

Loving and accepting yourself is crucial before finding real love. Self-care, healing, and self-reflection can help you identify your values, desires, and needs.

It is essential to value yourself and recognize your worth before entering a relationship.

Taking time to heal

It is essential to let go of past relationships and take time to heal before jumping into a new one. Emotional recovery, self-improvement, and counseling can help you overcome emotional baggage and understand your vulnerabilities.

Being open and vulnerable

Authenticity, trust, and courage are essential when finding love.

Being open and vulnerable allows for a deeper connection with a partner, and it builds trust.

It is okay to show vulnerability and trust the right person, as it is essential for building meaningful connections.

Paying attention to feelings

Emotional intelligence, intuition, and self-awareness can help you identify how you feel about a partner. It is essential to trust your gut instincts and recognize when a relationship is not serving you.

Pay attention to how you feel, as it can help guide you to the right partner.

Trusting the process

Patience, faith, and surrender are essential when finding real love. Sometimes, love takes time, and it is crucial to trust the process and have faith that the right partner will come along.

Surrendering control and allowing love to unfold naturally can lead to a deeper connection and meaningful relationship.

Communicating honestly

Authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability are essential when communicating with a partner. Honest communication builds trust and clarity, and it allows for collaboration when faced with challenges and conflicts.

In conclusion, finding real love requires identifying the qualities of the right partner and taking the necessary steps to create a fulfilling relationship. Knowing your worth, being open and vulnerable, and communicating honestly are crucial for building a meaningful and enduring partnership.

Trusting the process and having patience can lead to finding real love and creating a fulfilling and joyful life together. In conclusion, having a clear understanding of the qualities of the right partner is paramount in finding real love.

Honesty, transparency, trustworthiness, emotional intelligence, compatibility, mutual respect, effort, commitment, and a willingness to grow are all integral qualities that will lead you to the right person. On the other hand, it is essential to take the necessary steps towards finding real love.

These include self-love and acceptance, taking time to heal, being open and vulnerable, paying attention to feelings, trusting the process, and communicating honestly. By keeping these main points in mind, you can increase your chances of finding and keeping genuine love.

With courage, patience, and faith in the process, you can build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with the right person.

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