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10 Signs Your Sexless Marriage Needs Saving or Leaving

Understanding and Dealing with a Sexless Marriage: Signs to Walk Away

Do you feel like your marriage is lacking intimacy and sexual connection? Have you tried everything to make things work but failed?

Perhaps, it’s time to consider if you’re in a sexless marriage and whether it’s worth walking away.

Definition of Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage occurs when couples have little or no sexual activity for months or even years. In most cases, it’s when the couple has sex less than ten times a year.

However, the definition varies for each couple, depending on their sexual preferences and drive.

Causes of Sexless Marriage

Several factors can contribute to a sexless marriage, including stress, expectations, loss, desire, aging, self-confidence, pregnancy, childbirth, potency, communication, conflict, trauma, and sex drive. It could also be an underlying physical or mental condition that affects one partner’s sexual desire.

Effects of Sexless Marriage

A sexless marriage can have a significant impact on the couple’s relationship, leading to compatibility issues, dissatisfaction, loneliness, anger, shame, and deprivation. It can also affect self-confidence levels, leading to emotional distance and decreased intimacy.

Signs to Walk Away From a Sexless Marriage

While every relationship is unique, there are common signs and red flags to look for if you’re in a sexless marriage. Here are some of the most significant signs that signify it may be time to move on.

Unwillingness to Work on Issues

If you’re in a sexless marriage, you and your partner should be willing to work together and collaborate to find solutions. However, if you notice that your partner is not interested in working things out, it may be time to consider if they’re invested in the relationship.

Unable to Solve the Problem

Even with couple’s therapy or self-help books, it’s possible that your sexual incompatibility may be irreparable. If you have tried everything to rekindle your sexual connection and everything seems to be failing, it may be time to consider walking away.

Other Relationship Issues

If you and your partner are having problems in other areas, such as money, parenting, power struggles, fighting, or abuse, it’s essential to evaluate if these issues are affecting your sexual connection. A lack of emotional connection can lead to a decrease in sexual desire and a sexless marriage.

Mismatched Sexual Preferences and Drives

Mismatched sexual preference or drive can lead to feelings of inadequacy, rejection, or incompleteness, resulting in a sexless marriage. If you and your partner are not on the same page when it comes to sexual desire, it’s essential to consider if you can compromise or if it’s worth walking away.


Cheating can cause a lack of trust and suspicion, leading to a decrease in sexual intimacy and a loveless relationship. If infidelity has caused your sexless marriage, the damage may be too significant to repair.

Control Issues

If your partner is controlling, abusive, or communicating effectively, this can lead to emotional distance and a lack of sexual desire. It’s vital to evaluate if your partner is open to working on communication and control issues or if it’s time to walk away.

Lack of Love

A lack of emotional connection can cause drifting apart and lead to a sexless marriage. It’s essential to evaluate if there’s still a chance to rekindle your love or if it’s time to consider a healthy separation.

Infidelity causing Lack of Sex

If a lack of sex leads to infidelity, it’s essential to evaluate if the damage is too significant to repair. If both parties are willing to work on their issues, it may still be possible to rebuild your sexual connection.

Attraction to Someone Else

If you’re unattracted to your partner or attracted to someone else, it’s essential to consider if it’s worth saving the marriage or if walking away is the best option. It’s essential to be honest and communicate clearly with your partner, so they can also make an informed decision.

Therapy Not Working

If you and your partner have invested in couple’s therapy, but there’s still little or no improvement, it’s essential to evaluate if the differences and incompatibilities are too significant to overcome. In some cases, a healthy separation may be the best option.


Walking away from a sexless marriage is a difficult decision that requires careful evaluation and communication with your partner. However, it’s essential to prioritize your emotional wellbeing and happiness, and if a sexless marriage is causing you distress, it may be time to consider walking away.

Can a Marriage with No Intimacy Survive? Understanding the Truth Behind Sexless Marriages

Marriages without intimacy can be a challenging ordeal, with partners feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

In many cases, couples may feel like they are trapped in a sexless marriage with no hope for improvement. However, before considering divorce, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the factors that contribute to a lack of intimacy in marriage and whether it’s possible to rehabilitate.

Divorce Rates in Sexless Marriages

Studies have shown that couples in sexless marriages are more likely to divorce than those with healthy sexual relationships. A sexless marriage can create a considerable emotional divide, leading to fundamental incompatibilities and overall dissatisfaction.

Sexual Intimacy is Normal and Healthy

Sexual intimacy is an essential component of a healthy marriage. A satisfying sex life coupled with a warm interpersonal climate is crucial for marital satisfaction, and the absence of either can create tension and even hostility.

Factors Important for Marital Satisfaction

While sexual intimacy is an important factor in a healthy marriage, several other factors contribute to successful partnerships. These include mutual compatibility, shared core values, open communication, trust, and respect.

Without these fundamental components, even the most robust sexual relationship can falter.

Importance of Partner Satisfaction for Healthy Marriages

Partner satisfaction is critical for ensuring that both parties feel emotionally fulfilled and validated in a marriage. A lack of sexual intimacy can cause one partner to feel neglected or unwanted, eventually leading to resentment and a breakdown in communication.

Sexual Intimacy Can Be Rehabilitated with Proper Knowledge and Effort

The good news is that even in a sexless marriage, it’s possible to rehabilitate and reignite passion. Improving your sex life is a process that involves understanding the factors that inhibit sexual desire and seeking professional help if necessary.

Ways to Deal with a Sexless Marriage

If you’re experiencing a sexless marriage, here are some ways to deal with the situation and reignite your passion for each other:

Investing in Your Marriage: It’s essential to communicate openly with your partner about your desires and work together to find a solution. Working on your emotional connection can lead to an improvement in your sex life as well.

Make it Work: If you and your partner have a shared history and strong emotional connection, it may be worth investing time and effort into making the marriage work. This may involve investing in couple’s therapy, learning new intimacy skills, and being open to trying new things.

Reigniting Passion: It’s possible to reignite your passion for each other with effort, patience, and understanding. Take the time to rediscover what you and your partner love about each other and try new things to create a more exciting sex life.

Final Thoughts

A sexless marriage can be a challenging and emotionally draining situation, but it isn’t necessarily a death sentence for a relationship. With patience, understanding, and a willingness to seek help, couples can work on their sexual issues and create a healthier, more fulfilling emotional connection.

Before deciding on divorce or separation, it’s essential to explore all available options and work towards building a better future for both partners. In conclusion, the topic of sexless marriages is a complex and emotionally charged issue that affects many couples.

Through understanding the causes and effects of sexless marriages, identifying the signs to walk away, and exploring avenues to reignite passion and create a more fulfilling emotional connection, couples can work towards finding solutions to their problems. While divorce may be the best option in extreme cases, it’s essential to approach the issue with a willingness to invest time and effort into achieving a healthier relationship.

Ultimately, a healthy partnership requires mutual investment, open communication, and trust, and taking steps to work on these fundamentals will lead to a happier, more fulfilling future for both partners.

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