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10 Signs Your Spouse is Taking You for Granted and How to Fix It

Are you feeling like your spouse is taking you for granted? Maybe you’ve been feeling like they haven’t been putting in any effort recently, and it’s been weighing on you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the signs that your spouse might be taking you for granted, as well as ways for addressing this issue in your marriage.

Signs Your Spouse Takes You for Granted

1. Lack of Time Dedicated to the Relationship.

Are those date nights you used to enjoy now nonexistent? Has your communication been reduced to brief phone calls or texts throughout the day?

If your spouse is not actively seeking quality time with you, this may be a warning sign that they are taking you for granted. 2.

Avoiding Responsibilities. Does your spouse avoid tasks they are expected to complete regularly?

Do they leave everything undone for you to attend? If yes, your partner may not be as invested in the relationship’s responsibilities as you are.

3. Lack of Communication.

Are you struggling to have meaningful conversations with your spouse? Do you find them hard to reach on the phone or take forever to respond to your texts?

This lack of communication can be another sign that they no longer value your presence. 4.

Flirting with Others in Your Presence. If you’ve noticed your partner engaging in flirtatious behaviour with other people while you’re around, it could be a red flag that they don’t value you or respect you.

5. Unsatisfying Sexual Relationship.

Is your partner only focused on their own sexual desires or not putting as much effort into the relationship as they used to? This could mean they are not taking your sexual needs seriously and may be taking you for granted.

6. Lack of Appreciation.

Do you feel underappreciated because your spouse never acknowledges your efforts? If you feel unappreciated, underrecognized, and overlooked, these are all signs that your spouse might be taking you for granted.

7. Not Taking Responsibility.

If your spouse refuses to take responsibility for their actions or projects their failures on you, this could be a sign of them taking you for granted in the relationship. Avoiding ownership of mistakes is a dangerous element in any relationship.

8. Prioritizing Others Over Partner.

Does your partner often prioritize their own needs before yours? Do you feel insignificant to them?

If your partner is pursuing their own goals and aspirations without considering your input, this could indicate that they’re taking you for granted. 9.

No Effort to Impress. If your partner has stopped putting in effort for special occasions or no longer makes an effort to impress you, this can be a clear indication that they are not valuing you as an individual or as a partner in the relationship.

10. Lack of Affection.

Is your spouse not showing you the affection or love you crave? Are they distant or emotionally unavailable?

If you’re feeling unloved and undervalued, it could be because your spouse is taking you for granted.

Addressing Being Taken for Granted in Marriage

1. Communicating Needs.

It’s essential to establish what you expect from your spouse and communicate your needs effectively. Sharing concrete examples can help them understand better what you need from them and how much it means to you.

Ensure you have that conversation as soon as you start feeling like they’re taking you for granted. 2.

Establishing Boundaries. It’s important to understand your limits and establish boundaries to communicate your tolerance levels.

When done correctly and respectfully, expressing what you will and will not accept can help your spouse see that their actions are affecting you negatively. 3.

Practicing Self-Care. Don’t forget to take care of yourself throughout this process.

Pay attention to your well-being, your mental health and work on your self-confidence. When you show self-love and care to yourself, your spouse might start to take notice and work on the relationship too.

4. Expressing Gratitude.

One way to foster positivity is to appreciate your spouse and express your gratitude. When you show your spouse that you appreciate them and their efforts, it creates a positive cycle of kindness, understanding, and empathy.

5. Seeking Professional Assistance.

Therapy or counseling can be another effective way to address issues around being taken for granted. A neutral party can help identify where the problem lies, help you both express yourself genuinely and address the issues, and support you in creating a healthier environment in your relationship.


Being taken for granted by a spouse can be an emotionally draining and unsettling experience. Remember that communication is the key, and establishing boundaries can help your spouse understand what they are doing wrong.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself and show gratitude for your spouse’s efforts. Remember, seeking professional assistance is not a sign of weakness, and it can help bring you closer and build a stronger foundation for your relationship.

In conclusion, it’s important to recognize the signs that your spouse is taking you for granted and address them to prevent further damage to your relationship. Lack of time dedicated to the relationship, avoiding responsibilities, and lack of communication are all warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

On the other hand, establishing boundaries, communicating your needs, practicing self-care, expressing gratitude, and seeking professional assistance are all ways to address this issue and work towards improving your relationship. Remember that your relationship is a two-way street, and both partners need to put in the effort to maintain a healthy and happy union.

Taking steps to address being taken for granted can help bring you both closer and build a stronger foundation for your future together.

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