10 Signs You’re Truly in Love: How to Know When Your Heart is Smitten

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Love: The Strongest Feeling of All

Love is a word that is often used, but it can mean so many different things to different people. If you look up the definition of love, it is typically defined as a strong feeling of affection or sexual attraction towards someone.

While that may be true, love goes beyond these simple definitions. What is Love?

When it comes to defining love, it’s essential to recognize that it is a different experience for everyone. Your love story is unique, and no one else’s can be exactly the same as yours.

Love is different for everyone because we all have different life experiences, different people we care about, and different ways we show our love. At its core, the true meaning of love involves a deep connection between two people that transcends the physical.

It’s about understanding and accepting someone for who they are, and it’s a willingness to do what’s best for them and make sacrifices when needed.

Various Kinds of Love

When we talk about love, it’s important to note that there are various kinds of love. There’s romantic love, family love, and friendship love, to name a few.

Romantic love is perhaps the most well-known form of love, where two people spark a passionate connection that can lead to a lifelong partnership. Family love is the kind we have for our parents, siblings, or children, where we would do just about anything to keep them safe and happy.

Friendship love is perhaps the kind we encounter the most, where we share a connection with someone that supports us through good times and bad.

Common Ground Definition

Despite all the different kinds of love, there’s still a common ground definition that we can use. Regardless of whom you love, love is a feeling of connection and desire to be in someone’s life.

It’s the willingness to do everything within your power to make that person happy and keep them in your future. Love has a way of bringing two people together and making them want to grow together over time.

Feeling of Love

When we think of love, we often imagine romantic comedies or fairy tales, where everything is always perfect. However, the true feeling of love is much different.

It’s not always passionate or intense, nor is it always obvious. Sometimes, the feeling of love is calm and gentle, like a subtle whisper that is always present, even in the midst of chaos.

Types of Love Feelings

The effects of love are both positive and negative. When we feel love, we often experience positive feelings of protection, loyalty, and sacrifice.

These are the best versions of ourselves, where we’re willing to do what’s best for the person we love, even if it takes time and effort to make it happen. However, there are also negative feelings of love that can be toxic or unbalanced.

When we love someone to an unhealthy degree, we can become possessive or jealous, which can quickly turn into a toxic situation. Unrequited love is also a form of negative love, where we pour everything we have into someone who doesn’t feel the same way back.

Defining True Love

The truest form of love involves alignment, empathy, action, and support. When we’re in a loving relationship, there’s an alignment of goals, dreams, and values that help keep us on the same path.

We also feel empathy for our partner and are willing to take action to help them when they need it. And lastly, we support our partner, even in the midst of the toughest challenges, knowing that together, anything is possible.

Final Thoughts

Love is a powerful feeling that has the power to transcend the physical and connect two people in ways that are hard to describe. While it takes different forms for different people, there’s a common love that binds us all together.

It’s a love that is rooted in understanding, acceptance, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make someone else happy. So, if you’re lucky enough to experience this kind of love, cherish it, and don’t let it go!

Signs of Being in Love: How to Know When Your Heart is Truly Smitten

Love is a powerful feeling that can completely change the trajectory of our lives.

It’s the kind of feeling that leaves us feeling happier, more content, and challenged to be better. But how do we know when we are truly in love?

If you have ever found yourself wondering if you are just infatuated or if your feelings are the real deal, here are some signs you can look out for that indicate you may be in love.

Making You Feel Better

Being in love with someone has a way of bringing more joy and happiness into our lives. It feels like being around them is the solution to everything.

They can cheer you up when you feel down; they bring a sense of comfort when you’re feeling vulnerable, and everything they do makes you smile. Loving someone brings pure happiness and contentment to your life.

Valuing Their Opinion

When we love someone, we care about their thoughts and feelings about us. We seek their opinion, want their advice, and trust in their judgment because we have developed a deep level of respect and trust in them.

Therefore, you start valuing your partner’s opinion in everything that affects you as an individual such as outfits, your career or personal decisions.

Empathizing with their Pain

Empathy is a key component of true love and it’s easier to understand someone’s pain in an effort to reduce their suffering. When your partner is hurt or upset, you feel their pain just as intensely.

You want to do everything in your power to ease their discomfort so that they do not suffer alone. You take the time to listen and offer the right words to bring some comfort, because their pain becomes your pain and you can’t stand to see them in distress.

Supporting them no Matter What

Love involves a deep sense of loyalty to your partner, and standing by them through anything. Being supportive means actively cheering for their successes and being there to pick them up when they falter.

You feel proud of them when they achieve their goals and supportive during their struggles. You have developed a mutual trust so that your partner knows that they can always count on you; through actions, reciprocation, and support.

Feeling Happier and Lighter

When you’re in love, everything feels more positive and optimistic. Your partner brings out the best in you, making you feel more content and emotionally happy.

Everything becomes enjoyable when you’re with them, it’s almost like living on an emotional high. Being together brings in contentment and a sense of fulfillment that’s hard to explain.

Feeling Incomplete Without Them

When you’re in love, it’s tough to imagine yourself without that person in your life, and the idea of not having them around can be overwhelming. Every moment becomes an opportunity to reunite and continue building your relationship.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you can’t help but feel the pangs of missing your partner whenever they’re not around.

Willingness to Do Whatever It Takes

Love requires a deep commitment that transcends minor inconveniences and difficulties. When you’re in love, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that person happy and ensure a future together.

It’s about making compromises and taking their feelings into consideration when taking important steps. You understand that you’re embarking on a journey together, and it takes effort and commitment to make things work.

Seeing a Future Together

When you’re in love with someone, you begin to visualize the future you want together. You start building progressively, as you make important decisions with the other person in mind.

Whether it’s starting a family, purchasing a home together, or planning for retirement, seeing a future together is an integral part of being in love.

Feeling Upbeat and Positive

Love has a way of injecting more positivity into your emotions. When you’re around them, everything seems less stressful, and more enjoyable.

Being in love can infuse significant emotional benefits and bypass negative external factors in your life. Everyone becomes more infectious in a good way when you’re in love.

No More Emotional Rollercoasters

Being in love means stability, calmness, and contentment. No more emotional ups and downs, everything levels up.

You feel secure and stable in the relationship, and each day comes with a brand new appreciation for your partner.

Fear of Losing Them

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of being in love is when you’re afraid of losing that person, a real fear of losing the person who makes your life feel special. You wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of your relationship, as you build on every moment together and focus on the future.

The fear of losing them pushes you to invest in the relationship, and keeps you focused on what matters most.

Final Thoughts

Being in love is one of those feelings that’s almost impossible to explain, but when you experience it, you’ll just know. Whether it’s sparking up new emotions, wanting to spend time, or building a future together, being in love is positive, and elevating to your life.

When you look back at significant choices, you’ll wonder what would have happened if you were not fortunate to experience the impact of love on every choice you make. In conclusion, love is a complex feeling that goes beyond the textbook definitions.

It’s a unique experience for everyone, encompassing various kinds of love, such as romantic, family, or friendship love. The feeling of love is often associated with positive emotions, but it can also have negative consequences if it’s not in the right balance.

When you’re truly in love, you’ll experience signs such as empathy, support, visualizing a future, and a profound fear of losing that person. Love connects people, helps them grow together and makes life more fulfilling.

Recognizing these signs can help you know when your heart is truly smitten, and enables you to take proactive steps for continued growth in your relationship.

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