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10 Simple Steps to Becoming Best Friends with Your Spouse

Are you friends with your spouse? While the question may seem trivial, it’s actually fundamental to a healthy and happy marriage.

Building a solid friendship with your significant other is a surefire way to strengthen your bond and ensure a fulfilling and lasting partnership. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of friendship in marriage, offer practical tips to strengthen your friendship, and highlight why becoming best friends with your spouse is crucial for a successful relationship.

Importance of Friendship in Marriage

When we think of marriage, words like love, commitment, and partnership often come to mind. However, friendship is just as crucial in creating a fulfilling and lasting marriage.

Your spouse is your best friend, confidant, and support system. Sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with your spouse builds intimacy and trust.

By fostering a friendship, you create a safe space for vulnerability and honesty that you wouldn’t share with anyone else. In a successful marriage, partners share commonalities, develop shared goals, and consistently support each other.

By creating a solid friendship foundation, couples create a sense of teamwork in their relationship, allowing them to approach life as a cohesive unit. This creates a bond that seals the partnership, making it much harder for outside influences to cause rifts.

Comparing a Best Friendship to Marriage

What are the key dynamics of a best friendship, and how do they compare to marriage? A best friendship comes effortlessly, where both parties adore each other’s company.

Open communication is at the core of the relationship, built on trust. Friends accept each other’s individuality, hobbies, and choices, and support each other through successes and failures.

In marriage, it’s important to have this same level of adoration. Supporting your spouse and recognizing their individuality encourages them to grow without any resentment or jealousy.

Open communication is paramount to avoid misunderstandings and conflict, and the bond created from mutual trust allows couples to lean on each other in times of need. When couples understand each other’s interests, values, and goals, they can actively support one another.

Building Friendship in Marriage

How can couples build a strong friendship in their marriage? There are several practical ways:


Find Commonalities – Discover shared interests, and build them into your daily routine. Engaging in an enjoyable activity together creates bonding moments.

2. Respect Boundaries – It’s essential to recognize and respect your partner’s personal boundaries.

It’s essential to also give them the space they need to be independent. 3.

Be Transparent – Building mutual trust demands transparency. While it may be uncomfortable sometimes, sharing your thoughts and feelings allows your spouse to understand you better.

4. Communicate Effectively – Avoiding misunderstandings makes the relationship stronger.

Develop a habit of active listening to foster more open communication in your marriage. 5.

Support Your Spouse – Supporting your partner doesn’t just show affection – it creates a vital partnership as you face life’s challenges together. 6.

Spend Quality Time Together – carving time exclusively to spend with your spouse creates meaningful moments and reinforces the significance of your relationship. 7.

Respect Each Other’s Differences – Recognize that you two are different individuals, acknowledge those differences, and allow them to coexist. 8.

Let Go of Ego – Always requesting ‘compromise’ leads to conflicts and misunderstandings. Let go of your egos and learn to forgive easily.

9. Express Appreciation – Kind words and gestures such as acts of service can go a long way to strengthen the friendship in your marriage.

Simple Steps to Becoming Best Friends with Your Spouse

Becoming best friends with your spouse isn’t rocket science. Here are some simple steps that can help:


Work as Equals – By acknowledging each other as equal partners, you foster a sense of mutual respect that leads to teamwork and support. 2.

Give Each Other Space – Allowing your spouse to have autonomy shows respect and trust. 3.

Avoid Keeping Secrets – Letting down your guard allows mutual trust and transparency to flourish in your marriage. 4.

Become a Support System – Standing together allows couples to weather tough times together, , providing security and fulfillment. 5.

Engage in Open Communication -Effective communication eradicates misunderstandings, strengthens bonds, and creates intimacy between partners. 6.

Show Love and Care – Small gestures like a sweet text, hugs, and kisses go a long way in building intimacy. 7.

Don’t Compromise Quality Time Together -Reinforce your bond by spending quality time together, make it a priority in your relationship. 8.

Respect Each Other – Treating each other with respect is crucial in maintaining a long-lasting friendship. 9.

Let Go of Egos – Egos lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Learn to break down your walls and be forgiving.

10. Cherish Each Other – Appreciate and recognize every moment you share with your spouse.

Cherishing each other reinforces your marriage’s friendship.

Final Thoughts

Friendship in marriage is an essential part of a happy and healthy relationship and deserves investment just as much as other aspects of your partnership. By implementing simple, practical steps, you can build a solid foundation of friendship with your spouse.

You’ll create a sense of teamwork that leads to fantastic experiences, more openness, mutual trust, and a partnership that withstands the test of time. Do you consider your spouse as your best friend?

Maybe, but perhaps you are not sure. Being best friends with your spouse is a beautiful and meaningful dynamic.

It involves acceptance and respect with each other, loving each other’s company, and creating a bond that can withstand anything. In this extension, we’ll explore some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about becoming best friends with your spouse.

How to Become Better Friends with Your Partner

Becoming better friends with your significant other requires effort from both parties. Here are some tips to enhance your friendship:


Spend quality time together – carve out time in your busy schedules solely to have a positive and meaningful conversation or a shared activity. 2.

Treat each other as equals – treat your spouse with respect and kindness, be mindful of each other’s thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. 3.

Foster open communication – have an active listening habit. Paraphrase what your spouse said to ensure you have understood them clearly.

4. Build comfort and reliance – cultivate trust, reveal embarrassing moments and fears to each other, and let yourself be vulnerable with each other.

Do You Have to Be Best Friends with Your Spouse? Being best friends with your spouse is not a requirement for a marriage to succeed.

While having a strong friendship creates an added layer of intimacy between couples, some may prefer other forms of communication or simply enjoy different activities together. Each couple can have their own unique way of communicating, bonding, and sharing memories.

However, it’s important to ensure that even without being best friends, couples still work together and show respect, compassion, and a willingness to grow as a couple. Do Best Friends Make Good Couples?

There is no ‘right’ answer to this question. Many factors influence a couple’s compatibility, and what works for one couple may not work for another.

However, there is a strong correlation between forming a strong friendship with your spouse and creating a successful relationship. When two people are best friends, there is a level of comfort, ease, and unquestioning faith in each other.

This intimate connection is an integral feature of attaining an emotionally healthy and fulfilling relationship. Therefore, the compatibility between best friends is higher than those who are not.

Despite this, what makes a good couple should ultimately be determined by the individuals and how they choose to create a lasting partnership.

Final Thoughts

Being best friends with your spouse may not be the only way an emotionally fulfilling relationship is established. But, learning and employing the best friendship practices in your marriage line up with ideas essential for a prosperous partnership.

Qualities like respect, communication, and engagement are the pillars of any strong relationship, and it doesn’t matter the title you give them. Becoming your partner’s closest confidant and unconditionally trusting them with your entire life’s experiences will definitely create an immense appreciation and admiration for each other.

In this article, we’ve explored the importance of friendship in marriage and how building a solid friendship with your spouse is crucial for a successful relationship. We’ve discussed how becoming best friends with your spouse involves acceptance, respect, and creating a bond that can withstand anything.

We’ve also clarified some FAQ about being best friends with your spouse, such as how to become better friends with your partner, whether being best friends with your spouse is a requirement or not, and whether best friends make good couples. Ultimately, investing in your friendship with your spouse can bring increased intimacy, mutual trust, and a sense of teamwork to your marriage, leading to a healthier and happier relationship.

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