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10 Steps to Building Emotional Intimacy in Your Marriage

Understanding Emotional Intimacy in Marriage: How to Build a Strong and Fulfilling Relationship with Your Spouse

When we think about marriage, our minds often jump straight to the idea of physical intimacy. But what about emotional intimacy?

This is the foundation that a long-lasting, healthy, and fulfilling marriage is built upon. Emotional intimacy refers to the feeling of deep connection, trust, and closeness that we share with our partners.

Its the glue that keeps us together even when things get tough.

Importance of Emotional Intimacy

Emotional intimacy is a crucial component of a strong and healthy marriage. When we’re emotionally connected to our partners, we feel understood, valued, and loved.

We feel secure in our relationship and are more likely to resolve conflicts in a positive manner. Moreover, studies show that couples with a high level of emotional intimacy enjoy a more satisfying sexual life.

Signs of Emotional Intimacy in a Marriage

Here are some signs that your relationship has a strong emotional connection:

1. Your partner is a priority in your life.

2. You communicate openly and honestly about your feelings and thoughts.

3. You respect each others opinions and values.

4. You accept and support each other, flaws and all.

5. You are aligned in your goals and dreams for the future.

Developing Emotional Intimacy in Marriage

If you feel like your relationship lacks emotional intimacy, dont worry. Its never too late to start building a stronger connection with your partner.

Here are some tips on how to develop emotional intimacy in your marriage:

Identifying Root Cause for Lack of Emotional Intimacy

The first step towards building emotional intimacy is to identify the root causes for the lack of intimacy. Is it due to poor communication?

Is it due to a tragedy or grief? Identifying the root cause can help you and your partner problem-solve effectively.

Expressing Oneself Better

One way to build emotional intimacy is to express yourself better. Take some time for introspection and use a diary or journal to note down your thoughts and feelings.

When you’re ready, share them with your partner, and encourage them to do the same.

Spending Valuable Time Together

Spending time together is essential to building emotional intimacy. Engage in heart-to-heart conversations, everyday activities, and hobbies you both enjoy.

Carve out time for each other.

Preventing Escalation of Useless Fights

Avoid critical remarks, silent treatment, and other behaviors that can escalate meaningless fights. Instead, facilitate discussions and work towards reaching solutions together.

Focusing on Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy can help build emotional intimacy. Engage in touching, cuddling, kissing, and other activities that bring you both fun and excitement.

Empowering Personal Space and Time

Boundaries matter in any relationship. Respect personal space and time, allowing each other to engage in individual hobbies, passions, and careers without interference.

Becoming a Better and More Responsible Person

To build emotional intimacy, work on becoming a better person and taking responsibility for your actions. Trust is essential in building emotional intimacy, and this can only be fostered in a serious and committed relationship.

Appreciating One Another Often

Practice gratitude by acknowledging and appreciating your partner often. Simple gestures, emotional connectivity, and other kind acts make a positive difference.

Actively Listening to Partner

Listening actively and attentively to your partner when theyre venting or expressing concerns can help build emotional intimacy. Provide reassurance, and address any doubts or concerns.

Seeking Help from a Counselor/Therapist

Consider seeking help from a counselor or therapist. They can provide guidance and solutions to help rebuild emotional intimacy.

These sessions can be a great way to receive expert advice.


Emotional intimacy is crucial for a strong and healthy marriage. By identifying the root causes of the lack of intimacy, expressing yourself better, spending time together, preventing the escalation of fights, physical intimacy, empowering personal space and time, becoming a better person, appreciating each other often, actively listening, and seeking help when necessary, you and your partner can build a stronger emotional connection.

Remember that building emotional intimacy takes time, patience, and effort, but it is an investment worth making in your relationship. In conclusion, emotional intimacy is an essential aspect of a healthy and fulfilling marriage.

It creates a deeper connection between partners and fosters trust, respect, and understanding. Building emotional intimacy requires effort, patience, and honesty.

By identifying the root causes of the lack of intimacy, communicating effectively, spending time together, avoiding needless fights, prioritizing physical intimacy, respecting personal space and time, becoming a better person, appreciating each other often, listening actively, and seeking help when necessary, couples can build a stronger emotional connection that can stand the test of time. The journey towards emotional intimacy may not be easy, but it is a valuable investment in your marriage and your overall well-being.

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