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10 Things to Avoid During Sex: Enhance Intimacy and Wild Pleasure


Things You Should Never Do While Having Sex

Sex is an art form that requires dynamic feedback and action from both partners. It’s supposed to be a pleasurable experience, but there are a few things you should never do while having sex to ensure it stays that way.

Don’t Act Like a Starfish

There’s nothing worse than being intimate with somebody who’s just lying there like a starfish. Being an active participant in sex is essential, and it should involve both partners putting in effort to heighten the pleasurable sensations.

Don’t Focus Only on an Orgasm

While the ultimate goal of sex might be an orgasm, it’s important to remember the journey is just as beautiful as the destination. Taking the time to tease and build up the tension with your partner will result in greater satisfaction and pleasure than just focusing on an orgasm.

Don’t Forget to Kiss and Hug

It’s crucial to remember that sex is an art form that involves more than just penetration. The act of kissing and hugging can significantly enhance the pleasure of sex.

Take the time to slow down, enjoy the art form, and feel the shivers and moans that come with it. Experiment with the rhythm, the spark, and the level of pleasure.

Don’t Always Stick to the Same Moves

Sex is a dynamic art form, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a favorite move, it’s essential to mix things up. Introducing a dominant role-play or different positions can bring new life to the heat of passion.

The pleasure, effort, and experimentation that come with mixing things up can help to refresh the experience. Don’t Do Something That Could Shock Him in a Negative Way

While experimentation is admittedly part of the experience, it’s important to respect and understand the boundaries of your partner.

Doing something that could shock him in a negative way will take away from the love and mutual respect that comes with the act of sex. It’s crucial to keep an open line of communication to ensure you’re both comfortable and respected.

Don’t Try New Things If You Can’t Handle Them

Experimenting can bring a new level of pleasure to the bedroom. However, it’s important to remember that it’s okay to stay in your comfort zone.

If the Kama Sutra is beyond your skillset, it’s perfectly fine, and there are plenty of other ways to increase the pleasure of the experience without taking risks.

Respect in Sex

Showing mutual respect for one another during sex is vital to maintain a positive experience. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you’re both respected.

Don’t Act Like an Actress in a Porn Movie

It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of sex, thanks to all the porn available nowadays. However, it’s crucial to remember that sex in real life should be far removed from what you see in porn movies.

Instead, exchange experience and engage with your partner to create your unique positive experience that doesn’t result in regret.

Show Some Respect for Him and Yourself

Showing balance and respect for one another is a crucial part of the sexual experience. Communication is key, so be sure to talk about what you expect and respect each other’s boundaries.

Don’t Talk Too Much

While communication is essential, there’s nothing worse than talking too much during sex. It can be a massive turn off and can make the experience feel artificial.

Timing is crucial, so try to read your partner’s reactions and judge when the right time for talking is.


Sex is about bringing you and your partner pleasure and creating an artistic experience that you both can enjoy. It’s essential to be active and experiment with dynamic feedback and action to ensure the ride is pleasurable for everyone.

Remember to be respectful in your actions and communications with your partner so that you both can have a positive experience that creates mutual intimacy, love, and respect. Being wild, crazy, and passionate in bed can be an incredible experience for both partners.

It’s essential to be open-minded, adventurous, and ready to break free from the usual routines to experience the benefits that come with being wild in bed. In this article, we will dig deeper into the reasons why being bold and daring can lead to a more pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experience.

Being Wild and Crazy in Bed is Okay

It’s okay to go wild and crazy in bed. After all, sex is supposed to be fun, spontaneous, and free from limitations.

With the right partner, you can feel safe and confident enough to let loose and be your authentic self without any judgments. Being wild in bed means being able to express yourself in ways you never imagined before.

The Benefits of Being Wild and Crazy in Bed

Being wild can lead to deeper levels of trust and intimacy between partners. When you expose your deepest desires and fantasies to your partner, you create a level of trust and respect that can enhance the bond between you.

By expressing your deepest desires, you open yourself to be vulnerable to your partner, therefore strengthening the connection and trust between the two of you. By letting your wild side take over, you can also experience levels of pleasure that you never knew existed.

The pleasure can be natural and unspeakable, relishing every moment of the wild passion. Another advantage of being wild is that it adds variety to the sexual experience.

It can become monotonous to stick to the same old routine every time you have sex. By being wild and crazy in bed, you introduce new aspects to your sex life, which adds spice and excitement.

Experimenting with New Moves

Trying new moves and positions is an excellent way to freshen up the sexual experience and spice things up in the bedroom. By experimenting with new moves, you can uncover new ways of experiencing pleasure and new ways of expressing the passions that live inside of you.

It is essential to communicate with your partner and establish comfort zones when experimenting with new moves. It is equally essential to maintain communication during the process, communicating desires, and feedback on what feels good and what doesn’t.

Adding spontaneity to the mix is another way of keeping things interesting in the bedroom. Being spontaneous can come in different forms, from trying new locations to having sex at different times of the day.

Being spontaneous allows us to break free from sexual patterns, which can also add to the feeling of novelty and excitement in the sexual experience. In


Being wild and crazy is okay, and there are many benefits to letting loose in the bedroom and exploring your passions fully.

Being spontaneous and experimenting with new moves can lead to new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. It’s essential to communicate with your partner and establish boundaries while still being open-minded and willing to try new things.

Being wild and crazy in bed is an opportunity to break free from the limitations of our everyday lives and experience pleasure in its purest form. In conclusion, this article has discussed the importance of respectful and engaged sexual experiences, as well as the benefits of exploring your wild side to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

We have emphasized the need for dynamic communication between partners and the importance of respecting boundaries to create mutual trust and satisfaction. By staying open-minded, willing to experiment with new moves, and stepping outside of your comfort zone, you can create a fulfilling sexual experience for both yourself and your partner.

Remember that sex is more than just a physical act; it’s an art form that allows us to showcase our passions and desires. By embracing that art form, we can unlock new levels of pleasure, trust, and satisfaction in our relationships.

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