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10 Tips to Master the Art of Grinding Discreetly and Arouse Your Dance Partner

Ladies, let’s talk about grinding. You know, that sultry dance move where you subtly move your butt and hips to the beat of the music, all while maintaining eye contact with that cute guy across the room.

But, let’s face it, there’s a fine line between grinding discreetly and giving off the wrong impression. So, how do we grind without crossing that line?

Let’s dive into the Art of Grinding Discreetly. What is Grinding, Anyway?

First things first, let’s define grinding. Grinding is a dance move where two people move their bodies in a way that mimics sexual intercourse.

It usually involves standing facing each other, with the woman typically moving her butt and hips in a suggestive manner against the man’s crotch. While it’s often seen in clubs and other social settings, grinding can also be done during slower, more sensual dances.

Can Grinding Be Subtle? Absolutely! In fact, grinding can be a lot more effective when done subtly.

Rather than throwing yourself at the guy you like, try making slow and small moves. This Diva knows you’re all about subtlety, so here are some tips:


Start by swaying your hips gently to the beat of the music. 2.

Take small steps towards your guy, moving your butt and hips in a way that almost appears accidental. 3.

Use the divider (like a bar or table) to your advantage. Lean against it and let your hips graze against your guy as you sway to the music.

4. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and smile.

This will let him know that you’re interested without being too overt. 5.

And remember, less is more. Avoid being too aggressive with your moves, and instead let the tension build up naturally.

Why Might Grinding Be a Bad Thing? While grinding can be a fun and sensual dance move, it’s important to be mindful of how others perceive it.

Some people might view grinding as a one night stand move, and may assume that you’re looking for something casual. This isn’t always the case, of course, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Another reason why grinding can be a bad thing is that it can give off the wrong impression. If you’re grinding on a guy and he starts to get aroused, he might assume that you’re ready to take things to the next level.

If that’s not what you want, then it’s important to be clear about your boundaries.

How to Grind with a Guy

So, you’ve decided that you want to grind with that cute guy across the room. Great! But how do you do it without coming off as too pushy?

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Dance with a friend.

This will make you more noticeable to guys, and it can also help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor. 2.

Dance next to the guy you like. This will help him notice you, and it will also give you the opportunity to move closer to him.

3. Make accidental butt brushes.

Move your butt and hips in a way that almost appears accidental, brushing against his crotch every once in a while. 4.

Use discreet touches to your advantage. Touch him with your breasts lightly while still maintaining eye contact.

He’ll get the hint without you being too obvious. 5.

Drop your hands to the side. This makes it look like you’re not desperate for attention, and it also makes him work a little harder.

6. Dance by his side.

This will build sexual tension, touching hands and hips without making it too obvious. 7.

Let the fingers touch. Give him a little accidental touch with your fingers while dancing, tease him,drive him crazy.

8. Step in front of him.

This will create a discreet grinding situation, arousing him with your moves. 9.

Move your butt around. Keep your moves slow and subtle, making sure not to make it too obvious.

10. Don’t move too fast.

Remember, small touches are more effective than big ones. 11.

Drop your hands to the side again. This will entice him further, making him want more of your attention.


So there you have it, the Art of Grinding Discreetly. As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to grind with that cute guy on the dance floor without giving off the wrong impression.

Remember, subtlety is key, and less is more. Happy grinding, ladies!

Are you ready to take your grinding game to the next level?

If you’re looking to arouse the guy you’re dancing with, then you’re in the right place. These grinding tips are sure to turn up the heat and leave him wanting more.

Stand in Front of Him

One of the best ways to increase intimacy while grinding is to stand in front of your guy. This allows you to maintain eye contact while also getting up close and personal.

While you’re dancing, gently touch his neck or run your fingers through his hair. This will create a sense of closeness that’s sure to get his heart racing.

Slip Your Thumb Into His Jeans

If you really want to take things up a notch, try guiding his hands around your waist or breasts while slipping your thumb into his jeans. This creates an intimate moment that’s sure to turn him on.

You can also let him know what you want by moving his hands to where you want them.

Graze Your Butt Against His Crotch

One of the most effective ways to arouse a guy while grinding is to graze your butt against his crotch. This can be done by moving your hips in a circular motion while also pushing your pelvis against his body.

This close proximity is sure to turn him on, while also leaving him wanting more. Don’t Be Afraid to Try!

If you’re feeling hesitant about making the first move or trying out new grinding moves, then it’s time to build some confidence.

Remember, grinding is supposed to be fun and exciting, so don’t be afraid to try new things. One way to build confidence is by making him work for your attention.

Rather than throwing yourself at him, try being subtle and keeping him guessing. This can be done by making small movements and unexpected touches.

Not only will this make the experience more exciting for both of you, but it will also make him appreciate the attention more.


Grinding can be a fun and exciting way to connect with someone on the dance floor. By trying out these tips, you can take your grinding game to the next level and leave your guy wanting more.

So go ahead, let loose, and have fun!

In conclusion, mastering the art of grinding discreetly and using effective grinding tips to arouse a guy can help you create a fun and exciting connection with your dance partner. These tips, including using subtlety, maintaining eye contact, and making small touches, can all help you create the right amount of tension and intimacy.

Whether you’re building your confidence to make the first move or spicing up your current grinding routine, these tips are sure to make your experience on the dance floor more enjoyable and fulfilling. So go out there, have fun, and dance the night away!

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