10 Ways to Make Her Moan: What Women Really Want in Bed


What Women Want in Bed

Sex is an important part of a relationship, and it is crucial that both partners enjoy it. Women want to be satisfied just as much as men, but often, their needs go unheard.

In order to have great sex, it is important to understand what women want in bed. Let’s explore some of these factors.

Importance of Mind in Sex

It is no secret that women love foreplay. But did you know that it’s not just physical stimulation but also the emotional connection that makes all the difference?

Sex is not just a physical act; it’s a mental one too. Women want to feel desired, loved, and appreciated.

Take the time to make her feel special, and it will enhance the experience.

Need for Equal Importance in All Aspects

Lovemaking includes more than just penetration. Women want to enjoy the entire experience, from start to finish.

Foreplay is just as important as the main event, if not more so. Take your time and focus on every aspect, from gentle kisses to touching and caressing.

This will make her feel comfortable and allow her body to sync with yours.

10 Things to Do to Make Her Love It

  1. Take Your Time – Women need time to get wet and ready.

    Rushing into the main event can make things uncomfortable. Spend time on foreplay, exploring what she likes and building sexual tension.

    Make sure that you are fully erect and ready before entering.

  2. Emotional Connection – Women need an emotional connection to enjoy sex fully. Cuddling and emotional bonding can make a one-night stand feel like a romantic tryst.

    Make her feel loved and wanted, and you will both enjoy it more.

  3. Physical Connection – Women want to feel physically connected to their partners. It’s not just about the act but also about the synchronization of both bodies.

    Make her feel comfortable by ensuring that the setting is right and that she feels at ease.

  4. Variety and Games – Women love variety and exploration. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment together.

    Play, tease and keep things fun. This will keep the experience exciting and leave a memorable impression.

  5. Setting the Mood Right – Sex requires a certain amount of ambiance.

    Setting the mood with lighting, music, and scent can enhance the experience. Create sexual tension and keep things steamy.

  6. Self Esteem – Women are more likely to enjoy sex when they feel confident and beautiful.

    Compliment her and make her feel sexy. This will help boost her self-esteem, which in turn, will make the experience more enjoyable.

  7. Stimulating Her Mind – Women love dirty talk and fantasy.

    Ask her questions about what she wants and likes. Share fantasies and indulge in dirty talk.

    This will heighten her excitement and increase the pleasure.

  8. Giving All of Her Your Attention – Make her feel like the center of attention. Explore her body and take pleasure in fulfilling her desires.

    It’s not just about making you happy, but also her.

  9. Satisfying Her – Orgasm is not always the end goal, but it’s important to make sure she’s satisfied. Take the time to find out what works for her and focus on that.

    Make sure she finishes too.

  10. Ending with Love – Afterplay is as important as foreplay. Make sure to cuddle, share compliments and make her feel special.

    This will leave a lasting impression and help strengthen the bond.


Understanding what women want in bed is crucial to having great sex. By focusing on emotional and physical connection, taking time for foreplay, and experimenting with variety, you can be sure that both you and your partner will enjoy your experience.

Try out the ten tips mentioned above and see for yourself how much more enjoyable sex can be. In conclusion, understanding the main points of an article is crucial in order to fully grasp its significance.

As this article has shown, women want emotional and physical connection, variety, and time for foreplay in order to fully enjoy sex. By following the tips provided, you can be sure to give your partner a memorable experience that will strengthen your relationship and enhance your overall sexual satisfaction.

The key is to remember to focus on all aspects of lovemaking, communicate with your partner, and remain open to new experiences. By doing so, you can create a fulfilling, intimate experience that both you and your partner will enjoy.

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