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12 Easy Ways to Add Romance and Keep Your Relationship Thriving

Relationships are important to us all, and we want to make sure that were doing our best to keep them healthy and thriving. One key component of a successful relationship is romance.

Its the glue that keeps things together and makes us feel loved and valued. But what exactly is romance, and why is it so important in a relationship?

What is Romance? Romance comes in many forms, but at its core, its about showing affection, care, and love to your partner.

Its about taking the time to do something special, for the sake of making your partner feel good. Romance involves gestures, activities, and ideas that make your partner feel valued, appreciated, and loved.

Consequences of Neglecting Romance

When we neglect romance in our relationships, things can quickly become stale and uninspired. We may find ourselves feeling disconnected from our partner, or longing for something more.

In some cases, neglecting romance can lead to affairs or other forms of infidelity. This is because we may seek out the attention and affection that were not receiving from our partner elsewhere.

Ways to Add Romance to a Relationship

The good news is that adding romance to a relationship is easy, and it doesnt have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are some simple ways to add romance to your relationship:


Serving a Beverage for No Reason

Surprise your partner by serving them their favorite beverage for no reason at all. It could be a cup of coffee, a glass of lemonade, or a cocktail.

The key is to do it without any expectation of reciprocity. 2.

Displaying Affection

Hug, kiss, and show physical affection to your partner regularly. Its a simple way to stay connected and show that you care.

3. Prioritizing Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is an important aspect of any romantic relationship.

Make it a priority to have regular, meaningful sexual experiences with your partner. 4.

Complimenting Your Partner Daily

Make it a habit to compliment your partner daily. It could be something as simple as telling them that they look nice or that you appreciate something they did.

5. Giving a Handmade Card/Poem

Make your partner a handmade card or write them a meaningful poem.

Its a thoughtful and creative way to show that you care. 6.

Planning a Romance-Themed Meal

Make a romantic meal for your partner, complete with heart-shaped pancakes, a red-themed meal, and pink champagne. 7.

Engaging in Physical Activities Together

Find physical activities that you and your partner enjoy doing together, such as biking or dancing. 8.

Creating a Romantic Atmosphere in the Bedroom

Create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom by using high-thread-count sheets, pretty throw pillows, and comfortable pajamas. 9.

Indulging in 10-Seconds of Romance

Take ten seconds out of your day to indulge in a romantic moment with your partner. It could be a make-out session in the elevator or a quick hug and kiss before leaving for work.

10. Exploring Non-Sexual Intimacy

Explore non-sexual intimacy with your partner by cuddling, holding hands, or making eye contact.

11. Keeping Special Mementos

Keep special mementos from your relationship, such as tickets to a concert or a love note.

These tangible memories can help remind you of the good times. 12.

Doing Something Spontaneous

Surprise your partner by doing something spontaneous, like packing a lunch and going on a weekend getaway.


Adding romance to a relationship is essential for keeping things fresh and exciting. It doesnt have to be complicated or time-consuming, but it does require effort and thoughtfulness.

By incorporating some of these simple gestures and activities into your relationship, you can help keep the spark alive and strengthen your connection with your partner. So go ahead and show them some love theyll thank you for it!

3) More Romantic Ideas in a Relationship

If youre looking for more ways to add romance to your relationship, here are some additional ideas to try out:

1. Having a Couple’s Photoshoot

Hire a professional photographer for a couples photoshoot to capture your milestones together.

Its a great way to bring intimacy into your relationship, and you can even share a kiss or two during the shoot.


Cooking Your Partner’s Favorite Meal

Surprise your partner by cooking their favorite meal. Light some candles and pour some wine for an intimate date night at home.

3. Celebrating Each Other’s Achievements

Take time to celebrate each other’s achievements, no matter how small.

Encourage each other with optimism, and celebrate the small wins along the way. 4.

Revisiting/Rewriting Your Vows

Revisit or even rewrite your vows together. Reflect on the promises you made to each other and find inspiration to keep them fresh and alive.

5. Going on a Picnic/Beside a Fireplace

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by going on a picnic or spending time together by a fireplace.

Relax in nature or indoors in a cozy atmosphere.


Attending a Comedy Show/Writing a Song

Laughter is a great way to bring creativity and expression into your relationship. Attend a comedy show or write a song together to express your emotions and feelings.

7. Taking a Pottery Class

Take a pottery class together to engage in teamwork and creativity.

Bond over the shared activity and create something meaningful together.


Now you have even more ideas to add romance into your relationship, keeping your connection with your partner healthy and happy. The importance of romance in a relationship cannot be understated.

It is vital for keeping things fresh and exciting in the long-term. Through the various gestures and activities listed above, you show your partner appreciation, validation, recognition, and affection.

Remember to express your love and gratitude openly and frequently, and continue to surprise your partner with creative gestures that keep your connection strong. Feel free to mix and match some of these ideas to create your unique romantic moments.

Your relationship will thrive because of it. In conclusion, the importance of romance in a relationship cannot be overstated.

Neglecting romance can have negative consequences such as staleness and the risk of an affair. However, incorporating romantic gestures and activities can keep things fresh and exciting while fostering a healthy and happy relationship.

From serving a beverage for no reason to revisiting your vows together, there are countless ways to show appreciation, validation, recognition, and affection to your partner. So, don’t forget to express your love and gratitude openly and frequently to your significant other and continue to incorporate surprise and creativity into your relationship.

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