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13 Tips to Keep a Guy Interested Through Texts: From Alternatives to Hey to Emojis and More

How to Keep a Guy Interested through Texts

Texting has become a staple in our generations dating game. With that said, knowing how to keep a guy interested through texts is important.

However, its also crucial to keep in mind that texts should also help build up the relationship and not just become pen pals. So, let’s jump in and learn some crucial tips to make your texting game stronger!

Purpose of Texting

What is the goal of texting? Are we just sending messages to keep two people connected miles apart?

No! There is always a purpose behind every text. Otherwise, texts could seem like a waste of time for both parties.

Texts should further the relationship and submerge two people in conversations that bring them closer.

Responding without Overthinking

When we get a flirty text, our wits get awry and we start overthinking. This can be stressful and make texting a daunting task.

Instead, respond using fun, flirtatious texts that keep the other person interested and engaged.

Importance of Tone in Text

It is easy for texts to be misinterpreted. One way of preventing this is by making sure the tone of your texts is clear.

There is even an alternative, and its called emojis. Emojis add a bit of personality and vibrancy to your texts, making them more enjoyable to receive and read.

Alternatives to Hey

Hey! is plain and insufficient. Spice up your texts by adding a GIF, meme, or a good question thatll encourage a response.

Doing this shows that youre putting effort into your texts.

Response Time and Availability

Its natural to be waiting eagerly for a reply to your text messages. However, that doesnt mean you should be constantly available.

Its healthy for both parties to take breaks and give each other space. Responding too quickly might come off as desperate and unappealing.

Ending Conversations

Sometimes conversations dull out, and thats okay. Its best to give each other some space and allow for some new topics to develop.

If the conversation fizzles out, give it some time and try to engage the other person some more.

Self-Care and Taking Breaks

Being in constant communication can be overwhelming and exhausting. Take care of yourself and communicate how you feel to the other person.

Perhaps taking breaks could work in your favor, and it doesnt mean theres a problem with the relationship.

Quality over Quantity

Good conversations can never be summed up in an 80-page text message. There should be times when you switch up from texting to voice messages or even phone calls.

It adds excitement to the relationship and builds up sexual tension for when you finally meet face-to-face.

Opportunities for Flirting

Although texting can be a great way to build sexual tension, it doesnt beat face-to-face flirting. Use your texting as a way to set up face-to-face interactions and bring flirtatious conversations full circle.

Proper Use of Emojis

Emojis are an excellent way of adding personality and clarity to your texts. However, its essential to use them in moderation and not overuse them.

Unnecessary emojis can quickly turn off the other person.

Grammar as an Attractant

Proper writing and grammar show intellectual capacity and level of education. Shortcuts and abbreviations can be frustrating to read and might get perceived as a lack of effort.

Living Life and Being Independent

Independence is necessary, whether youre in a relationship or not. Dont wait by your phone and become self-conscious when you dont get a reply.

Focus on developing yourself and completing tasks that result in self-love and growth.

Acceptance of Disinterest

Not everyone will be interested in us, and that should never affect our mental health or character. Be yourself, but dont force someone to reciprocate feelings that arent there.

If the feeling isnt mutual, accept it and move on.


In conclusion, texting plays a vital role in todays dating scene. When used correctly, it can strengthen a relationship.

However, its also essential to recognize the purpose of every text message. More importantly, be true to yourself and your communicative needs.

With the proper balance, texting can become an enjoyable way of building relationships. In summary, by following these tips, you can keep a guy interested through texts and build a stronger relationship.

The purpose of texting should always be to further the relationship through engaging conversations. Responding without overthinking, using emojis, and spicing up texts with alternatives to “Hey” are key to keeping the conversation fun and flirtatious.

It’s essential to balance response time and availability, take breaks for self-care and communicate your needs. Face-to-face interactions, proper grammar, and independence are also essential in maintaining a successful relationship.

Finally, acceptance of disinterest is crucial to understanding that not everyone will reciprocate your feelings. By following these tips, you can make the most of your texting, build stronger relationships and improve your overall dating game.

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