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15 Actionable Tips: What to Do When Your Crush Avoids Eye Contact

Hey there!

Are you in a situation where your crush avoids eye contact with you? It can be tough, frustrating, even depressing.

However, there could be many reasons behind it, so let’s dive in and try to figure it out!

Reasons why your crush avoids eye contact:

1. Feeling Intimidated

Your crush may find you intimidating, and they may be too nervous to make eye contact with you.

This can happen if you exude confidence, have a strong personality, or if they’re just shy. 2.


It’s possible that your crush likes you too, but they may be unsure of your feelings towards them. They could be avoiding eye contact because they’re not sure whether you like them back.

3. Ignorant of Eye Contact

Some people are absent-minded or tend to keep to themselves, making them come off as self-conceited.

They might not be intentionally avoiding eye contact with you, but it could seem like they are. 4.

Shy Personality

As mentioned earlier, some people are naturally introverted and find it challenging to make eye contact. They may look away out of shyness, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not into you!


Recently Out of a Difficult Relationship

People who have just gone through a breakup may need time to heal, and that could affect their social interactions. If your crush is fresh out of a difficult past relationship, they may be extra cautious and avoid eye contact with you.

What to do when your crush avoids eye contact:

1. Be More Direct in Your Approach

If you find yourself in a scenario where your crush is avoiding eye contact, take the initiative and directly approach them.

Strike up a conversation and make eye contact while talking to them. This could make them feel more comfortable around you.

2. Virtual Communication

You could connect with them through social media and interact with them there.

Engage with their posts, leave comments, and DM them. This makes for an indirect form of communication that adds a layer of comfortability.

3. Invite to a House Party

If you’re planning a house party, invite your crush.

This will provide them with a comfortable environment and could give you a memorable impression. 4.

Ask for Help

If there’s a task you need help with, ask for your crush’s help. A common activity like this could lead to quality time together and better compatibility.

5. Take Their Side

If you always happen to be around your crush, take their side in an argument or playful teasing scenario.

This builds a sense of support and shows sincere action. 6.

Give a Warm Smile

A friendly and welcoming smile can break barriers and make them feel more comfortable around you. 7.

Text Them

Send them a text message. It makes for an indirect approach, and they can reply on their own time.

8. Meme Partner

You could bond over shared interests and relate to each other through memes and other social media content.

9. Send Them a Photo

Send them a photo of something you think might interest them.

It can be a visual form of communication that is fun and engaging. 10.

Talk to Their Friends

You could strike up a conversation with their friends, and chances are, your crush will eventually join in. This can lead to mutual interactions and a better understanding of each other.

11. Learn About Their Hobbies

If you have mutual interests like hobbies or social activities, take interest in their hobbies and learn about them.

This could lead to better conversation topics and a more relaxed atmosphere. 12.

Give Them a Blink

Catch their attention with a simple blink. It’s a brave move that could summon their attention and show your interest.

13. Take Them on a Date

If you’re bold enough and confident of their interest, take them out on a date.

This is a romantic gesture that could surprise them and show your courage. 14.

Go Shopping Together

Bond over a shared activity like shopping. It could lead to a fun day out and a romantic gesture.

15. Send Them Food

A kind gesture would be to send them food.

It could show thoughtfulness and care for them. Conclusion:

Avoiding eye contact with your crush can be upsetting, but it doesn’t always mean that they’re not interested in you.

With this list of potential reasons and actionable tips, you could be one step closer to figuring out the issue and coming up with a resolution. Don’t worry, be patient, and approach the situation calmly.

Good luck!

In conclusion, understanding the reasons behind your crush’s avoidance of eye contact is crucial to finding a solution. There could be many reasons why someone avoids eye contact, such as feeling intimidated, being shy, or simply not knowing how to approach the situation.

However, with the helpful tips and strategies discussed in this article, you can take an active approach and engage with your crush on a more personal level. By using a mix of direct and indirect communication, you can build a connection and create a more comfortable environment for both of you.

Remember, patience is key, and approaching the situation with positivity and sincerity will increase your chances of success.

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