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15 Red Flags to Watch Out for When Dating a Divorced Man

Dating a Divorced Man: How to Avoid the Red Flags

Dating can be tough, especially when youre on the lookout for potential red flags. But throw in a divorced man with kids, a problematic ex-spouse, or financial turmoil, and things get even more complicated.

As an AI language model, I can break down the challenges and warning signs you need to be aware of when dating a divorced man.


There are a number of complications that often come with dating a man whos been divorced and has kids. When there are children involved, the relationship has to be handled with care and sensitivity.

If youre not ready to take on the role of both girlfriend and new step-parent, then its best to avoid dating a divorced man who has kids.


We all know divorces can be messy and involve dissolution wars. And sometimes, this war continues even after the divorce papers have been signed.

If your potential partner still seems preoccupied with his ex, or he badmouths her in front of his kids, those are major red flags. This behavior might indicate a lack of respect for his ex-spouse and unwillingness to co-parent effectively.

Financial Complications

Divorce can have financial consequences for both parties involved. And while its important to be understanding and supportive, you need to be aware of the potential impact it might have on your relationship.

There might be times when your partner has to prioritize his finances, which might put a strain on your dating life.

Living Situations

Changing locations, stability, and housing can be ongoing issues for a recently divorced man. If hes moving back and forth between his new place and his ex-spouse’s house, or hes living in an off-days house, this might cause tension and instability in your relationship.

15 Dating a Divorced Man Red Flags You Must Know

Now that weve gone over some of the challenges that come with dating a divorced man, lets look at some specific red flags to keep an eye out for. 1.

He Never Stops Gripping About His Ex

Ever go on a date where your partner is constantly talking about his past? This kind of behavior might indicate that hes preoccupied with his ex and not over the relationship.

If hes acting like a squawking man-baby, its time to take note and consider moving on. 2.

He Talks Poorly About His Ex in Front of His Kids

We all know that kids come first, so if you notice your partner badmouthing his ex-spouse in front of his kids, thats a serious red flag. It could reveal a lack of parental maturity and undermine the healthy development of his children.

3. He Thinks Hes Blameless

Some men might have difficulty taking responsibility for their part in the end of their marriage, and instead blame their ex-spouse for everything.

This inability to take responsibility and half-truths can cause problems in your future relationship. 4.

He Wants Too Much Too Soon

If hes moving too fast emotionally, its a red flag. You dont want to jump into a relationship and then quickly realize the pace is unsustainable.

Be on the lookout for emotional instability. 5.

He Sees You Through the Lens of His Ex

Is your partner hyper-paranoid about you based on the actions or behavior of his ex-spouse? Thats an unfairly accusatory behavior thats another red flag.

6. Hes Tetchy About All Divorce Talk

Hiding something, unable to move on, there might be a few reasons, but if your partner is tetchy about all divorce talk, you need to figure it out.

If the topic is off limits, consider whether this is someone you want to build a future with. 7.

He Trafficks in Guilt

If your partner is acting toxic and displaying extreme self-centeredness, then its time to consider whether the relationship is worth pursuing. 8.

Hes a Serial Cheater / Sex Addict

If you find that your partner has a pattern of infidelity or is a recidivist cheater, its crucial to reconsider your dating relationship. Cheating might be indicative that your partner lacks the moral standards that are essential to a healthy, monogamous relationship.

9. The Kids Are a Problem

Challenging child-related behaviors and acting out should be addressed with care.

Its important to understand both the father-children dynamic and boundaries you need to establish as the partner. 10.

He Hides You

Not ready to introduce you or hiding something, either way, you should raise an eyebrow. Sometimes, this might be indicative of a lack of commitment or a partner whos not ready to invest in the relationship.

11. Hes Frustratingly Indecisive

Uncertainty and lack of consistency might be a sign that the relationship is not as important to your partner.

Ambivalence and dithering can be frustrating, and you might want to consider moving on. 12.

Hes Suspiciously Secretive

If your partner is a closed book and hiding something, that should be a red flag. Trust and communication are essential for a healthy relationship, and secretive behavior can undermine these core values.

13. He Expects You to Step Into the Mom-Role Immediately

If your partner expects you to audition to be a new mom on the first date, thats another red flag.

Theres a specific balance to building a stable and healthy relationship that involves addressing important issues like parenting and the boundaries you need to establish. 14.

He Doesnt Have a Relationship With His Kids

Secrecy and lack of communication might indicate poor parenting patterns. Understanding the exact nature of father-children relationships and the reasons might help clarify future expectations.

15. He Doesn’t Want You in His Social Sphere

Boundary-setting in relationships is important.

But if youre kept at arms length and cannot get involved with his friends, thats a red flag again about the future of the relationship.


Dating a divorced man can be complicated. And while its essential to approach each relationship with an open mind, its also crucial to be on the lookout for the warning signs.

Steer clear of any red flags, from overly critical behavior to failing to invest in a healthy future, and protect yourself from heartbreak.

How to Get a Divorced Man to Commit Again

Dating a divorced man can be challenging, but it doesnt mean that it is impossible to make him commit again. With patience and understanding, its possible to establish a strong and lasting bond that will allow both parties to heal and move on from past relationships.

Here are a few strategies you can use to help get a divorced man to commit again.


One of the most important things you can do when dating a divorced man is to be tender and considerate. Divorce can be tough on anyone, and its vital to ensure that your partner feels supported and appreciated.

Simple things like compliments and thoughtful gestures can go a long way in helping your partner overcome past hurts and develop a renewed sense of trust and security.

Take Your Time

Its good to bear in mind that pushing a divorced man to commit could scare him away. Psychologists recommend waiting between six months to a year before you start to consider entering a serious relationship.

It allows your partner to heal from previous wounds and evaluate what he wants out of life. And when he’s ready, it is highly likely that his commitment level will become robust.

Give Him Space

Divorced men may be struggling with a need for space after long-term relationships fail. When you give him ample space, it enables him to regain his confidence and have a fresh start in your relationship.

Its crucial to allow him the space he needs to process his emotions, reflect on his past, and prepare himself for a future with you. Understanding and acknowledging his need for space will help him feel less smothered.

Be Confident

Confidence, sexiness, and boldness are appealing qualities that can help get a divorced man to commit. Divorced men are often attracted to strong, confident, and independent women who dont need them to feel complete.

This will show him that you can survive without being overly dependent on him.

Final Thoughts

While getting a divorced man to commit again might seem challenging, it is possible. Nonetheless, its important to remain cautious, keeping in mind the red flags you observed earlier.

Its also essential to conduct an objective evaluation of the relationship and determine whether its serving both your needs when moving forward. There is a possibility that he might still have some healing to do or that he may not be ready to commit again.

Ultimately, invest in yourself and in the relationship, and have patience as you navigate your way to a healthy and lasting partnership. In conclusion, dating a divorced man presents unique challenges, from dealing with an ex-spouse and financial difficulties to navigating issues around children and living situations.

Its crucial to pay attention to red flags and use caution when pursuing a relationship. However, with patience, kindness, and understanding, it is possible to establish a deep and meaningful connection with a divorced man who is ready to commit again.

Ultimately, its important to prioritize your emotional wellbeing and be honest with yourself about whether the relationship is serving both your needs. Keep these factors in mind as you move forward, and youll be well on your way to a happy and healthy romantic relationship.

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