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15 Signs He’s Fighting His Feelings For You: How To Make Him Confess

Hey, you!

Are you wondering whether he likes you or not? Are you trying to figure out if he is fighting his feelings for you?

Well, fret not, because in this article, we will explore the signs that he is fighting his feelings for you, as well as some tricks to make him confess his emotions.

Part 1: Signs he is fighting his feelings for you

Firstly, why is he hesitant to reveal his true emotions to you?

There could be several reasons, such as a past heartbreak, fear of rejection, or fear of commitment. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone has their own baggage, and sometimes it takes time to feel comfortable opening up to someone new.

When it comes to the timeframe for confession, it’s a subjective matter that depends on various factors. Some people may be able to confess their feelings right away, while others may need more time to get to know you better and build emotional intimacy.

Now, let’s dive into the 15 signs that he wants to confess his feelings.


Eye contact. When he looks at you, does he hold your gaze for longer than usual?

Do his eyes sparkle when he talks to you?


Consistency. Does he consistently make an effort to talk to you or spend time with you?

3. Emotional intimacy.

Does he share personal stories or feelings with you? Does he listen attentively when you do the same?

4. Making effort to talk.

Does he initiate conversations frequently and ask questions to get to know you better?


Jealousy. Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys or when you mention going out with friends?

6. Remembering details.

Does he remember little things you’ve mentioned, like your favorite book or movie?


Nervousness. Does he fidget or seem nervous around you?

8. Dropping hints.

Does he make suggestive comments or jokes that hint at his feelings?


Supportive. Does he go out of his way to help you with something or offer support when you need it?

10. Protective.

Does he act protective of you, like walking you home or making sure you get home safely?


Attentive listening. Does he pay attention to what you’re saying and engage in meaningful conversation?

12. Apologizing.

Does he apologize quickly if he has upset you or done something wrong?


Hot-and-cold behavior. Does he seem hot and cold in his behavior towards you, like being affectionate one day and distant the next?

14. Texting speed.

Does he respond to your texts quickly or even initiate conversations through text?


Sparkling eyes. Do his eyes light up when he talks to you or looks at you?

If you notice a few or several of these signs, then chances are he is fighting his feelings for you.

Part 2: How to make a guy confess his feelings

So, what can you do to make him confess his emotions?

Firstly, it’s essential to create emotional intimacy. This means getting to know him better, sharing your own personal stories and feelings, and making him feel comfortable around you.

Another trick that can work at times is inducing jealousy. While we don’t recommend playing mind games or intentionally making him jealous, a little bit of harmless flirting with other guys can sometimes make him realize that he does have feelings for you and wants to express them.

However, it’s important to have patience and observe signs. Don’t rush or pressure him into confessing his love for you; let him take his time and do it when he feels ready.

Finally, be honest with your own feelings. Express to him that you care about him and that you’re interested in seeing where this relationship could go.

Avoid playing games or trying to manipulate him into confessing his emotions. Trust us, being genuine and authentic is always the best way to go.

In conclusion, signs that a guy is fighting his feelings for you are not always easy to decipher, but they are definitely there. By looking out for the signs we have listed, you can determine if he feels the same way about you.

And when it comes to making him confess his feelings, let things take their natural course and focus on creating emotional intimacy. Who knows, he may just profess his love for you sooner than you think!

Welcome back! In this article, we will expand on the topic of a guy’s developing feelings, including the signs of attraction and timing of confession.

Additionally, we will talk about the importance of communication, including how women can also make the first move and the benefits of clear communication when addressing fears and insecurities.

Part 3: Understanding a guy’s developing feelings

When it comes to understanding a guy’s developing feelings, it’s essential to look out for the signs of attraction.

Some of these signs include frequent communication, staring, intense listening, and excitement.

Frequent communication can come in the form of texting, calling, or even FaceTiming.

If he is making an effort to talk to you regularly, it’s a good sign that he is interested in you. Staring can also be a sign of attraction; if you catch him looking at you often, he may be checking you out.

Intense listening is another sign to look out for, as it shows that he is engaged in your conversations and values your opinions. Finally, if he seems excited to spend time with you, whether it’s hanging out or doing activities together, it’s a clear sign that he likes you.

The timing of confession can vary depending on the guy’s comfort level and situation. Some guys may be bold and confess their feelings early on, while others may take some time to work up their courage.

Sometimes it may take a few dates or spending more time together to feel completely comfortable expressing their emotions. It’s essential to be patient and understanding, and avoid putting too much pressure on him to confess his feelings too soon.

Part 4: The importance of communication

Communication is a fundamental aspect of any healthy relationship, and it’s no different when it comes to romantic relationships. One common misconception is that men should always make the first move when it comes to expressing their feelings, but women are just as capable of taking the initiative.

If you find that you have feelings for a guy, don’t be afraid to express them. This can help to create a stronger connection and establish a deeper level of trust.

Clear communication is also important in avoiding misunderstandings and building stronger relationships. It’s essential to be honest and open with your partner, even if it means having uncomfortable conversations.

Addressing fears and insecurities head-on can help to alleviate any tension or anxiety and create a safe space for both parties to share their thoughts and feelings.

It’s also worth noting that communication is a two-way street, and it’s important to listen actively when your partner is speaking.

This means avoiding distractions, such as phones or other devices, and engaging in active listening techniques like summarizing or paraphrasing what they have said to show that you are fully engaged.

In conclusion, understanding a guy’s developing feelings requires looking out for signs of attraction and being patient with the timing of confession.

Furthermore, communication is vital in any relationship, and women are also capable of taking the initiative when it comes to expressing their feelings. Creating a safe space to discuss fears and insecurities can lead to stronger relationships built on trust and understanding, so it’s important to communicate openly and listen actively.

Welcome back to this article. In the previous sections, we discussed understanding a guy’s developing feelings, and the importance of communication in building stronger relationships.

In this section, we will recap the main points and encourage you to take action towards expressing your own feelings and fostering deeper connections with the people in your life. To recap, when it comes to a guy’s developing feelings, signs of hesitation may include past heartbreak, fear of rejection, and fear of commitment.

It’s important to be patient and understanding, as the timeline for confession may vary based on comfort level. Furthermore, it’s important to develop emotional intelligence and recognize the signs of attraction, such as frequent communication, staring, intense listening, and excitement.

It’s also essential to communicate clearly and honestly, as doing so can help avoid misunderstandings and build stronger relationships built on trust and understanding. Women can and should take the initiative in expressing their feelings, as well as being authentic and open in their communication.

By creating a safe space to address fears and insecurities, couples can grow stronger by working through challenges and embracing vulnerability. In conclusion, building strong, healthy relationships requires effort, empathy, and communication.

By being patient, recognizing signs of hesitation and attraction, and cultivating open and honest communication, we can forge meaningful connections with those around us. So, go ahead and take action towards expressing your own feelings, and take steps towards building stronger relationships with others.

Remember, it all starts with communication. In conclusion, this article has highlighted the importance of understanding a guy’s developing feelings and the role that communication plays in building stronger relationships.

We’ve explored signs of hesitation and attraction, and emphasized the need for patience, emotional intelligence, honesty, and clarity in communication. By taking initiative, expressing feelings, and creating a safe space for open and authentic conversations, we can forge deeper and more meaningful connections with those around us.

These skills are not only essential for romantic relationships, but for all types of interactions, from family to colleagues to friendships. So let’s prioritize communication, listen actively, and cultivate empathy and understanding in our relationships, starting today.

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