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15 Tips for Flirting over Text: Modern Dating Made Easy

Flirting over Text: Tips and Tricks for Modern Dating

Lets face it: dating in the digital age can be tough. Between the endless swiping and virtual small talk, it can be hard to establish a genuine connection.

But fear not, dear reader! Flirting over text is here to save the day.

Why is flirting over text so important in modern dating, you ask?

Well, for starters, it allows us to communicate with potential partners in a more relaxed and casual manner. It takes the pressure off of in-person conversations, allowing us to take our time and think before we speak (or type, rather).

Plus, flirting over text gives us the chance to showcase our personalities through the use of emojis, GIFs, and witty one-liners.

Of course, with the benefits of flirting over text comes the added pressure of social cues and body language.

Without the ability to read our dates reactions in person, it can be easy to misinterpret their tone or intentions. But fear not, weve got you covered with some tips and tricks for successful flirting over text.

1. Use of Emojis

Emojis are a great way to showcase your personality and sense of humor over text.

Are you a sarcastic joker? Throw in a winking face or a tongue-out emoji to let your date know youre not afraid to be silly.

Keep it simple with a heart or a kissing face to show your affection. And lets not forget the infamous eggplant and peach emoji – while these may seem innocent enough, theyre best reserved for when youre in a committed relationship.

2. Use of GIFs and Memes

If emojis arent your thing, fear not – theres always the option of using GIFs and memes.

These are a great way to inject some humor into your conversation and can serve as conversation starters. Did your date mention theyre a fan of The Office?

Send a GIF of Michael Scott doing his infamous Thats what she said line.


Asking Questions

One of the most important aspects of successful flirting over text is asking questions. This shows that youre interested in getting to know your date beyond the surface level.

Ask about their hobbies, their favorite music or movies, and dont be afraid to get a little personal. Just be sure to listen and engage with their responses – theres nothing worse than someone who only talks about themselves.

4. Foregoing the Sex Stuff

This should go without saying, but its best to steer clear of any sexual conversations or compliments over text.

Not only can this be inappropriate, but it can also come across as desperate or insincere. Stick to genuine compliments about their personality or sense of humor, instead of commenting on their physical appearance.

5. Giving Genuine Compliments

Speaking of compliments, theyre a great way to show your date that you admire them.

Just make sure theyre genuine and not over-the-top. For example, instead of saying Youre the most beautiful person Ive ever seen, opt for something like I love how kind and thoughtful you are.

Its really attractive to me.


Opening Up

Flirting over text is also a great way to establish trust and get a little vulnerable with your date. Ask about their past experiences or share some of your own.

Just be sure to read the room and dont overshare right off the bat.


Making Them Laugh

Theres nothing quite like making someone laugh over text. Use your wit and sense of humor to keep the conversation light and fun.

Share some funny stories from your day or send a silly meme. Just remember to keep it appropriate and not overly offensive.

8. Teasing Them

A little playful teasing can go a long way in flirting over text.

This shows that youre comfortable enough with your date to joke around and not take things too seriously. Just make sure to keep it light and not overly critical.

9. Hinting at a Date

If youre enjoying your conversation over text, why not hint at a potential date?

Bring up a fun activity or restaurant youve been wanting to try and see if your date bites. This shows that youre interested in taking things beyond text and building a real-life connection.

10. Sending Goofy Pictures

Sharing cute or funny photos is a great way to keep the conversation going and let your date know youre thinking of them.

Share a funny meme or snap a pic of your cute pet. Just remember to keep it appropriate and not overly aggressive.

11. Holding Back on Sarcasm

Sarcasm can be difficult to interpret over text, so its best to use it sparingly.

You dont want to accidentally offend your date or come across as disingenuous. Save the sarcasm for when youre in person and can better gauge their reactions.

12. Being Yourself

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of flirting over text is being genuine and true to yourself.

Dont try to be someone youre not in order to impress your date. Instead, showcase your unique personality and let the conversation flow naturally.

13. Avoiding Being Basic

Finally, avoid being basic in your conversation starters.

Instead of asking generic questions like How was your day?, try to think of more interesting prompts. Ask about their favorite travel destination or what book theyre currently reading.

This shows that youre engaging with them on a deeper level beyond just surface-level small talk.


Being Chill

And above all, be chill. Dont put too much pressure on the conversation or worry about double-texting.

Flirting over text should be fun and easy-going, so dont get too caught up in the details.


Asking to Video Chat

If youre feeling a real connection over text, why not take it one step further and ask to video chat? This lets you better gauge their mannerisms, facial expressions, and even their voice.

It also shows that youre serious about getting to know them beyond just the digital realm.

So there you have it – some tips and tricks for successful flirting over text.

Remember to keep it genuine, light-hearted, and true to your unique personality. Happy texting!

In todays digital age, flirting over text has become a vital aspect of modern dating.

While it may seem daunting at first, following these tips and tricks can guide you towards establishing a genuine connection with your potential partner through the ease of texting. By employing techniques such as asking questions, being genuine, and using lighthearted humor, you can set the tone for a fun and engaging conversation.

Remember to be yourself and let your unique personality shine through, and most importantly, have fun. By foregoing the pressure of traditional dating, flirting over text can create a more relaxed and enjoyable experience for all parties involved, leading to a potential lifelong connection.

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