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18 Must-Know Dating App Terms: From Ghosting to Big Dick Energy

Dating App Dictionary: 18 Terms You Need to Know

Are you tired of feeling like youre speaking a different language when trying to navigate the world of dating apps? Fear not, my friend.

Weve compiled a list of 18 dating app terms you need to know! From ghosting to big dick energy, well break it all down for you. 1.

Ghosting: When someone youre seeing suddenly disappears without explanation. 2.

Catfishing: When someone pretends to be someone else online, typically using fake photos and information. 3.

FWB: Acronym for friends with benefits, meaning a casual sexual relationship without commitment. 4.

Netflix and chill: A term used to invite someone over for a night of Netflix, with the intention of hooking up. 5.

Cuffing season: The time of year (usually fall/winter) when people start looking for serious relationships in order to have a warm body to cuddle with during the colder months. Now that weve covered some basics, lets dive into some lesser known terms.

Waldo-ing: Have you ever swiped through someones profile and had to guess which one is actually them in a group photo? Thats Waldo-ing.

Its when someone includes too many group photos, leaving you unsure which person is actually them. Big Dick Energy: This term refers to someone who exudes confidence and masculinity, even if they dont have a large penis.

Its all about attitude!

Curve: When someone is actively avoiding commitment, often by manipulating the other person to keep things casual. Zombieing: Similar to ghosting, this is when someone who disappeared suddenly reappears without explanation.

Freckling: This term refers to a summer fling thats weather-dependent. When the season ends, so does the fling.

Benching: When someone keeps you on the back burner, stringing you along while they wait for better options. Haunting: When someone who ghosted you occasionally contacts you or lurks in the background on social media.

Thirst trap: A photo posted with the intention of getting attention and likes. Kittenfishing: This term refers to when someone tweaks their photos or information on their dating profile to make themselves appear more attractive or interesting than they really are.

Tindstagramming: Using Instagram to reach out to someone you matched with on a dating app, even if they didnt give you their Instagram handle. Breadcrumbing: When someone gives you just enough attention to keep you interested, but never actually commits to anything.

Cushioning: When someone flirts with others to cushion the blow of an impending breakup. Phubbing: When someone is addicted to their phone and ignores their date.

Stashing: When someone hides their relationship from friends and family. Roaching: When someone is non-committal and denies exclusivity.

Turkey Dump: Breaking up with someone before Thanksgiving due to long-distance issues. DTR: The define the relationship conversation.

Love Bombing: When someone overwhelms you with love and affection early on in a relationship, often in order to manipulate and control you later. So there you have it, folks.

18 dating app terms to add to your vocabulary. By understanding these terms, youll be better equipped to navigate the murky waters of dating apps.

Happy swiping!

In conclusion, understanding dating app terms can help us communicate better and avoid confusion in our dating lives. From the basics like ghosting and cuffing season to lesser known terms like Waldo-ing and big dick energy, each term serves as a reminder of the complexity of modern dating.

By learning these terms, we can better navigate the ever-changing landscape of dating apps and approach our relationships with clarity and confidence. So go forth, my friends, armed with your new dating app dictionary, and may the swiping odds be ever in your favor.

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