18 Relationship Resolutions for a Stronger Happier New Year


New Year Resolutions for a Stronger Relationship

As another year rolls in, many of us take a moment to reflect on the past and envision the future. We set goals, make plans, and promise ourselves that this year will be different.

But what about our relationships? Shouldn’t they also get attention and TLC that they deserve?

There’s no denying that relationships are the backbone of our lives. They shape our experiences, influence our emotions, and ultimately, define our happiness and well-being.

That’s why it’s essential to work towards improving our relationships this coming year. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of relationship resolutions and dive into some resolutions that you and your partner can make for a stronger, happier relationship.

Why Relationship Resolutions are Important

The value of close relationships for our happiness and well-being cannot be overstated. Having strong social connections can reduce stress, provide a sense of belonging, and boost our overall health and longevity.

A review of 148 studies by social scientists found that people with strong social relationships were 50% more likely to survive over a given period than people with weak relationships. Furthermore, our intimate relationships play an essential role in our mental health and even our physical health.

Studies have discovered that the quality of our romantic relationships is linked to our anxiety, depression, and stress levels.

Defining Relationship Resolutions

Relationship resolutions are goals that you and your partner agree to work towards in the coming year. They are a way to strengthen your relationship by creating new habits and improving communication.

Resolutions can vary depending on where each couple is in their relationship, but their purpose remains the same: to foster a strong, healthy relationship.

New Year Resolutions for Couples

1. Establishing Consistent Date Nights

It’s essential to have quality time with your partner to create a stronger bond.

With our busy schedules, it can be challenging to make time for each other. However, setting aside a specific day for a date night each week can help create consistency and strengthen your relationship.

From a low-key dinner to a weekend getaway, the possibilities are endless.

2. Spending Time with Friends and Family

Our relationships with friends and family are just as important as those with our partners. Spending time with loved ones is a way to create shared experiences and memories.

Plan get-togethers and visit each other more often.

3. Learning about Partners Passions

It’s essential to take an interest in each other’s passions. What hobbies or interests does your partner have, and what do they enjoy doing?

By learning more about your partner, you can discover different ways of igniting a spark in your relationship and keep things fresh.

4. Trying New and Exciting Things Together

New experiences can be an excellent way to create a sense of novelty and excitement in your relationship. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or going on a new adventure, attempting something new together can create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

5. Being Conscious of Words During Conflicts

We all know how easy it is to say things we don’t mean during a fight.

Words can hurt and stay with us long after a conflict is over. This year, make a conscious effort to choose words carefully and communicate constructively.

Avoid belittling or blaming your partner, and always try to empathize with each other.

6. Focusing on Intimacy and Romance

Finally, intimacy and romance are critical components of a strong relationship. Make sure to take time to express your love and affection consistently.

Whether it’s through physical touch or words of affirmation, taking care of your partner’s emotional needs is crucial to a healthy relationship.


Relationship resolutions are a way to improve and strengthen your relationship. They can help you create a stronger, healthier relationship with your partner, which ultimately leads to more happiness and well-being.

This year, take some time to sit down with your partner and create some resolutions that work for both of you. Here’s to a better, happier year ahead!

Relationship Resolutions to Strengthen Bonds

As we enter a new year, many of us are looking for ways to improve our romantic relationships. Whether you’re on the beginning or well into your partnership, it’s essential to make efforts to strengthen your bond.

Creating relationship resolutions together can help you both stay committed to your partnership and ensure you both maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship. Here are some additional relationship resolutions to consider this coming year.

1. Planning and Prioritizing Time Together

One of the keys to strengthening any relationship is to spend quality time together.

Making a conscious effort to create consistent time for each other is vital. Sit down and plan a date night or an adventure together.

Focus on the things that excite you both, and try to create new shared experiences. Good communication is also an essential component of spending quality time together.

Make sure to use affirmative language, listen actively, and find ways to make compromises that satisfy you both.

2. Taking Equal Responsibility for the Relationship

Relationships are always a two-way street. Both partners need to take equal responsibility for the partnership’s success or failure.

Talk about what each of you wants from your relationship. Create a plan to share duties like housekeeping, finances, and parenting.

A relationship is like a team. A successful team functions when each member takes on responsibility for their set roles.

Similarly, in a healthy partnership, each partner must take on their set responsibilities while working together towards common goals.

3. Being Supportive and Encouraging

Being supportive of your partner can go a long way in strengthening the relationship. When your partner is going through a tough time, offer support and encouragement.

Show your partner that you are there for them, that you believe in them, and that you’re always ready to lend a hand when needed. It is also essential to celebrate each other’s achievements, no matter how big or small.

Offer words of encouragement and be their cheerleader on their journey to success.

4. Keeping Personal Information Private

In any relationship, privacy is important. Honor your partner’s trust by not sharing their personal information with others.

Keep your conversations with your partner confidential, and do not share them with friends or family members who are not involved in the relationship. Maintaining confidentiality is an honorable trait that portrays respect for each other and brings a sense of security to the relationship.

5. Celebrating Similarities

While differences between two individuals are what make them unique, it’s essential to celebrate similarities.

Focus on the things that you both enjoy and have in common. Celebrate those common interests and use them to strengthen your partnership.

Activities like playing your favorite games together, cooking your favorite meals, or watching a good movie you both enjoy are small ways to strengthen your bond.

6. Trying New Things Together

Trying out new things together can create lasting memories that build strong bonds. Engage in new experiences together, such as hiking, cooking, road trips, or learning a new skill.

The excitement of trying out new things together encourages teamwork, exploration, and communication.

7. Spending Quality Time Sharing Positive Things

Make a habit of sharing positive experiences, thoughts, and memories with each other every day. Sharing positivity sets the foundation for a happy and satisfying relationship.

Express gratitude for each other’s support and commitment towards creating a stronger, enduring relationship.

8. Striving for Balance

A balance between personal goals and the relationship is highly important. Pursue goals that fulfill you individually while at the same time taking into account the impact it has on your relationship as a whole, find a balance.

Both partners need to be fair and flexible with each other by supporting each other in achieving personal goals while working together to create shared experiences that reinforce their partnership.

9. Communicating Openly and Truthfully

Open and truthful communication in a relationship is critical. Miscommunication and secrecy can lead to distrust, misunderstandings, and infidelity.

Commit to clear, honest communication by listening carefully, valuing each other’s opinions, addressing concerns, and being accountable for your actions.

10. Being Understanding and Empathetic

It is important to show compassion, empathy, and understanding towards your partner. Few things build cohesion than empathizing and validating each other’s emotions and perspectives.

Active listening, putting yourself in your partner’s shoes, and affording each other the same courtesy, enriches the relationship.

11. Giving Compliments Generously

Compliments make us feel good about ourselves; they are also essential in communicating affection, affirmation, and admiration. Make a point to compliment your partner genuinely and intentionally.

A simple compliment can go a long way in strengthening the bond.

12. Accepting Responsibility and Apologizing

Accountability is critical in any relationship. Owning up to your mistakes and apologizing for them communicates respect and maturity.

It also shows that you are committed to preserving the relationship.

13. Letting Go of Hurt

Holding on to hurt, grudges, and resentment only damages the relationship. Make a conscious choice to forgive and let go of past hurt, and aim to reconcile.

14. Being Adaptable

Life can be unpredictable.

Being adaptable is crucial to navigating the ups and downs that come with any relationship. Be willing to adjust to changes, be flexible, and open to compromise when your partner’s needs change.

15. Being Trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship.

It’s essential to be honest, reliable and maintain confidentiality in conversations and actions.

16. Expressing Gratitude

Show appreciation towards your partner daily. Be grateful for the support, companionship, and love your partner provides.

Celebrate each other’s uniqueness, selflessness, and joy daily.

17. Listening to Understand

Active listening requires effort, attention, and empathy. A goal for this year could be to practice listening with the intention of understanding.

Avoid being defensive, paraphrase your partner’s point to show that you heard them and create space for your partner to share their perspective.

18. Discussing Career Goals and Ambitions

Discussing and planning for your careers and professional goals as a couple can help create a sense of unity and support for each other.

19. Spending Less Time on Phones

Technology is great, but it can also get in the way of relationships. Make it a resolution to spend less time on your phone when you are together with your partner.

Being present in the moment helps foster stronger relationships.

Two Key Tips for Improving Relationships

1. Communicating with Empathy

Effective communication is crucial in any successful relationship.

Communicating with empathy means learning to listen intently to your partner’s emotions, asking purposeful questions, and validating each other’s perspectives. Communicating with empathy is key in navigating challenging conversations that arise in any relationship.

2. Being True to Oneself

Being authentic to who you are in a relationship is crucial.

Allowing yourself to be genuine, transparent, while honoring your personal values and principles, makes you respectable, and in turn, strengthens the relationship. When both you and your partner feel free to be your authentic selves around each other, it creates a foundation of trust and safety in the relationship.


Relationship resolutions are an excellent way to strengthen your bond with your partner to ensure long-lasting love and satisfaction. By making small but vital commitments in your relationship, you can create consistency, trust, transparency, and openness in your partnership.

Remember, a successful relationship requires effort, teamwork, and commitment from both partners. In conclusion, relationship resolutions are essential for strengthening the bond between partners.

Prioritizing time together, being supportive and encouraging of each other, keeping personal information private, and celebrating similarities are a few crucial resolutions suggested in this article. By following these relationship resolutions, partners can improve communication, build trust, and work towards mutual growth and well-being.

The impact of a healthy, thriving relationship is unparalleled in the joy and fulfillment it brings to one’s life. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to create and commit to relationship resolutions that enable partners to grow together and learn from one another.

Whether you’re newly engaged or together for several years, striving towards a stronger and more fulfilling relationship never stops.

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