24 Thought-Provoking What If Questions to Strengthen Your Relationship


What If Questions to Strengthen Your Relationship

Relationships are complex – they require time, effort, and communication to flourish. As we journey through them, we’re bound to encounter tough questions or scenarios that we can’t predict.

But have you ever considered the power of “What If” questions in exploring your relationship? These hypothetical scenarios allow us to understand our partners better, while also delving into our own beliefs and values.

Benefits of Asking “What If” Questions

Asking “What If” questions can lead to profound self-discovery and healthy communication with your partner. By exploring hypothetical scenarios, you can gain insight into your own feelings and how you would react to certain situations.

Moreover, communicating these scenarios to your partner and getting their input can help you understand them better. It’s a win-win situation!

Examples of What-If Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. What if we won the lottery today?

Imagine that you and your partner have won the lottery. What would you do with the newfound wealth?

Would you quit your job or invest in your future? This question can reveal what’s truly important to you and your partner and what you would like to achieve together.

2. What if we could design our dream house?

Dreams can say a lot about a person’s values, goals, and aspirations. Designing your dream house together allows you to visualize your future as a couple and understand each other’s preferences.

What features would you want in your house? Where would it be located?

And what does it say about your respective personalities?

3. What if we could time travel? What era or event would you visit if you had a time machine?

This question allows you to explore your partner’s interests and gain insight into their thoughts on different historical events. Moreover, it can reveal what your dreams might be for a shared future.

Philosophical and Hypothetical Questions

If you’re interested in exploring more profound questions, these hypothetical questions that touch on reality, morality, and existence may pique your interest.

Questions about Reality and Existence

1. What if you discovered that your whole life was a lie, like the Truman Show?

This thought-provoking scenario helps to understand what’s really important to you. Do you value freedom over safety?

Are there things in your life that you wouldn’t want to lose? This line of reasoning might help you uncover your values and beliefs.

2. What if you could go back or forward in time, but not change anything?

Understanding how your partner views the past, present, and future can help you grow and learn from each other. What’s a significant event in history that they’d like to witness?

Would they visit the future or the past?

3. What if you aged in reverse, like Benjamin Button?

This question touches on a profound philosophical question – what is the meaning of life?

Exploring this hypothetical scenario can reveal how much time we may have to achieve our goals. It can also reveal what you hope to achieve in a lifetime.

Moral and Ethical Questions

1. What if there was a cure for cancer, but it only worked for one person?

This question touches on a highly controversial ethical question – who should get access to medical treatment? Does it depend on factors like age, wealth, or status?

What does it say about our society and how we prioritize public health?

2. If you had a voodoo doll that could hurt someone, would you use it?

This question may reveal a lot about how your partner views evil and good.

Is it ever justified to use violence to harm someone? What if that person was a villain?

This question is a great conversation starter to explore the ethical codes that guide their lives.


Asking hypothetical or “What If” questions may seem trivial, but it can open up doors of communication that can help you understand your partner and yourself better. By exploring these different scenarios together, you can discover what really matters to you in your relationship and explore deep questions that touch on morality, ethics, and existentialism.

So, what if you asked your partner a question today? It could lead to a more profound understanding of your life together.

Imaginative Scenarios and Role-Playing

In addition to exploring “What If” scenarios, role-playing and imaginative scenarios can be another way to have fun and strengthen your bond with your partner. You can transport yourself to different places and times, play out alternative realities, or invent your own worlds.

Here are some examples of imaginative scenarios and role-playing scenarios to try with your partner.

Fantasy Scenarios and Dream Vacations

1. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world, where would we go?

This question can help you create a shared bucket list of places to visit in the future. Would you go to a beautiful beach paradise, a bustling city, or an off-the-beaten-path destination?

It can also reveal what kind of vacation style you prefer as a couple.

2. If we could go anywhere fictional, where would it be?

This scenario can take you to exciting fictional places like Hogwarts, Westeros, or the Upside Down.

What does it say about you and your partner’s personality and interests when you choose a different place? Would you be content with a quiet life in Hobbiton, or do you need some magic and adventure?

Fun Hypothetical Scenarios

1. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

While this question may seem morbid, it can be a fun way to learn about survival skills and how you and your partner work together under pressure. Would you try to fortify your home or stockpile food?

Would you try to escape the city or find a group of survivors?

2. What if we were on the Titanic?

This question can allow you to create your own version of the movie, with yourself and your partner as the lead characters.

Would you survive the sinking, and if so, how? Alternatively, what would you do to change the events of history?

Personal Interests and Values

Asking questions about personal interests and values can help you learn more about yourself and your partner. You can discover each other’s role models, aspirations, and hidden talents.

Questions about Personal Aspirations and Role Models

1. If you could invite any three people to dinner, who would they be?

This question can reveal who your partner admires and which qualities they find inspiring. Would they choose a prominent world leader, a famous artist, or a personal mentor?

It can also give you an idea of the kind of dinner party your partner might enjoy.

2. If you were a billionaire, what would you spend your money on?

Answering this question together can give you insight into each other’s values and priorities.

Would you give to charity, travel extensively, or invest in a business? It can also help you dream up some ideas for your own future.

Questions about Personal Talents and Skills

1. If you could learn any talent or skill, what would it be?

This question can reveal what kind of endeavors you and your partner find exciting and fulfilling. Would you want to learn a musical instrument, take up a new sport, or master a new language?

2. If we could design our dream house, what would your room look like?

As well as exploring each other’s decorative tastes, these questions can expose different needs and desires. Does your partner want a quiet, peaceful escape, or a social, lively space?

What does this tell you about how you might each spend your time at home?


Exploring imaginative scenarios and personal interests can deepen your connection with your partner and help you learn more about each other. Whether you’re teleporting to exotic locations, surviving the zombie apocalypse, or reflecting on your values and aspirations, these questions and scenarios can be a fun and enlightening way to spend an afternoon or evening with your partner.

Relationship Dynamics and Communication

As we grow and change, our relationships with our partners do as well. Exploring relationship dynamics and communication can help create space for growth and strengthen your bond.

Here are some examples of questions to start this type of dialogue.

Questions About Non-Verbal Communication and Alternate Perspectives

1. How do we communicate without words?

Non-verbal communication is a vital part of our interactions with our partners. This question can help you understand what type of non-verbal communication you both notice and perceive.

2. If we switched roles for a day, what would we learn about each other?

Role-reversal scenarios can help us appreciate our partner’s perspective and experience. It’s easy to get stuck in our own way of thinking, and this question can help us expand our view and empathize with our partner.

Questions About Loyalty vs. Doing the Right Thing

1. If a family member or close friend committed a crime, what would you do?

This question is a tough one but can reveal what our boundaries are for loyalty.

Would you report them to the authorities or try to help them cover it up? It is essential to have open communication about difficult questions and to be able to work through your differences.

2. What would you do if you could go back in time, knowing what you know now?

This question can help you explore what defines doing the right thing and what it would take to alter your history. Would you use your knowledge to invest in the stock market or to try and change future events?

Humor and Light-Hearted Topics

While heavy topics may be essential, it is essential also to have fun and connect in light-hearted ways with your partner.

Questions about Personal Hygiene and Bravery

1. Would you go inside a haunted house for a million dollars?

This scenario can reveal how much your partner values bravery and contrast it with their love for money. What would be the deciding factor for them?

2. What if you didn’t shower for a year?

Personal hygiene may not be a light-hearted topic for everyone, but this question is an excellent way to bring some humor to the table while exploring your partner’s values. Would they put up with it for a year, or would they insist on cleanliness?

Questions About Supernatural Powers

1. If you could shape-shift into any animal, which would you choose?

This question is an excellent way to tap into your partner’s interests and personality traits. What does it say about someone who would choose to become a tiger, wolf, or bird?

2. If you could have any supernatural power, which would you choose?

This scenario is a classic one that everyone has likely thought about at one point or another. Would you choose to read people’s minds, teleport, or have superhuman strength?

It’s a fun way to explore your partner’s imagination.


Discussing relationship dynamics and communication can be challenging, but asking these questions can help you learn more about yourself and your partner. At the same time, taking time to ask humor and light-hearted questions allows for fun and play that can be beneficial to your relationship.

Asking some of these questions can lead to meaningful conversations that improve your connection. In conclusion, exploring hypothetical scenarios, personal interests, and relationships dynamics through communication and role-playing can help strengthen your bond with your partner.

By delving deeper into each other’s beliefs, values, and perspectives, you can create a deeper level of understanding and appreciation. These conversations can help bring you closer together and offer new insights into your relationship.

Asking these thought-provoking and light-hearted questions can lead to meaningful conversations that improve your connection to one another. Remember, these questions are not limited to romantic relationships and can be used to get to know friends and family better.

So, go ahead, ask a question, and see where it takes you.

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