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25 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Keep the Romance Alive

Long-Distance Date Ideas for You and Your Partner

Long-distance relationships can be tough. Despite the distance, it’s essential to keep things fresh and interesting in your relationship.

Date nights don’t have to be in-person; they can be just as satisfying and fun virtually. Here are some long-distance date ideas to keep the romance alive.

Comfort Foods and Virtual Dinner Dates

Who doesn’t love comfort food? You and your partner can order your favorite take-out meals, light a few candles, and enjoy a virtual candlelit dinner together.

Make sure you both have the same type of food so that you can share the experience together. To make it extra-special, dress up in your fanciest clothes and make it a fancy virtual date.

Virtual Book Club and Reading to Each Other

If you and your partner love reading, start a virtual book club together. Choose your favorite book or one that you’ve been dying to read and read it together.

Consider reading to each other and having discussions about the book’s plot and characters. Not sure what to read?

Check out book review websites or talk to your local bookstore for recommendations.

Virtual Crafting and Working on Projects Together

A fun way to spend time together and get creative is by taking on a project together. It could be something like knitting, painting, or even building something like a birdhouse or a bookshelf.

Make sure to set expectations and check-in on each other’s progress regularly. Sharing Drinks, Playing Drinking Games, and Two-Person Online Games

Do you and your partner enjoy a drink or two?

Consider playing drinking games together over video chat, or sharing virtual drinks while playing two-person online games together. Make sure to set boundaries and not push too hard on the drinking games.

Learning a New Skill Together and Enrolling in Online Classes

Taking an online class with your partner is a great way to bond and learn a new skill simultaneously. Whether it’s learning a new language, taking cooking classes, or building your home business, enroll in an online class together, share your progress, work together and learn together.

Sending Scavenger Hunts and Care Packages

Sending care packages to your significant other is an excellent way to show you care and to make them feel loved. Consider including small gifts, books, snacks, or anything you think they’ll enjoy.

You can also create scavenger hunts with clues or mysteries to solve. Regular updates create a sense of suspense that can keep the conversation going longer.

Virtual Tarot Card Readings or Psychic Readings

Feeling curious? Why not book a virtual tarot card reading or psychic reading for both of you.

There are several online reading services available that can provide you with insight or spiritual guidance. Book an online reading, share the experience, and compare results after the reading.

Romantic Long-Distance Date Ideas

Dressing Up for a Virtual Dinner Date

Sometimes you want to take things up a notch. Consider dressing up for your virtual dinner date, wearing your fanciest clothes and ordering gourmet take-out.

This can be a fun way to make things feel special, and you’ll have a great excuse to buy yourself a new outfit. Sending Flowers and/or Treats

Surprise your partner by sending flowers or their favorite treats to their doorstep.

This unexpected gesture expresses how much you care from far away. It doesn’t have to be an overly romantic gesture, and it’ll make them feel special, but pleasant.

Regular Deliveries of Favorite Beverage

Do you know what your partner’s favorite beverage is? Consider signing them up for a wine membership or another subscription service that delivers beverages to your partner regularly.

They’ll appreciate the gesture, and the drink will remind them of you. Sharing “Naughty” Pics Securely

It’s not uncommon for couples to share intimate photos with each other.

It’s essential to do so securely and only between each other. Password-protected drives and thumb drives are excellent alternatives for keeping those intimate shots private.

But please, don’t forget – Consent is essential and critical in such scenarios.

Sharing Sunset or Night Skies

Sharing the sunset or night sky is a romantic way to experience nature together. Consider setting up your phone next to the window and share the views with each other, listen to the sounds of nature and the silence between each other.

Sharing Diaries and Only Opening on Date Nights

Sharing secrets with each other develops trust and strengthens relationships. Consider sharing your secrets, thoughts, and feelings via a private online diary or snail mail.

You can take turns sharing diaries or promise only to open on date nights, keeping the romance alive.

Mixtapes and Sharing Playlists

Create a playlist or a mixtape for your significant other. Share the playlist or mixtape with them via YouTube or another private channel.

It’s a thoughtful gesture, and they’ll appreciate the time you put into creating it for them.

Creating YouTube Videos for Each Other

Creating YouTube videos for each other might sound a bit more daunting than others on this list. But making a video for your partner is a beautiful way to express yourself and communicate thoughts and feelings in a way that only you can.

It could be anything, even including fan content, if that’s your common interest.


Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but these long-distance date ideas will keep things exciting and keep the romance alive. Whether you’re cuddling up on the couch with your favorite comfort food, sharing a virtual dinner date, sending gifts and surprise care packages, or taking an online class, there are plenty of ways to make the time and distance apart more bearable.

Keep things fresh, communicate and remember, above all, to have fun!

Cheap Long-Distance Date Ideas for Every Budget

Being in a long-distance relationship shouldn’t hinder you and your partner from having fun dates, even if you’re on a tight budget. With technology being an integral part of our everyday lives, it’s easier than ever to plan inexpensive, long-distance dates over the web.

Here are some cheap long-distance date ideas for every budget that you can do with your partner.

Watching a Movie or Streaming a Show Together

A classic way to bond with your partner is by watching a movie or a TV show together. You both can choose a movie or TV show episode to watch simultaneously.

Share your favorite snacks and text each other during the screening’s exciting moments or the big reveals.

Playing a Game of 20 Questions

Playing 20 questions is a playful way to get to know each other better. Take turns asking each other questions that relate to each other’s personality, likes, dislikes, preferences, and experiences.

It’s an excellent way to break the ice and learn more about your partner.

Building a Pinterest Board Together

Building a Pinterest board is an entertaining way for you and your partner to share ideas and plan future projects together. Whether it’s fashion, DIY projects, recipes, or room decor, it’s a fun way to collaborate with each other.

You can create a board specifically for a particular subject or dream board for your future goals.

Building a Tumblr Blog Together

Creating a Tumblr blog together can be a joint project that allows you and your partner to blog about any shared interests or specific topics. It could be a blog about cats, food, movie reviews, or anything you both enjoy.

You can either create separate blogs and follow each other or write blog posts together on the same blog.

Texting Each Other Daily Gratitude Messages

It’s essential to show gratitude towards each other in a long-distance relationship and acknowledge the little things that make you both happy every day. Consider texting each other daily gratitude messages that convey your appreciation for each other.

It could be something as simple as text messages like “I love your smile” or “I’m grateful for you.”

Starting a Two-Person Book Club

Reading books stimulates conversation and allows both of you to share your personal insights and perspectives about the same book. You and your partner can choose a book together, set a reading deadline, and share your thoughts through video reviews or over text.

You can also create a shared drive to store your thoughts, notes, and reflections on the book.

Scheduling Daily Check-in Dates

A simple yet crucial way to stay connected in a long-distance relationship is by scheduling regular check-in dates. Set aside a time each day to talk, text, or video call each other.

During this time, you can try a new recipe together, share updates, or even have a video date night.

Going on Digital Vacations Together

Virtual tours and vacations are all the rage these days, and they’re an inexpensive way to have fun with your partner. Explore exotic places, attending concerts, and even participating in virtual cooking classes together.

You can also enjoy a virtual drink to toast a location and the memories you’re making together. Sending “Open When” Letters

“Open When” letters are personalized letters that can be pre-written and sent to your partner as a care package.

They open a certain letter when they’re feeling lonely, down, or need a laugh. The letters can include anything you want, from personal photos to a heartfelt message or perhaps even a mixtape playlist.


Having fun with your partner in a long-distance relationship doesn’t have to break the bank. From watching movies online together to exploring different cultures virtually, there are plenty of cheap long-distance date ideas for every budget.

Paying attention to each other’s needs, staying connected, and having fun is key to making your long-distance relationship successful. Remember to try new things and to enjoy the journey together.

In conclusion, the ideas presented in this article are diverse, fun, and affordable. Regardless of the physical distance between you and your partner, you can still enjoy a fulfilling, intimate relationship.

The vital elements that contribute to a healthy long-distance relationship are consistent communication, creativity, and flexibility. Utilizing technology to bring each other closer, sharing experiences, and even planning for the future together will strengthen your bond.

These ideas help spice up your long-distance relationship, foster intimacy, and keep things interesting. Long-distance relationships require a certain level of effort, understanding, and compromise, but they can be just as fulfilling as nonlong-distance relationships.

By incorporating these long-distance date ideas, you can make your relationship a fun, fulfilling, and, most importantly, long-lasting one.

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