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29 Signs Your Marriage Lacks Respect – How to Respond with 4 Strategies

Respect in a marriage is crucial for a healthy and thriving relationship. When a couple lacks respect for one another, it can cause a rift and create problems that may be difficult to resolve.

In this article, we will discuss signs and examples of disrespect in a marriage.

Signs of Disrespect in a Marriage

In a marriage, there are both outward and silent types of discord, but they all indicate the couple is lacking respect for each other. One of the most recognizable signs is frequent arguing and bickering.

Another indication of disrespect is hostility towards each other. Using crude language and derogatory phrases to your partner is another sign of disrespect.

It’s important to remember that words hold power and can be damaging even if it’s in the heat of the moment. Feeling disrespected is also harmful and can lead to resentment and emotional distancing.

In a marriage, there are 29 identifiable signs of disrespect, including prioritizing friends over your spouse, belittling your partner, having no boundaries, keeping secrets and flirting with others.

Examples of Disrespect in a Marriage

Phone Use: We all have become somewhat addicted to our phones. But when it takes precedence over your spouse, it’s a sign of disrespect.

Ignoring your spouse while scrolling through social media or taking phone calls during dinner is hurtful. Importance of Prioritizing Your Spouse: Your spouse is supposed to be your best friend and go-to for life events.

But if youre not prioritizing their accomplishments and being there for them during those moments, it indicates you don’t fully appreciate the relationship. Lack of Partnership: In a relationship, its a team effort.

When one person is being selfish and disregarding the needs of the other, it’s a recipe for disaster. Your spouse needs to know they can rely on you for help and support.

Importance of Respect: One of the most important factors of a healthy marriage is respect. Cultivating a relationship where you can uplift your partner and communicate your feelings in kind ways will create a positive environment where you both feel valued.

Lack of Trust: To create a strong foundation in a marriage, trust is key. It’s essential to be honest with your partner and not withhold the truth.

Trust and honesty are vital to sustaining a healthy partnership. Disregard for the Relationship: When one partner prioritizes their friends and family over their spouse and doesn’t appreciate the effort their spouse puts in, its a sign of disrespect.

Taking time for each other, communicating and listening to each other’s needs are all essential aspects of a happy and respectful marriage.


In conclusion, it’s crucial to understand the importance of respect in a marriage. Disrespectful behavior can damage the relationship, cause hurt and create emotional distance between the couple.

Pay attention to the signs and do your best to address disrespectful behavior. Remember, a marriage should be built on a foundation of mutual love and respect where both partners prioritize and support each other through thick and thin.

Experiencing disrespect in a marriage can lead to feelings of anger, hurt, and frustration. While it may be challenging to navigate through these emotions, it’s important to remember that there are actions you can take in response to disrespectful behaviors.

In this article, we will discuss four strategies on how to respond to disrespect in a marriage.

Standing Up for Yourself

One of the best ways to respond to disrespect in a marriage is to assert yourself and advocate for your needs in a calm and respectful manner. When your spouse is being disrespectful, it’s essential to express how their actions or words make you feel.

Share candidly without attacking or blaming them. For example, if your spouse is belittling you or your accomplishments, you could say, “When you talk down to me when I’m proud of something I’ve achieved, it hurts my feelings.

Can we discuss ways to celebrate each other’s successes?”

Communication is key in any relationship, and it’s necessary to express yourself honestly so your spouse knows how you feel and can adjust their behavior.

Refusing to Play Mind Games

The use of mind games is a form of gaslighting and a sure sign of disrespect. It creates a power struggle where one person intentionally manipulates or confuses the other by lying or denying their reality.

For example, if your spouse accuses you of something you didn’t do or attempts to make you feel crazy for your perceptions, it’s essential to remain grounded in your truth. Refuse to accept false accusations, and instead confront the situation head-on.

Let your partner know how their behavior affects you, and explain that you’re not willing to play mind games.

Stopping Disrespectful Behaviors

Setting boundaries is key in any relationship, and its especially important when experiencing disrespect. If your spouse is engaging in disrespectful behavior, it’s essential to communicate your limits and ask for their cooperation in adhering to them.

For example, if your spouse always interrupts or talks over you, kindly but firmly request for a more respectful tone in communication. Say something like, “I feel like my opinions aren’t valued when you interrupt me.

Can you please allow me to finish my thoughts before responding?”

It may not be possible to eliminate all disrespectful behavior from the relationship, but setting clear boundaries helps to limit offensive actions. Being clear about your boundaries helps to communicate to your partner that there must be mutual respect.

Focus on Personal Growth

In some instances, disrespectful behavior can stem from personal issues. Personal growth and development can improve the overall health of your marriage.

Take steps to cultivate self-esteem, manage negative emotions, and seek help from individual and couples therapy. Therapy is a safe space to process negative emotions and explore ways to improve relationships.

By identifying the source of the disrespect, it’s possible to develop better coping mechanisms and resolve relationship issues.


In conclusion, experiencing disrespect in a marriage is difficult, but there are actions to take to create positive changes. Standing up for yourself, not accepting mind games, setting boundaries, and focusing on personal growth can lead to healthier communication, mutual respect and a thriving relationship.

While change may take time, with honesty, respect and self-reflection, it’s possible to achieve positive results. In conclusion, understanding the signs and examples of disrespect in a marriage is crucial for building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Identifying disrespectful behavior is the first step in taking action to improve communication, set boundaries, and prioritize mutual respect. Through assertiveness, refusing to play mind games, stopping harmful behavior, and focusing on personal growth, couples can begin to rebuild trust and cultivate a loving, respectful, and fulfilling marriage.

With a commitment to respect, communication, and growth, couples can work together to overcome challenges and enjoy a lifetime of happiness, love and mutualesteem.

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