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30 Signs You’re Truly in Love: Infatuation vs the Real Deal

Are you experiencing feelings of infatuation towards someone? Or is it true love?

Sometimes, it can be hard to tell the difference. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In this article, we will discuss what signs indicate being in love, and the signs of being in love. So, let’s get started.

Recognition of Infatuation

Infatuation can be mistaken for love, but it is important to recognize it for what it is. Infatuation often results from strong physical attraction, and an idealized view of the person.

If you find yourself judging the person’s flaws, or experiencing red flags such as them not treating you well, it may be infatuation. It is important to take a step back and evaluate your feelings before moving forward.

Difficulty determining if feelings are genuine love or infatuation

If you’re struggling to determine if your feelings are genuine love or infatuation, you’re not alone. It is normal to feel confused and uncertain about your emotions.

Take some time to think about your feelings towards the person. Do you appreciate everything about them, and want to make them happy?

Or do you simply desire them physically? Answering these questions can help you determine if your feelings are genuine.

30 Signs to Determine if You’re Truly in Love or in a State of Infatuation

Here are 30 signs that can help you differentiate between love and infatuation:

1. You accept everything about the person


You constantly think about the person

3. You enjoy hearing the person talk


You’re curious about the person’s family and friends

5. Time flies when you’re with the person


You go out of your way to make the person happy

7. You feel a sense of attachment and dependence on the person


You’re willing to compromise for the person

9. You support the person’s goals and dreams


You prioritize the person’s happiness

11. You’re willing to put in effort into the relationship


You feel a sense of calmness around the person

13. You appreciate the person’s sense of humor


You find the person’s quirks endearing

15. You’re willing to be vulnerable with the person


You have a deep level of trust with the person

17. You’re willing to listen to the person’s problems


You find joy in spending time with the person

19. You communicate openly and honestly with the person


You feel a sense of comfort around the person

21. You’re willing to forgive the person’s mistakes


You show affection towards the person

23. You have a mutual respect for each other


You share similar values and beliefs

25. You’re willing to work through conflicts together


You feel a sense of excitement when you’re around the person

27. You feel a sense of safety and security with the person


You feel understood by the person

29. You trust the person’s judgment


You feel a deep sense of love for the person

Signs of Being in Love

So, now that we know what signs indicate being in love, let’s dive deeper into the signs of being in love. If you experience the following signs, chances are you are in love with the person:

Appreciation for Everything about the Person

Are you accepting of everything about the person? Even their flaws?

When you’re in love, you appreciate every single thing about the person. From their strengths to their weaknesses, you love every aspect of them.

Desire to Make the Person Happy

Do you go out of your way to make the person happy? Seeing them smile brings you pure joy.

When you’re in love, you prioritize the person’s happiness and are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy.

Incomplete Day in the Absence of the Person

Do you feel incomplete without the person? Does their absence feel like a void?

When you’re in love, you feel a sense of dependence and attachment to the person. It is natural to want them by your side.

Enjoyment of Hearing the Person Talk

Do you love listening to the person talk? Even about the most mundane things?

When you’re in love, you enjoy every aspect of the person, including their words.

Constant Thoughts about the Person

Do you constantly think about the person? Even when you’re apart?

When you’re in love, it’s natural to have constant thoughts about the person. They consume your mind in the best way possible.

Curiosity about the Person’s Family and Friends

Are you curious about the person’s family and friends? Do you want to know everything about them?

When you’re in love, you want to get to know every single aspect of the person, including their loved ones.


In conclusion, being in love is a wonderful feeling. It’s important to recognize the signs of infatuation versus love and be true to your feelings.

Remember, everyone’s love journey is unique. So, don’t compare your love story to others.

If you experience the signs of being in love, hold onto it and cherish it. Love is a beautiful thing.

In conclusion, recognizing the signs of being in love versus infatuation is crucial to understanding and navigating your own emotions. Appreciating everything about a person, prioritizing their happiness, feeling incomplete without them, enjoying listening to them talk, constantly thinking about them, and showing curiosity about their lives are all signs of being in love.

They indicate a deep level of attachment, trust, and mutual respect. By understanding and recognizing these signs, we can move forward in our relationships with clarity and confidence.

Remember, love is a beautiful thing, and it’s important to cherish and appreciate it when we find it.

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