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40 Disturbing and Gross Would You Rather Questions to Test Your Limits

Playing “Would You Rather” Game

Are you looking for a fun, easy game to play with some friends? Well, look no further than the classic game of “Would You Rather.” Heres how you play:

The rules of the game are simple: one person asks a question in the form of “Would you rather (option 1) or (option 2)?” The other players then have to choose which option they would rather do.

Its that easy!

Adding Alternatives to the Game

If you want to spice up the game a bit, there are plenty of sexy and dirty questions you can ask. These questions are sure to turn up the heat and lead to some extra naughty fun and laughs.

Here are a few examples:

– Would you rather have sex in public or in the privacy of your own home? – Would you rather have sex with someone you hate or someone who hates you?

– Would you rather have sex with a stranger or with someone you know? – Would you rather have sex with a celebrity or a friend?

– Would you rather have a threesome with two strangers or two of your friends?

The Best Disturbing and Gross Would You Rather Questions

Now, if you really want to push the limits of your game and your friendships, here are some disturbing and gross would you rather questions that are sure to make everyone squirm:

1. Would you rather watch your parents have sex or join in once?

2. Would you rather smell like poop or have your significant other smell like poop?

3. Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or ketchup?

4. Would you rather lick a homeless man’s toe or chew gum from a table at a fast food restaurant?

5. Would you rather be itchy all over forever or sticky all over forever?

6. Would you rather have loud farts that smell like nothing or silent and horrible farts?

7. Would you rather pull off your thumbnail with a fork or put a toothpick under your big toe and kick a wall?

8. Would you rather puke up slimy slugs or have bricks come out while pooping?

9. Would you rather eat a cockroach from your house or a worm from the ground?

10. Would you rather bite a live fish or a non-venomous snake?

11. Would you rather cry out tiny rocks or sweat pickle juice?

12. Would you rather poop your pants or have maggots come out of your nose while sneezing?

13. Would you rather eat only insects and live normally, or eat normally and have diarrhea for the rest of your life?

14. Would you rather have diarrhea during your wedding ceremony or on your wedding night?

15. Would you rather poop out of your mouth or have someone else poop in your mouth?

16. Would you rather lick someone else’s eye crust or drink urine?

17. Would you rather eat dead rotting flies or have live flies come out while sneezing?

18. Would you rather peel off scabs from a hobo or suck on socks full of feet sweat?

19. Would you rather have a cold sore that never goes away or poop your pants once a week?

20. Would you rather drink vomit or vomit every time someone says your name?


So there you have it: a guide to playing “Would You Rather” with some alternatives and the best disturbing and gross questions to make your game night unforgettable! Remember, it’s all in good fun, so don’t take any answers too seriously, but be sure to laugh and enjoy the game with your friends!

Disturbing and Gross Would You Rather Questions Part 2

As much as we all love a good game of “Would You Rather,” there are certain questions that can make even the most adventurous players squirm. With these new and even more disturbing questions, be prepared to push the limits of your comfort zone and see just how far you can go.

21. Would you rather be inside a porta-potty when it falls over or smell like dog poop in an important interview?

Let’s face it, either option is unpleasant, but being trapped inside a porta-potty when it falls over would be unbearable. The stench and filth would be difficult to live with for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, smelling like dog poop in an important interview would be embarrassing and might ruin your chances of getting the job. Ultimately, it’s a tough decision to make.

22. Would you rather suck on a used tampon or make out with a public toilet seat?

Both options are revolting, but there’s no denying that sucking on a used tampon would be one of the most unpleasant things imaginable. On the other hand, making out with a public toilet seat is just as gross.

Either way, youre in for a disgusting ride. 23.

Would you rather fart uncontrollably on a first date or eat your dates earwax? Let’s be honest, both options are embarrassing.

If you fart uncontrollably on a first date, the embarrassment might ruin the night for both you and your date. Eating your date’s earwax, on the other hand, is disgusting and could potentially make you sick.

Neither option is pleasant, but if you had to choose, which would it be? 24.

Would you rather drink your mom’s period blood or your dads semen? This question borders on the line of intolerable.

Drinking either menstrual blood or semen would be revolting and sickening. Its a gross and revolting question that is just flat out intolerable.

25. Would you rather go down on your grandpa or have your grandma go down on you?

This option is like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea – both options are uncomfortable. Both options are terrible, but who wants to go down on their grandparent?

Just the thought of that is unbearable. 26.

Would you rather eat your own scabs or pee yourself a little every time you stood up? Urinating every time you stand up could be a serious problem, but eating your own scabs is unnatural and uncomfortable.

It’s a weird thing to do and would make others uncomfortable to watch. 27.

Would you rather have sex with the hottest person you know that’s freshly dead or the ugliest and smelliest person but alive? This question is disturbing and may be too much for most people to handle.

Neither of the options is appealing, but at least the ugly and smelly person is alive. This question would be challenging to take lightly and could have serious mental effects on people.

28. Would you rather eat a raw chicken or drink liquefied slugs?

Both options are unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Eating raw chicken could lead to food poisoning, while drinking liquefied slugs would be revolting and nauseating.

29. Would you rather have sandpaper hands and pleasure yourself once a week or no genitals at all?

Both options are unbearable and awkward. If you choose sandpaper hands, it would be uncomfortable and painful, but having no genitals at all would mean a complete loss of your sex life.

30. Would you rather have an elephant stick its trunk up your butt or poop out a string of nails?

Both options would be extremely painful and intolerable. While pooping out a string of nails would be painful and uncomfortable, having an elephant stick its trunk up your butt would be an unimaginable yet painful experience.

31. Would you rather cut your own eyelids off with scissors or pull out your teeth with a wrench?

Both options are excruciatingly painful and intolerable. Cutting your eyelids off with scissors might lead to permanent blindness, while pulling out your teeth with a wrench would lead to intolerable pain and suffering.

32. Would you rather eat animal poop or pop a zit on someone’s butt cheek with your mouth?

Both options are revolting, but popping a zit on someone’s butt cheek with your mouth is particularly disgusting. Eating poop, on the other hand, could cause serious health problems.

33. Would you rather drink somebody else’s armpit sweat or your own toe sweat?

Both options are intolerable, but drinking somebody else’s armpit sweat would be downright disgusting. Toe sweat, while still gross, would be a slightly less unpleasant option.

34. Would you rather drink tobacco chew spit or make out with someone with all rotten teeth?

Both options are revolting and unbearable. Drinking tobacco chew spit could make you sick, while making out with someone with all rotten teeth is just insane.

35. Would you rather have all hair on your body plucked off or all toenails ripped off?

Both options are painful and excruciating, but having all your toenails ripped off would be particularly painful. Having all hair on your body plucked off would also be a painful and uncomfortable experience.

36. Would you rather swim in a pool of bodily pus or run through a field of rotting corpses?

Both options are nauseating, but swimming in a pool of bodily pus takes the cake as the least tolerable. 37.

Would you rather wear someone else’s poop-stained underwear, or use someone else’s toothbrush? Both options are gross and unhygienic, but wearing someone else’s poop-stained underwear is a whole new level of disgusting.

While using someone else’s toothbrush is less intolerable, it’s still a gross and unpleasant option. 38.

Would you rather chew on a mouthful of your own toenails or someone else’s hair? Both options are disgusting and intolerable.

Eating your own toenails is already gross, and chewing on someone else’s hair is revolting. 39.

Would you rather bite off someone else’s ear or your own pinky toe? Both options are painful and excruciating to imagine.

While biting off someone else’s ear is revolting, biting off your own pinky toe would be life-altering.


Would you rather bite off someone else’s armpit hair or lick floors in public showers? Both options are intolerable, but biting off someone else’s armpit hair seems less revolting in comparison to licking floors in public showers.

In conclusion, these extremely disturbing “would you rather” questions test players’ limits and push them out of their comfort zones. While these questions may not be for everyone, it can be a fun and entertaining way to push the boundaries with friends.

Just don’t take them too seriously. In conclusion, these two sets of disturbing and gross “would you rather” questions represent the limits of our imagination and our sense of humor.

While some are intolerable, the questions can help us to understand our own boundaries and those of others. Playing this game with friends can be a fun way to push the limits and test each others limits.

However, it is important to remember that these questions are meant to be taken lightly and are not intended to hurt or harm anyone. So, next time you’re looking to add some excitement and challenge to your game night, try playing “Would You Rather” with your friends, and see who has the toughest stomach!

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