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5 Common Relationship Mistakes: Are You Making Them?

Are you tired of failed romances and feeling like a relationship doormat? Well, you’re not alone.

Let’s explore some common relationship mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Story of a Failed Romance

It all started on Plenty of Fish, where I met SBM tall, dark, and handsome, and in the military. We hit it off and had our first date.

I wore a T-shirt with a little cleavage, and he judged me for it. However, I overlooked it and thought things would get better.

We started dating, and he often criticized me while acting like a perfect gentleman in front of others. One day, he just stopped answering my messages, and I was left confused and hurt.

I later found out he had started a relationship with someone else. Looking back, I wish I had noticed the red flags and not ignored them.

I also regret settling for less than I deserved and not being true to myself. Relationship Mistake 1: Being a Doormat

When we are unhappy in a relationship, it can be easy to become a doormat and lose self-respect.

We hope our partner will change or that our love will be enough to make things work. However, this often leads to us tolerating disrespectful behavior and allowing ourselves to be treated poorly.

It’s essential to set boundaries and communicate our needs and expectations from the beginning. When we value ourselves, we attract partners who do the same.

Failure to Communicate

Silence and ghosting are relationship killers. When we avoid difficult conversations, we let misunderstandings fester, and our partner is left guessing.

This behavior shows disrespect and lack of consideration for the other person’s feelings. Instead, we must learn to communicate effectively and respectfully.

Start by identifying the issue, how it makes you feel, and what you would like to see changed. Then, invite your partner to share their perspective without judgment.

Finally, together, find a solution that works for both of you.


While relationships can be challenging, they don’t have to be toxic or unfulfilling. By avoiding these common mistakes and putting effort into effective communication and boundaries, we can have successful and fulfilling relationships.

Remember, you deserve nothing less than mutual respect and love. Relationships can be a source of joy and happiness, but they can also cause stress and heartache when we make common relationship mistakes.

In this article, we discussed the importance of avoiding common relationship mistakes like being a doormat and failing to communicate. In this expansion, we will focus on two more mistakes – allowing criticism and ignoring sexual incompatibility.

Relationship Mistake 2: Allowing Criticism

When we have low self-worth, it’s easy to accept criticism and allow ourselves to be picked apart for crumbs of affection. We ignore the fact that our partners’ criticism is often a reflection of their own inadequacies and not our own.

It’s vital to remember that we don’t have to justify our actions or choices to anyone. When we allow criticism, we give our partners power over us, and they can use that power to manipulate us.

Another common mistake is failing to see red flags in people’s behavior. We often tend to overlook or downplay concerning behaviors that occur in the first three months of a relationship.

This failure to pay attention can cost us, and it’s important to judge people based on how they behave, not what they say. If they do not take your feelings seriously or put effort into the relationship, it’s likely they don’t give a shit.

Relationship Mistake 3: Ignoring Sexual Incompatibility

Sexual incompatibility is a common issue in relationships, but it’s one that many people ignore. They are mismatched, and this can lead to sex being excruciating or frustrating.

Ignoring the issue can lead to a reduction in sexual frequency and a lack of intimacy, which can harm the relationship. It’s important to discuss sexual preferences and listen to your partner’s needs.

If you identify any issues, it’s essential to address them together. Avoidance and excuses are not a solution.

You must make an effort to work on it, or it will damage the intimacy and affection in your relationship. In


In any relationship, there are bound to be challenges.

However, if we can recognize common mistakes and work to avoid them, our relationships will be much more fulfilling. We must hold ourselves accountable and set boundaries, communicate effectively, and be honest with ourselves and our partners.

Remember, a healthy relationship is one where each partner listens and is willing to compromise, and both individuals feel valued and respected. Relationships can be challenging, and we all make mistakes.

In the first part of this article, we discussed two common mistakes: allowing criticism and ignoring sexual incompatibility. In this expansion, we will focus on two more relationship mistakes: delaying the retrieval of belongings and ignoring warning signs.

Relationship Mistake 4: Delaying Retrieval of Belongings

When a relationship ends, it can be challenging to let go of the belongings we shared with our ex. We may hold onto them as a symbol of hope, or we may be superstitious and think they possess some form of attachment.

However, holding onto these items can prevent us from letting go of the past and moving on. We mustn’t forget that the relationship is over, and we must accept closure.

We need to ask ourselves what we are holding onto and why. It’s essential to sort out shared items and return them, keeping only what has significant value or importance.

Relationship Mistake 5: Ignoring Warning Signs

It’s common for people to overlook warning signs in a relationship when they are initially attracted to someone. They may dismiss shallow behavior as a preference for looks rather than being crass or disrespectful.

However, these behaviors should be viewed as a red flag, and we must pay attention to our intuition. It’s essential to distinguish attention to detail versus shallowness.

While appearance does play a role in attracting us to someone, it’s important to pay attention to how they treat others and the finer details. A person’s values and how they treat others are a better indication of their character than their physical appearance.

If we ignore these warning signs, we may find ourselves in an inappropriate or disrespectful relationship. It’s essential to trust our intuition and pay attention to the red flags that come up, no matter how much we may be attracted to the other person.



In any relationship, there will be ups and downs, but we must be aware of common mistakes and avoid them. By not allowing criticism, communicating effectively, being honest with ourselves, and paying attention to warning signs, we can create happy and fulfilling relationships.

Remember, recognizing these mistakes and working to improve ourselves is the key to success in relationships. In conclusion, a successful relationship requires effort, trust, communication, and a willingness to work together.

By avoiding common relationship mistakes like allowing criticism, ignoring sexual incompatibility, delaying the retrieval of belongings, and ignoring warning signs, we can create healthy and fulfilling relationships. It is essential to communicate our needs and expectations clearly, set boundaries, listen to our intuition, and be honest with ourselves and our partners.

Recognizing these common mistakes and working to improve ourselves is the key to developing strong and everlasting relationships. The most important thing to remember is that we all make mistakes, but it’s how we learn from them that will make all the difference in the end.

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