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5 Fun Ways to Make Her Laugh: From Tinder to In-Person Dates!

How to Make Your Date Laugh (Without Embarrassing Yourself)

Hey, you! Are you gearing up for a big date? Well, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss some common turn-offs to avoid and some ways to make your date laugh using Snapchat. First things first, let’s talk about what not to do on a date.

These are some common turn-offs that might ruin your chances of a second date:

1. Being Rude to Staff: How you treat others says a lot about you.

If you’re rude to the waitstaff, for instance, your date might think you’re entitled or a jerk. 2.

Failing to Listen: If you’re constantly interrupting or talking over your date, they might feel like you’re not interested in what they have to say. 3.

Poor Hygiene: This one should go without saying, but please take a shower, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes. 4.

Being Late: Show up on time, if not a little early. Being late without a good reason can make you seem unreliable or disrespectful of your date’s time.

5. Expecting Too Much: It’s unfair to put all the pressure on your date to impress you.

Keep your expectations reasonable and don’t go in with a laundry list of demands. 6.

Bodily Functions: Don’t talk about your gas or bowel movements on a first date. Trust us, it’s not endearing.

7. Mixed Signals: Be clear and honest about your intentions.

Sending mixed signals can lead to confusion and hurt feelings, which is no good for anyone. 8.

Paying: It’s 2021, and we believe in splitting the bill. Unless one of you insists on paying, it’s best to go Dutch.

9. Talking About Sex: It’s too soon to broach the topic of sex on a first date.

Keep it light and fun, save the heavy stuff for later. 10.

Being a Know-It-All: Don’t try to one-up your date or show off how knowledgeable you are about every topic under the sun. It’s okay not to know everything.

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, let’s discuss some ways to make your date laugh. Enter Snapchat.

This app has become a go-to for sending funny, light-hearted messages to friends and family. But did you know you can also use it to woo your date?

Here are some ideas:

1. Culinary Skills: If you’re cooking dinner together, snap a picture of your ingredients and caption it with a funny pun or joke.

For instance, if you’re making pasta, you could say, “Let’s get saucy!”

2. Toolkit: Use Snapchat’s tools to add text, emoji, and stickers to your snaps.

Get creative and make something funny that shows off your personality. 3.

Sing a Song: Belt out your favorite tune (even if you’re not a great singer) and snap it to your date. Bonus points if you use a silly filter to make yourself look like a caricature.

4. Face Swap: This tool is always good for a laugh.

Swap faces with your date or a celebrity and see what you come up with. 5.

Inspiring Photo: Are you out enjoying a beautiful day? Snap a photo of the view and caption it with an inspiring quote or silly joke.

6. Lenses: Snapchat’s lenses are silly and fun, perfect for lightening the mood.

Use one of the animal filters or try out one of the silly hats. When using Snapchat, it’s important to choose the right filter.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Keep it Classy: Avoid filters that could be seen as inappropriate or offensive.

2. Stay on Brand: Use filters that reflect your personality and interests.

If you’re a dog lover, for example, use one of the dog filters. 3.

Don’t Overdo It: Too many filters can be overwhelming and detract from your message. Stick to one or two at most.

There you have it, folks. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a successful date.

Remember to stay true to yourself, be respectful of your date, and have fun. Good luck out there!

3) Funny Tinder Lines

Are you tired of the same old boring pick-up lines on Tinder? Well, fear not! We’ve compiled some hilarious pick-up lines that are sure to make your potential match swipe right.

So, put on your gloves and get ready to laugh with these funny Tinder lines:

1. “Do you believe in love at first swipe, or do I need to unmatch and swipe right again?”


“Are you from America? ‘Cause I can see you in my future, baby.”


“Are those scars from falling for someone you shouldn’t have? Because I’m willing to catch you.”


“I don’t normally like grilled cheese, but I’d love to melt with you.”

5. “If I were a watermelon, would you spit or swallow my seeds?”


“I love your bangs. They look like they’re perfectly placed there to distract from your boobs.”


“I’m a dictionary, and you are the definition of beauty.”

8. “Are you sick of all the boring guys on here?

Me too. Let’s get drunk and see where it takes us.”


“Excuse me, do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?”


“Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.”

Keep in mind that funny pick-up lines are great, but be careful not to cross the line into being disrespectful or inappropriate.

Always respect your match’s boundaries, and remember that consent is key. It’s also worth noting that while Tinder is often associated with hookups, it can also be a platform for finding meaningful relationships.

So, if you’re looking for more than just a casual fling, make sure you communicate that to your match and respect their intentions as well.

4) Making a Girl Laugh in Person

So, you’ve managed to get a date, and now you’re wondering how to make her laugh. While some people are natural comedians, others may struggle with finding the right balance between humor and being genuine.

Here are some tips for making a girl laugh in person:

1. Be Goofy: Don’t be afraid to let your silly side show.

Sometimes the best way to make someone laugh is to be a little bit ridiculous. 2.

Smile: A genuine smile can go a long way in making someone feel comfortable and happy. So, try to relax, and let your smile do the talking.

3. Be Yourself: There’s nothing more attractive than someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to impress your date. 4.

Don’t Try Too Hard: While it’s great to want to make your date laugh, don’t force it. You don’t want to come off as trying too hard or desperate.

5. Joke at Your Own Expense: Self-deprecating humor can be a great way to break the ice and make your date feel more comfortable.

6. Share a Funny Personal Story: Depending on the situation, sharing a funny personal story can be a great way to connect with your date and make them laugh.

7. Tease: Teasing can be a fun way to flirt and create playful banter.

Just make sure not to cross the line into being hurtful or disrespectful. Remember, making someone laugh isn’t just about telling jokes.

It’s about creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment that allows for natural humor to arise. So, take a deep breath, be yourself, and let the laughter flow.

5) Conclusion

Making someone laugh is a great way to connect with them, lighten the mood, and break the ice. It’s especially important when trying to impress a potential romantic partner.

A sense of humor can be a huge turn-on and can make someone more attractive in the eyes of their date.

We’ve covered various ways to make a girl laugh, whether it’s through Tinder with funny pick-up lines or in-person by being yourself, teasing, and sharing funny stories.

Here’s a summary of the ways to make a girl laugh in different scenarios:

– On a Date: Avoid common turn-offs like being rude to staff or talking about bodily functions. Instead, take advantage of Snapchat with filters, funny captions, and creative ideas that reflect your personality.

– On Tinder: Use unique pick-up lines that are funny, but still respectful and appropriate. Avoid generic or overly sexual lines that could turn your match off.

– In Person: Be yourself, smile, and show your goofy side. Tease respectfully and have a funny personal story ready to share.

Remember, humor is subjective, and what works for some might not work for others. It’s important to read your audience, listen to their reactions, and adjust accordingly.

It’s also essential to respect your date’s boundaries and avoid crossing the line into being offensive or inappropriate. In conclusion, making a girl laugh is a great way to create a strong connection and make a lasting impression.

By following the tips and ideas discussed in this article, you’re well on your way to making your potential partner laugh and, hopefully, winning them over in the process. In conclusion, this article has highlighted various ways to make a girl laugh in different scenarios, from Tinder to in-person dates.

We’ve discussed the importance of humor in forming a connection with a potential romantic partner and how it can make someone more attractive in the eyes of their date. Whether it’s through Snapchat filters, funny pick-up lines, or teasing in person, making someone laugh is a great way to create a strong bond and lasting memories.

By taking the time to read your date’s body language, listen to their reactions, and respect their boundaries, you’ll be well on your way to impressing a potential partner with your humor and wit, and possibly even finding a meaningful relationship.

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