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5 Must-Watch Indian Web Series for Couples and Solo Binges

Are you and your significant other looking for a new web series to binge-watch together? Look no further, as weve compiled a list of the best Indian web series that are perfect for couples.

These shows cover a range of themes, from long-distance relationships to love in the corporate world.

1) Permanent Roommates For the couples in long-distance relationships or considering marriage

If you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship, Permanent Roommates will hit close to home. The show follows Tanya and Mikesh, a couple who has been in a long-distance relationship for three years.

However, when Mikesh proposes, Tanya decides to fly back to India to confront her own commitment issues. The show is intelligent in depicting the intricacies of a long-distance relationship, along with family pressures from both sides.

In the second season, we see Tanya and Mikesh navigating the challenges of a new marriage and unexpected pregnancy.

2) Love Bytes For the couples who want to reminisce about living together

Love Bytes gives us a realistic portrayal of a live-in relationship and the ups and downs that come with it. The show follows the story of Ananya and Abhishek, who decide to live together before getting married.

While the show does focus on the couples eventual breakup, it also shows the beauty of small gestures in relationships, such as cooking for each other and helping each other achieve their goals. The plot is also relevant today, as it depicts young couples who want to take things slow and test the waters before committing.

3) Little Things For the couples who appreciate the little gestures

Little Things is a lighthearted show that revolves around the lives of Dhruv and Kavya, who are in a live-in relationship. What makes this show unique is its focus on the little things that make a relationship work, such as cooking together, taking walks, and sharing playlists.

The shows realistic depiction of a modern relationship is enjoyable to watch, especially when you see how the couple handles conflicts that arise between them.

4) Bang Baaja Baarat For the couples who had to get parents approval

Bang Baaja Baarat is a witty comedy that explores the cultural differences between two families who come together for a wedding. The show follows the story of Pawan and Shahana, who both hail from different backgrounds.

When their parents meet each other, hijinks ensue as they try to reconcile their differences. At the heart of the show is a genuine love story that highlights how couples need their families’ approval to make their relationship work.

5) What The Folks For the couples who struggle with in-laws

What The Folks is a fantastic web series that explores the dynamics of an Indian family and how a son-in-law fits into that mold. The show is a refreshing take on the arranged marriage trope, as Nikhil, the protagonist, is seen trying to please his in-laws while also maintaining his own identity.

The show is a must-watch for couples who find themselves struggling with their in-laws. Now, if youre looking for some individual shows to watch, weve got you covered too!

1) Four More Shots Please For the women who want to celebrate their friendships

Four More Shots Please is a show that focuses on the lives of four young women who are trying to navigate their careers and relationships while dealing with their flaws and failures. The show is a refreshing take on female friendships that are realistic and raw.

Each character has a unique arc that explores the nuances of modern-day relationships.

2) Tripling For the families looking for a road trip

Tripling is a show about three siblings who embark on an impromptu road trip to find themselves and each other. The show has a heartwarming storyline, taking us on a fun-filled journey that hits close to home.

The show will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate your own family.

3) Official Chukyagiri For the professionals struggling in the corporate world

Official Chukyagiri is a show that depicts the struggles of working in the corporate world, with its focus on the sacrifices that people make in order to climb the corporate ladder. The show encourages us to ask the question: is it worth risking personal relationships for professional gain?

4) Lust Stories A mix of four short films that explores taboos

Lust Stories is a compilation of four short films that explore different aspects of modern-day relationships and sexuality. The films are incredibly raw, shedding light on the taboos that still exist when it comes to discussing sex and intimacy.

Each film has its own distinct voice, making it a must-watch for those who want to see how modern-day relationships are depicted in contemporary cinema.

5) Girl In The City For the small-town girl chasing her dreams

Girl In The City is a show that follows the life of a small-town girl, Meera, who moves to Mumbai to pursue her dreams. The show is a light-hearted take on the journey of a young girl as she navigates the big city.

The show is relatable, as it depicts the highs and lows of chasing one’s dreams. There you have it, folks – our list of the best Indian web series for couples and individuals alike.

From long-distance relationships to chasing your dreams in Mumbai, these shows cover it all. So, grab your partner, your best friend, or even your mother, and dive into the world of Indian web series.

You won’t regret it. In conclusion, Indian web series are a fantastic way to bring people together and explore different themes that resonate with us all.

Whether we are in a committed relationship, navigating our careers, or pursuing our dreams in the big city, these shows offer a glimpse into the lives of people who are facing similar challenges. From Permanent Roommates to Girl In The City, and Four More Shots Please to Official Chukyagiri, each show has its own distinct voice, offering something unique and valuable to viewers.

So, take the time to explore, experience, and embrace the magic of these shows. You never know what you might learn, or how they might inspire you.

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