5 Surprising Ways to Build Intimacy Virtually While Social Distancing


Dating during social distancing

Hey there! We know that dating can be challenging, especially when we’re all encouraged to stay home. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips on how to make the most out of dating, even in the midst of social distancing.

Taking a break from dating

First things first, it’s okay to take a break from dating. Don’t pressure yourself into constantly searching for a significant other.

This is the perfect time to focus on yourself and reassess what you’re looking for in a relationship. Take advantage of this alone time and treat yourself to things you enjoy doing.

It’s important to be content with yourself before diving into a relationship.

Being open-minded and intentional

Now that you’ve had some time to yourself, it’s time to start thinking about dating again. Don’t limit yourself to traditional means of finding a significant other.

Virtual company should be valued just as much as in-person company, so utilize video chat to connect with potential partners. Be intentional with your search, and don’t underestimate the power of virtual communication.

A benefit of virtual dates is learning more about your partner before actually meeting them, so try to establish a strong connection through conversation.

Creative ways to date virtually

While traditional dates may seem impossible, there are many creative ways to keep the dating game alive. Video chat can be much more than just talking.

You can play games like trivia, Pictionary, or a virtual escape room to make the date more interactive. Surprise your partner with a care package in the mail, filled with their favorite snacks or a DIY craft that you can both do together virtually.

Not only will these activities contribute to the date, but they will also create bonding experiences unique to you and your partner.

Avoiding Coronavirus Talk

It’s no secret that coronavirus is constantly infiltrating conversations. While it’s important to stay informed and aware, it’s just as important to take a break from the constant updates.

Let’s shift our focus to positive aspects of dating, like anticipation and joy.

Focusing on positive aspects of dating

We often associate dating with stress and anxiety, but it’s time to shift our mindset. Dating should be exciting, filled with hope and the possibility of a long-lasting relationship.

Think about the joy of discovering new things about someone, or the nervousness of planning the perfect date. These are all positive aspects of dating that we often overlook.

Using memes to add humor

Humor is always a great way to lighten the mood and put a smile on someone’s face. Memes are a great way to incorporate some humor into conversations, while also relating to current events.

Share your favorite memes with your partner and see what they come up with. This will create a playful atmosphere and cement a deeper understanding of each other’s sense of humor.

Sharing favorite TV shows and movies

Another great way to bond with your partner is by binge-watching your favorite TV shows and movies together. This will create a sense of togetherness and can lead to interesting conversations about your shared interests.

Sync your watches and press play at the same time to create a virtual movie date. In conclusion, while dating during social distancing may seem like a challenge, it’s important to remember that it’s still possible to foster meaningful connections.

By taking a break from dating, being intentional with virtual communication, and finding creative ways to date virtually, you can discover new aspects of yourself and your partner. Incorporating humor and focusing on positive aspects of dating will make your dating experience a joyful and fulfilling one.

So go ahead, put yourself out there and enjoy the dating game!

3. Plan a Virtual Date

With social distancing measures in place, typical dates like dinner and a movie, or a walk in the park, may not be possible.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun and meaningful date with your partner virtually. Here are some ideas to make your virtual date feel special and exciting.

Arranging a video chat date

Putting in effort is key to planning a successful virtual date. Just because you can’t meet in person, it doesn’t mean you should skip on showering or getting dressed up.

Take the time to prepare your space and put some thought into the activities you want to do together. The excitement of the date should still feel the same, regardless of the location.

Make an effort to match your partner’s enthusiasm and energy for the date to show that you value them.

Teaching each other something new

Learning a new skill together can be a fun and engaging activity to do on a virtual date. Take turns teaching each other something you’re passionate about, whether it’s playing an instrument, cooking a new recipe, or even repairing a household item.

This activity requires patience and a sense of humor which can only serve to strengthen your relationship. Teaching and learning from each other will create a virtual bond that you can continue to build on throughout your relationship.

Trying something new together

Just because you’re separated by computer screens doesn’t mean you can’t experience new things together. There are plenty of activities that you can do from the comfort of your own home, like crafting, yoga, or even taking an online class.

This will encourage experiencing new things together and create new memories that you’ll treasure. Putting in the effort to have fun together on a virtual date can demonstrate a willingness to make the best of the situation and a desire to make future plans.

4. Building a Connection Virtually

Building a connection with someone virtually can feel challenging, but it is possible to establish meaningful relationships this way.

Here are some ideas to deepen your connection while dating virtually.

Sending a care package

Sending a care package to your partner can be a meaningful way to show you care and build intimacy in a long-distance relationship. Fill the package with little things that are special to your relationship, like their favorite snacks or a loving note with a hint of sexy to remind them of the intimacy you can create between the distance.

This type of gesture exhibits generosity and the desire to show your partner that you are thinking of them, even when you can’t be together physically.

Playing games virtually

Interactive games can be a fun and engaging way to break the ice and deepen your connection on a virtual date. Games like guess the movie, two truths and a lie, and trivia can be intriguing and reveal new aspects of each other’s personality and interests.

This also creates a sense of healthy competition between partners that can deepen connection and enhance future conversations. Introducing pets, roommates, and family members

Including pets, roommates, and family members in a virtual date can introduce normalcy to your relationship, as well as add an additional layer of connection.

Engaging with partners’ pets or interpersonal relationships can reveal compatibility in the bigger picture. This conversational topic adds a sense of intimacy and the possibility of future plans that exist beyond the virtual realm.

In conclusion, while dating virtually may feel different from in-person dating, it is still possible to build a meaningful connection this way. Whether you’re arranging a video chat date, teaching each other something new, or trying something new together, it’s crucial to put in the effort to make the date exciting and special.

To further build connection, send a care package, play interactive games, or introduce family members, roommates and pets onto the virtual platform. These steps represent building intimacy and compatibility while establishing deeper bonds through the computer screen.

5. Phone Sex

Physical touch plays a significant role in intimacy, and in-person dates are often the preferred method for building sexual tension with a partner.

But with social distancing, physical intimacy has become challenging, with some people finding this area difficult to navigate. If you’re craving some intimacy, phone sex is an option to explore.

Here’s what you need to know about phone sex.

Considering phone sex as an option

Before jumping into phone sex, consider your comfort level with the situation. It’s essential to be in a safe and private space where you feel comfortable.

If you’re worried that someone might be able to walk in on you or hear you, phone sex may not be the right option for you. Phone sex requires that both individuals feel comfortable with the situation because vulnerability is required for intimacy.

Ensure you are communicating your comfort levels with your partner, and they respect it. It’s essential to stay respectful and always obtain consent.

Waiting for more excitement

Anticipation is an essential component of sexual tension, so putting off phone sex can add to the excitement of future dates. Don’t feel pressured to engage in phone sex, or any other kind of sexual activity, if it isn’t something that you feel comfortable with.

Like any sexual activity, there should never be an expectation outside of a respectful conversation between partners, where both parties feel comfortable and enthusiastic about the situation. Consider building excitement towards the act over time by using heightened language and celebration of the sexual journey you both are embarking on.

This will foster natural curiosity and may encourage the desire to embark on the phone sex journey at a later time. In Conclusion, phone sex can be a way to keep the flame of intimacy flickering, even when traditional methods of expression are not possible.

It’s important to remain comfortable and have an open-minded discussion with your partner about what you do and do not want to try. Be respectful and establish clear consent and boundaries, and aim to have fun.

If phone sex is not something that you feel comfortable with, focus on building excitement towards the possibilities of future intimacy – whether virtually or eventually in person. Intimacy is built in a multitude of ways and finding what works best for you and your partner is half the fun.

In conclusion, dating during social distancing and building connections virtually are both still possible and rewarding. Whether you’re taking a break from dating, being intentional with virtual connection, or trying new things together, it’s important to put effort and thought into creating meaningful experiences with your partner.

Building intimacy through virtual means such as phone sex should only be approached if you are comfortable with the potential vulnerability and with the partner you’re with. By being open-minded and communicative, you can create a strong bond that will withstand the distance and last beyond quarantine.

The key is to find activities that are exciting and engaging and to maintain optimism about the future. With these tips in mind, you’re ready to make the most out of dating during these unprecedented times.

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