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5 Ways to Survive a Sexless Marriage as a Man

Sex is an essential part of any intimate relationship. It fosters emotional and physical bonding, creates open communication and nurtures the deep bond couples share.

However, did you know that many marriages today are sexless? A sexless marriage is one in which there is little to no sexual activity between partners.

It is a common problem that many couples experience, and it can lead to a plethora of issues ranging from communication breakdown to infidelity. In this article, we will discuss sexless marriages, its prevalence and the consequences it has on communication, stability and happiness.

Sexless Marriage: Common Problem

Sexless marriages are more common than you might think. In fact, according to research, approximately 20% of marriages are sexless.

This means that one spouse or both have no desire or interest in sexual activity. The reasons behind sexless marriages are varied, ranging from health issues to stress and communication breakdown.

Physical problems like erectile dysfunction or loss of interest in sex due to medication or ageing are common culprits. Psychologically, partners may experience low libido and no desire for sexual activity due to stress, anxiety or past trauma.

In sexless marriages, communication breakdown is a significant issue. This is because couples tend to avoid discussing their lack of sexual intimacy and rather choose to sweep it under the rug.

They might also try to avoid any discussion of the issue because they fear it might lead to conflict or further distance between them. Consequences of Sexless Marriages on Communication, Stability and Happiness

When it comes to communication, sexless marriages suffer greatly.

Partners tend to grow distant from each other, becoming less connected, less affectionate and less sweet to one another. The lack of physical intimacy can lead to emotional withdrawal, which can significantly damage communication between partners.

After all, Its hard to have a deep conversation when youre not feeling close or intimate. Another consequence of sexless marriages is stability.

A lack of sex can lead to partners feeling lonely, neglected and unimportant. This can cause cracks in the marriage, which could lead to devastating outcomes.

Infidelity is also a very real possibility when a partner is unhappy in their marriage, affecting the stability of the relationship and the overall quality of life. Finally, sexless marriages can cause emotional distress leading to unhappiness.

Partners might experience anxiety, doubt or insecurities over the lack of sexual intimacy. They might also start to question their own attractiveness or worth, causing them to become more self-conscious.

These feelings of inadequacy and distance can lead to severe emotional stress, which affects both mental and physical health. Sexless Marriage: Advice for Men

So, what should you do if you find yourself in a sexless marriage?

Here are a few tips that can help you navigate this challenging terrain. 1.

Open Communication: The first step is to speak with your partner about sexual intimacy. Encourage her to open up about her feelings, desires and any issues that might be causing problems.

2. Healthy Space: Encourage a healthy level of independence between partners.

By supporting each others interests, hobbies and friends, partners can create a healthy balance in their relationship. 3.

Seek Help: If the issue persists despite efforts to communicate and create space, its time to seek professional help. Sex therapists can help you understand the underlying issues, guide you through any underlying medical concerns and help you rekindle that lost spark.


Sexless marriages are a serious issue that affects many couples today. They can lead to communication breakdown, instability and emotional distress.

If you find yourself struggling with this issue in your marriage, remember that help is out there. By engaging in open communication, creating a healthy space between partners and seeking professional help if needed, couples can overcome these challenges and rekindle that lost spark.

3) Reasons for Sexless Marriage

Sex is a fundamental aspect of any romantic relationship. However, unfortunately, some marriages have little to no sexual activity, and numerous factors can contribute to this lack of intimacy.

In this section, we will discuss the most common reasons for sexless marriages.

Conflict and Resentment

One of the primary reasons for a sexless marriage is conflict and resentment. Arguments, abuse and a breakdown of trust between partners can take a significant emotional toll, leading to a breakdown in intimacy.

When partners hold onto negative emotions, it becomes challenging for them to connect and enjoy sexual activity.

Low Sex Drives

Low sex drives can also cause sexless marriages. Physical health and mental health play a significant role in this.

Therefore, it is vital that couples work together to address any medical conditions that may be affecting one of them. This could be anything from thyroid issues to depression and anxiety.

It is important that individuals take care of themselves, both mentally and physically, including seeking the necessary medical attention to help alleviate any underlying health problems.


In some situations, couples become too complacent in their relationship over time. When this happens, sex might take a backseat to work, kids, and other commitments.

Couples might also detour from activities that once brought them together like date nights, miss each others calls, and cozy cuddling moments. In these scenarios, partners may take each other for granted, making it challenging to recover lost intimacy.

Lack of Love or Attraction

Lack of love or attraction is another reason for sexless marriages. When partners disconnect emotionally, it can lead to emotional detachment, and the possibility that sex will be less important or even absent in the relationship.

In such cases, the lack of affection can make sexual activity feel forced and unpleasant for both parties. 4) Can Men Live in a Sexless Marriage?

From a man’s perspective, living in a sexless marriage can be challenging. It can lead to feelings of inadequacy or a loss of confidence.

For men, sexual satisfaction is a crucial aspect, and the absence of it can lead to emotional distress. However, this does not mean that men cannot continue to thrive in a sexless marriage.

That said, men must understand that sex is only a portion of a healthy, intimate relationship. While sex is crucial, it is the emotional connection with one’s spouse that leads to a lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Ego and pride, in many circumstances, can be a significant motivation for men when it comes to sexual satisfaction, but celebrating shared emotional affection with a partner can sustain joy in marriage over time. It is also vital to acknowledge the importance of sexual satisfaction in a marriage.

When sex becomes non-existent in a marriage, it can lead to serious consequences like feeling depressed and experiencing low self-esteem. Partners might also be tempted to cheat on their significant other, leading to infidelity and the possible end of the marriage.

Myths surrounding sexless marriages also need to be addressed. Some individuals believe that sex is less important for couples as they grow older.

However, despite age, couples must continue to nurture their sexual connection to maintain a healthy and fulfilling relationship. In conclusion, living in a sexless marriage can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not possible.

It’s important to understand the common reasons for sexless marriages and work through issues with communication and emotional connection. Even though sexual satisfaction is a crucial aspect of marriage, partners should also prioritize the emotional bond they share, as it is ultimately what leads to a fulfilling and lasting relationship.

5) How to Survive a Sexless Marriage as a Man

Living in a sexless marriage is not easy for anyone. It’s essential to address the issue head-on and communicate effectively to find a lasting solution.

Here are some tips that can help men survive a sexless marriage.

Importance of Addressing the Issue and Working Together

The first step towards overcoming a sexless marriage is addressing the issue and working together. Communication is key here.

Try to talk to your partner about your feelings and how the lack of intimacy affects you. Being honest could also help your partner understand how you are feeling and create a common ground for finding a solution.

Debunking Myths About Marital Sex

Marital sex is often surrounded by myths and misinformation. These create unrealistic expectations about sexual activity in a long-term relationship.

It is crucial to dispel these myths to understand the reality of maintaining a healthy sex life. For example, sexual activity can ebb and flow throughout a marriage, and some couples may have a non-sexual relationship that works fine for them.

Getting to the Root Cause of the Problem

The next step is to learn the root cause of the lack of sexual activity in the marriage, which can be a tricky task. This process is done with empathy in mind.

Issues such as stress, health problems, trauma, and emotional disconnection from your partner could contribute to the lack of sexual intimacy. Be patient and ask your partner to communicate candidly with you.

Strive to show your partner support, love, and care throughout this process.

Making a Rational Decision on the Next Steps

Once you have identified the cause of the problem, it is important to make a rational decision about the next steps. This could range from seeking professional help to therapy sessions that incorporate sex education.

Avoid jumping to conclusions like an affair or divorce as these are drastic measures that could have long-lasting consequences for yourself, your partner, and your family.

Avoiding Infidelity and Focusing on Saving the Marriage

It is vital to avoid seeking sexual intimacy elsewhere when you are in a sexless marriage. Infidelity is not a solution; instead, it creates more problems in the long run.

Instead, focus on saving your marriage by supporting and nurturing a stronger emotional connection with your partner. You might also look for other ways to build a strong relationship outside of sex, such as building a shared hobby, experiencing new things, and often undertaking small gestures of affection that make your partner feel loved and desired.



Surviving a sexless marriage can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The beginning step is addressing the problem and working together with your partner.

From there, it’s essential to dispel any myths about marital sex and getting to the root cause of the issue. Remember that sex is not the only way to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, other components contribute.

Working to improve your relationship can result in a healthier and more satisfying life ahead. Always focus on rebuilding the emotional connection with your partner, maintain mutual respect and love.

To summarize, sexless marriages can be a challenging obstacle for couples to overcome. Conflict and resentment, low sex drives, complacency, and lack of love or attraction are the common reasons for this problem.

Men may struggle particularly with living in a sexless relationship, but it’s possible to survive by addressing the issue, debunking myths about marital sex, identifying the root cause of the problem, making rational decisions, and focusing on saving the marriage. Communication and emotional connection with one’s partner are key factor to ensure a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

By working together, couples can overcome this challenge and build a deeper, more loving relationship. Remember that every marriage and every individual is different, so it’s crucial to find the solutions that work for you and your relationship, taking things one step at a time to achieve success.

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