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6 Characteristics of a Real Man: How to Spot and Keep Him

What Makes a Real Man Stand Out? As women, we all want to find a man who embodies the qualities of a real man.

But what exactly are those qualities? In this article, we’ll explore six key characteristics that set true gentlemen apart from boys.

From their actions to their values, we’ll dive into what makes a real man and how you can spot one.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

One of the top traits of a real man is that he makes an effort. He doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks the walk.

He shows his love and support through his actions rather than simply saying it. Whether it’s helping you move, standing by you during a difficult time, or celebrating your successes, a real man is always there for you.

Do you sometimes feel intimidated by your partner’s success and ambition? A real man won’t feel threatened by your accomplishments.

He’ll be proud of all that you’ve achieved and support you in your future goals.

Protective and Reliable

Another characteristic of a real man is that he prioritizes your safety and well-being. He’s always available when you need him and ensures that you feel secure both physically and emotionally.

You know that you can count on him to be there when it matters most. A real man also makes you a priority.

He doesn’t make you compete for his time or attention. Rather, you feel like you’re the most important person in his life.

Prioritizing Your Happiness

A real man places your satisfaction and happiness above his own. He shows his affection and appreciation regularly and puts in effort to make you feel loved and valued.

You know that he cares about you deeply because he prioritizes your needs and desires.

Consistent Respect and Honesty

A real man is always respectful and honest with you. He treats you with kindness and empathy and never belittles or manipulates you.

Even in moments of tension or conflict, he remains level-headed and respectful. Additionally, if he makes a mistake, he’ll take ownership and apologize.

A real man is confident enough in himself to admit when he’s wrong and work towards making amends.

Expressing His Feelings

Communication is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. A real man is not afraid of expressing his feelings and communicates openly and honestly with you.

He’s not afraid to show his vulnerability and is always willing to work through any issues together as a team.

Willingness to Challenge You

A real man is not afraid to challenge you. He believes in your potential and wants to see you succeed.

He supports you in your endeavors and helps you accomplish your goals. At the same time, he’s not afraid to voice his opinion and challenge you when needed.

Boys vs. Real Men

Now that we’ve identified the key characteristics that make a real man, let’s compare it to what makes a boy.

Here are some key differences to look for:

Making Excuses vs. Making Effort

A boy will often make excuses rather than putting in the effort.

He’ll bail on plans or avoid difficult conversations. In contrast, a real man will make the effort to show up, communicate, and work towards a better future.

Being Intimidated vs. Being Proud

A boy may feel intimidated by his partner’s success or ambition.

He may be threatened by her strength and independence. In contrast, a real man is proud of his partner’s accomplishments and supports her in pursuing her dreams.

Selfishness vs. Prioritizing His Partner

A boy tends to be selfish and prioritize his own desires over his partner’s.

He may manipulate her to get what he wants. On the other hand, a real man always prioritizes his partner’s needs and wants to ensure that she’s happy and fulfilled.


In conclusion, a real man is someone who embodies a set of admirable qualities that amplify love and happiness in a relationship. These six characteristics- effort, support, safety, satisfaction, honesty, and challenge- are what sets a real man apart from the boys.

Now that you know what to look for, you’ll be able to spot a real man a mile away and build a relationship that is founded on respect, love, and mutual support. Real Men’s Actions That Set Them Apart

When it comes to being a real man, actions speak louder than words.

A man who embodies the qualities of a true gentleman is someone reliable, trustworthy, and always works towards putting his partner’s needs above his own. In this article, we’ll explore several actions that set real men apart from the rest.

No Excuse Attitude

A real man doesn’t make excuses when it comes to being available for his partner. He’s reliable and will always make time for his loved one.

Whether it’s being a listening ear when she needs to vent or being physically present when she needs him most, a real man is always there. Putting Partner’s Needs First

A real man prioritizes his partner’s satisfaction, putting in the effort to ensure she is pleased and appreciated in the relationship.

He is always willing to go the extra mile to make his partner feel loved and valued. He makes her feel like her needs and wants are important and is willing to meet her in the middle to resolve any differences, no matter how challenging the situation may be.

Showing Respect in Difficult Situations

A real man always approaches difficult or challenging situations with respect. He won’t belittle his partner or act defensively; instead, he remains calm and views each situation as an opportunity to learn and grow with his partner.

He listens attentively and strives to resolve conflict with understanding and partnership.

Confidence in Knowing What They Want

A real man is confident in himself and knows what he wants out of life. He is determined and focused on his goals, and he is willing to chase them relentlessly.

He doesn’t let fear or uncertainty hold him back. He takes charge and goes after what he wants without hesitation, always keeping his partner’s best interests in mind.

Willingness to Take Responsibility

A real man owns up to his mistakes and takes responsibility for his actions. He recognizes when something has gone wrong and is quick to admit if he was in the wrong.

He doesn’t blame others or attempt to justify his actions. Instead, he apologizes and works towards correcting the issue, gaining his partner’s forgiveness.

Long-Term Planning with Partner

A real man plans for the future with his partner, setting long-term goals, and creating plans to reach them together. He prioritizes his partner’s vision in the planning process, taking into consideration her desires and aspirations and works together towards a shared future.

He shows his commitment to the relationship by investing time and effort into creating and maintaining a successful partnership.

Willingness to Challenge Their Partner

A real man doesn’t shy away from the challenge of supporting and challenging his partner. He believes in her potential and willingness to support her in pursuing her goals in life.

He’s not afraid to have honest and open conversations with his partner to challenge her to grow and reach her full potential, so long as he does so with kindness and support. Real Men’s Expressions of Love That Warm the Heart

Real men understand the value of expressing their love to their partners.

It keeps the relationship strong and healthy, and it ensures that both individuals feel appreciated and valued. Here are some ways real men show their love for their partners:

Open and Expressive

Real men are not afraid to be open and expressive with their emotions. They communicate their love in words and actions, expressing how they feel towards their partner regularly.

They make their partner feel loved and wanted by continuously showing interest and asking questions about their day or activities.

Effort to Express Feelings

Real men put in the effort to express their love towards their partners. It may not come naturally to them, but they recognize its importance and work to develop their ability to communicate their feelings effectively.

They are willing to invest the time and effort to express their feelings in creative ways that resonate with their partners, such as writing thoughtful love notes or planning a surprise romantic evening.

Inclusion in Future Plans

Real men show their love by including their partners in their future plans. They discuss their goals and dreams, planning for a life together that allows them to pursue their individual aspirations.

They work together towards a shared future, knowing that their partner is their life partner and that they want to be together for a long time.

Willingness to Challenge Their Partner

Real men show their love by challenging their partners to be their best selves. They don’t shy away from speaking out when they see their partner going down the wrong path; they genuinely want to help their partner to achieve their full potential.

They support their partner in pursuing their goals and hold them to a high standard, while loving and cherishing them for who they are. In conclusion, real men understand what it means to be a gentleman and put in the effort to make it a reality.

They take responsibility for their actions, prioritize their partner’s satisfaction, and express their love in ways that resonate with their partner. They are always willing to listen when it matters most and approach situations with respect and understanding.

Real men are rare, but once you find one, you’ll never want to let them go. Real Men’s Continuous Improvement: Always Striving For Better

Real men understand that growth is a never-ending journey, and they are always striving to become the best version of themselves.

They prioritize their partner’s accomplishments and recognize the importance of trying, even when they aren’t sure they’ll succeed. Here are some ways real men prioritize continuous improvement in their lives.

Striving to Be the Best Version of Themselves

Real men are never complacent with who they are; they continuously strive to be better. They recognize that there is always room for improvement, and they work towards self-improvement regularly.

Whether it’s through education, setting personal goals, or seeking mental and emotional support, they know that being the best version of themselves takes effort and dedication. Prioritizing Partner’s Accomplishments

Real men also prioritize their partner’s accomplishments.

They know that their partner’s successes are vital to the relationship’s health and, as such, support them and celebrate their achievements. Whether it’s through helping them achieve their goals or merely expressing their pride and happiness for them, real men want their partner to feel appreciated and valued for their hard work.

Importance of Trying

Real men understand that trying, even when it means potentially failing, is crucial to growth. They’re open to trying new things, and they use their experiences, both good and bad, to learn and grow.

They prioritize effort over perfection, knowing that trying is the only way they can learn and improve in all aspects of life.

Continuous Improvement for Self and Relationship

As a real man works towards bettering themselves, they simultaneously work towards creating a better relationship. They understand that focus, perseverance, and hard work are necessary elements for a passionate, healthy, and successful partnership.

Real men prioritize the effort that making their relationship and partner-satisfied requires. They know that continuous improvement is a vital component to thriving relations and the character-building skills needed for a lasting love.

In conclusion, being a real man is not about perfection or having it all together. It’s about continually putting in the effort to become the best version of oneself, supporting one’s partner, and prioritizing growth and success.

Real men understand the importance of continuous improvement for themselves and their relationship. They understand that growth is a never-ending journey and that by prioritizing effort, the bar can be raised higher and the love they share can be even greater than what they ever thought possible.

In conclusion, the characteristics of a real man are what set them apart from the rest. Their actions speak louder than words, they prioritize their partner’s needs, have the confidence to know what they want, take responsibility, are open and expressive with their love, and continuously strive for improvement in all aspects of their life.

A real man knows that a strong and healthy relationship requires effort, sacrifice, and continuous self-improvement. By embodying real man characteristics, they can build a partnership that is mutually beneficial, creates positive growth, and stands the test of time.

These qualities are significant and deserve to be valued and sought after in a potential partner.

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