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7 Common Communication Mistakes Women Make with Men

Communication Mistakes Women Make with Men

As humans, we all make communication errors. However, when it comes to communication between the opposite sexes, there is the probability that things can go south very easily.

Women often face challenges communicating with men, maybe because of the way we process information or our emotional nature. Lets explore some common communication mistakes women make with men, clearly breaking down the reasons why they are communication roadblocks.

Inappropriate Criticism

It’s easy to fall into the trap of being hypercritical; after all, we all want things to be perfect. However, it’s essential to consider how we criticize others, especially our partners.

The way we criticize our men can hurt their ego and make them feel inadequate. For example, using phrases like “you failed” or “you suck” can destroy their self-esteem.

Everyone makes mistakes, including men, and there are ways to address those shortcomings without being hurtful.

Comparison to Ex-partner

Comparing your partner to an ex-partner is not only rude but a terrible move in a relationship. It is essential to start a connection without looking back because everyone is different.

When women compare their current partner to an ex, they are showing their lack of confidence and their inability to fully accept themselves and their partners. This mistake only adds unnecessary insecurity which can be harmful to a relationship.

Public Humiliation

We all have conflicts, and in the heat of the moment, we may say things we don’t mean. However, when women bring these private moments into the public domain, it can be hugely damaging to their relationships.

Public humiliation damages trust and respect between partners and leads to lingering resentment over time. Unresolved issues always resurface, even when partners have “moved on.”

Undesirable Compliments

Compliments are a way of aggrandizing and appreciating our partners. However, when compliments come off as harassing or petty, they can leave a wrong impression.

For example, using phrases like you are so cute or you are my macho-protector-sexy can be irritating and demeaning. Instead of using these types of compliments, women can focus on what specific qualities they appreciate in their partner rather than romanticizing or belittling them.

False Reassurance

Most women try to reassure their partners when they are going through a challenge. Reassurance and validation promote healthy emotional well-being.

However, providing false reassurance does more harm than good. For example, affirmations like “It’s okay,” “Don’t worry about it” or “Everything will be fine,” might not be valid in some situations.

It is essential to listen actively to our partner’s fears and anxieties, validate their experience, and acknowledge the reality of the situation. This communicates trustworthiness and reduces the chances of misunderstandings.

Misleading Breakup Statements

When it comes to breakups, women tend to use phrases like “let’s just be friends” or “Im not interested in dating anyone right now” to uphold the relationship that never existed. The truth is, when we use these phrases, we are misleading our partners, and this can be hurtful.

Be honest; tell the truth about how you feel, no matter how bad it may appear. It’s better to end the relationship with dignity and respect than to hurt someone’s feelings with a dishonesty.

Disrespectful Reactions

Most times, women want to be honest, but our responses to our men’s honesty can be hurtful and unfair. If your man compliments you with “it’s nice,” don’t react with cruelty, because he said your outfit is nice doesn’t mean his admiration is any less genuine.

We must learn to accept our partner’s efforts to connect with us, even if it is not what we expected.

Men’s Perception of Women’s Fashion Choice

As women, we have different fashion styles and preferences, and these choices communicate our personality and style to the world.

However, men may see our fashion choices differently. Here are some insights about how men perceive women’s fashion choices, and how best to balance our fashion and our partner’s opinion.

Outfit Selection

Choosing an outfit that communicates your identity is very important, but keep in mind that men may not always understand fashion choices. Most men tend to judge outfits based on what looks pleasing to the eye, which doesn’t always have to be the most fashionable.

It is advisable to select outfits that mix style, comfort, and functionality. When going out with your man, ask for his opinion while keeping an open mind.

This gives you an option to choose an outfit that satisfies both of you. Men’s Indifference

It’s no secret that most men are not fashion connoisseurs.

This means that most men may not even notice what you are wearing. Men are visually influenced and tend to give more attention to confidence, poise, and demeanor.

This can be a bit refreshing because it means that we can focus on being comfortable and projecting our most confident selves. So, when dressing up, it’s essential to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself, confident, and comfortable.


In conclusion, communication is a vital aspect of any successful and sustainable relationship. It is essential to choose our words carefully, be honest, and keep in mind that our choices and opinions are different.

When it comes to fashion, The best way to please a man is to be true to yourself, dress to impress, but also to make yourself comfortable. It is never about what is trendy but more of what represents your identity and personality.

Remember, the best way to bridge the gap in communication and fashion is to cultivate an open, honest, and supportive relationship with our partners. Handling Men’s Relationship with their Mothers

The bond between a mother and son is one of the strongest human connections.

Many men share an unbreakable bond with their mothers, and sometimes, it can be hard for their partners to accept. This can lead to misunderstandings or even resentment towards the mother.

It is essential to handle this situation with tact and respect. Here are some tips on how to handle men’s relationships with their mothers.

Respect for Mother-Son Bond

As partners, it is crucial to recognize that the bond between a mother and son is incredibly strong, and it is impossible to change it. Instead of competing with the mother or trying to replace her, we should strive to understand this special relationship.

In doing so, we will avoid confrontation and cultivate a more harmonious relationship. Accepting the mother’s role and influence in her son’s life will encourage mutual respect and support.

Alternative Approach

It can be challenging to manage this relationship, especially when it conflicts with our partner’s commitments to us. In such situations, it is essential to approach the matter with patience and understanding.

A subtle explanation can make all the difference. Try explaining the situation from a different perspective to encourage understanding.

This enables an open-mindedness to other perspectives and can even promote a stronger bond between families.

Avoiding Confrontation

Confrontation only leads to more tension and stress, and it does not make things better. Instead of fighting over the mother, avoid mentioning her altogether.

Focus on nurturing our relationships and happiness by enjoying the moments we share with our partners. Respecting their relationship with their mother helps create a healthier family dynamic.

Maintaining Men’s Feeling of Strength and Control

In many relationships, men are expected to maintain a sense of strength, control, and authority. As partners, it is essential to help maintain this feeling to create a more fulfilling relationship.

Masculine Identity

Men have a deep instinct to be perceived as masculine and take on roles of care and protection. Understanding these qualities and subtly acknowledging them can promote bonding and intimacy in the relationship.

Everything from acknowledging their macho-protector role to showing appreciation for the things they do helps to reinforce these positive masculine qualities.

Maintaining Patriarch Attitude

Men often have a sense of duty to maintain a patriarchal attitude, which involves being in charge of their surroundings, family, and responsibilities at home. Enabling this helps foster a sense of responsibility and control; instead of taking that away from them, we should embrace it.

By reinforcing their patriarchal attitude, we enable them to be more responsible and encourage an even deeper connection to us.

Acknowledging Control

It is crucial to acknowledge that men feel more in control when they take care of dependant women. Let them help with daily chores and encourage their input when making critical life decisions.

Ensuring men feel in charge of a situation fills them with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Allowing Men to Feel in Charge

Men seek attachment, while women seek intimacy. Maintaining this dynamic balance can make for a healthier and fulfilling relationship.

As partners, we need to let our men take care of us, pamper us, and shower us with affection. We must be open to it, accept their help, and appreciate it.

It is crucial to let our partners feel the joy and fulfillment of taking care of us. Communicating our needs and wants in a clear concise manner can foster a better dynamic as well.

In conclusion, relationships are about mutual respect, understanding, and compromise. Understanding the importance of a mother-son bond, handling it with tact, and acknowledging men’s need for control and protection can make for thriving relationships.

Letting our men feel in charge and nurturing their masculinity while holding up our feminine qualities, all interweave for a fulfilling relationship, and a prosperous future. In conclusion, effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect are crucial to strong and healthy relationships.

Women should be mindful of how they communicate with men, avoiding harsh or critical words, and acknowledging their partner’s emotional needs. On the other hand, men should be allowed to feel in charge while reinforcing their masculine qualities, promoting a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

Understanding and accepting the dynamics of a relationship and valuing each other’s perspectives ensure enduring and meaningful connections. It all boils down to an appreciation of each other, and embracing differences that help drive a special bond that lasts a lifetime.

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