7 Sex Tricks for Men: Make Her Beg for More

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Sex Tricks for Men: Keeping Her Coming Back for More

Gents, want to become a master in the bedroom? Want to keep your lady coming back for more every single time?

Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the lowdown on some sex tricks that are guaranteed to improve your performance and make you a sex god in her eyes.

Importance of Sexual Prowess

Let’s start by discussing why sexual prowess is so important. For starters, it can make you seem like a bad boy in her eyes.

You know, the type of guy who is confident, in control, and knows exactly how to please his lady. Women love that kind of confidence because it shows them that you are sexually experienced and know how to make them feel good.

Another reason to focus on your sexual prowess is that it keeps her coming back for more. If you can rock her world in the bedroom, she’s going to want to stick around for a while.

It’s like the old saying goes, Have good sex and youll have a happy relationship. Word of your sexual prowess will spread like wildfire, and before you know it, you’ll be the envy of all your mates.

The Build-Up

Now, let’s talk about the build-up. It’s crucial for you to build sexual tension before any action takes place.

Start by focusing on her erogenous zones. You know, those sensitive areas that make her toes curl.

Tease her gently. Take it slow, and build up the anticipation.

It’s like foreplay, but before foreplay. Another crucial part of the build-up is dirty texts.

Sending her sexy messages throughout the day will make sure she’s thinking about you all day long. And trust us, when she gets that text from you telling her what you’re going to do to her tonight, she’s going to be counting down the minutes.

Get a Sexy Rhythm

Now that the build-up is over, let’s talk about getting a sexy rhythm. The key here is to get into a rhythm that is both pleasurable for her and sustainable for you.

Get that clitoris rubbed nicely with circular motions or try oral sex. There’s no better sex trick a woman loves than the alphabet sex trick.

Start slowly licking the alphabet on her clitoris and watch as she loses her mind.

The Magic of the Clit

Speaking of clitorises, let’s talk about the magic of the clit. It’s a woman’s most sensitive area and can be a game-changer in the bedroom.

Pay close attention to her clitoris. Use your fingers to tease her clitoral hood, and watch as it becomes swollen up.

When you are ready, go in for some direct contact and stimulate that pleasure button until she can’t take it anymore.

How to Touch a Woman’s Breasts

Don’t forget the boobs! Touching a womans breasts in the right way can be a game-changer for her pleasure.

Every woman is different in terms of what she likes, so experiment with different boob-related sex tricks. Play with her nipples, but be sure to respect their sensitivity levels.

Try the push and swirl, or just ask her how she likes it done.

Taking Advantage of Female Erogenous Zones

  • Kiss her neck
  • Nibble on her ears and inner thighs
  • Hold her wrists tight

These will take her experience to a whole new level.

The Art of Dirty Talk

Dirty talk is an art, and few men are able to master this skill. Start off with some sexy dirty talk, and then build up to the disgusting dirty talk.

Be sure to find her sweet spot, and use the right words that will send her over the edge.

In conclusion, by following these sex tricks for men, you will be able to take your sexual performance to the next level.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, and most importantly, don’t forget to pay close attention to what your partner likes. Practice these tricks every day, and soon enough, you’ll be the best lover she’s ever had guaranteed!

In conclusion, this article has highlighted some essential tips and tricks that can significantly improve your sexual prowess and keep your partner coming back for more.

By focusing on the buildup, getting a sexy rhythm, paying close attention to the magic of the clit and breasts, taking advantage of female erogenous zones, and mastering the art of dirty talk, you can leave your partner satisfied and wanting more. Remember, everyone is different, and experimentation is key.

By implementing these techniques, you can become a sex god in your partner’s eyes and take your sexual experiences to new heights. So, what are you waiting for?

Put these tips into practice and start enjoying the benefits today!

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