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7 Signs That Your Relationship Needs to End or Be Fixed

Are you feeling unhappy in your relationship? Perhaps you’re not sure if it’s time to end it, or if there are issues that can be addressed.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone and there are solutions. Signs that it’s time to end your relationship


Lack of Communication – if you and your partner have become distant and are living more like roommates than lovers, there’s a problem. Communication is key to any relationship, and if it’s lacking, it’s important to address it.

2. Constant Fighting – if you find yourself unhappy, anxious and drained from constantly fighting, it may be time to admit that your relationship is toxic and guilt is not the foundation to thrive.

3. Decrease in Physical Intimacy – if you’ve noticed that your partner’s sex drive has decreased and you’re not getting the touch, kiss, and intimacy you crave, this could be a sign that the spark has burnt out.

4. He Wants Time for Himself – if your partner is requesting time alone or has mentioned the possibility of a break-up, it’s important not to guilt-trip him and respect his wishes.

5. You’re Not a Priority – if you feel like you’re always the one begging for attention, affection, and your partner is never available, it’s time to prioritize yourself and move on.

6. He Puts in Little to No Effort – if you’ve noticed that your partner is not putting in the effort to keep the relationship going, using strategies for revenge or frustration are not the solutions and might actually ruin all the good memories you have of each other.

7. Your Relationship Causes More Bad Days than Good – if you find that your relationship is taking more out of you than it’s giving, it might be time to reassess whether it’s worth staying.

Relationship issues to address

1. Lack of Romance – if you feel like you’ve become more of a sister to your partner than a lover, it’s time to explore ways to reignite the spark.

For example, try going on romantic dates, surprise your partner with little gestures, remind them of how attractive you find them. Change the existing equation and bring back some mystery to your routine.

2. Time Spent with Friends – it’s important to prioritize your partner, but it’s equally important to have a life outside of your relationship.

If you’re feeling left out and not included, discuss a way to balance time spent with friends and your partner. 3.

Talk of Leaving – if you or your partner are considering leaving and there seems to be no solution, it’s time to face the reality. Burning bridges, guilt-tripping, or making the decision to leave is not an easy task, but sometimes it’s important to do what’s best for both of you.

Overall, it’s essential to acknowledge the good and bad aspects of your relationship and be honest with yourself and your partner. Avoiding confrontations is not always the solution, and you might be losing a chance for a positive outcome.

So, assess your situation and take the necessary steps that will benefit both of you. After all, any relationship requires open communication, commitment, and an investment of love and time.

In conclusion, whether you’re facing issues that need to be addressed or recognizing signs that it’s time to end your relationship, it’s essential to be honest with yourself and your partner. Communication, effort, prioritization, and an investment of love and time are crucial in any relationship.

Remember, avoiding confrontations might be easier in the short term, but it will only lead to more significant issues in the long term. Take the necessary steps that benefit both parties and ensure that your relationship is happy, healthy, and fulfilling.

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