7 Surprising Facts About the Fascinating Fetish of Dollification

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Dollification: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be transformed into an inanimate object or a living doll? Or maybe you’re curious about the idea of taking on the persona of a doll for your partner as a form of sexual fetish.

If you have, then you might find Dollification interesting. Dollification involves undergoing the process of becoming more like a doll, both physically and mentally.

The Process of Dollification

The process of dollification involves evolving into a living doll. This means taking on physical characteristics of dolls, such as wearing doll-like clothing and makeup, and adopting traits that simulate the behavior of dolls.

For some, this may involve wearing frilly dresses, having porcelain doll-like skin, and even talking in a high-pitched voice. Dollification allows the individual to explore their physical boundaries and become comfortable with their own body.

Relationship between Owner and Doll

The relationship between a Doll and their owner is usually a dominant/submissive one. The owner becomes a master, and the Doll becomes their slave.

The Doll is expected to obey their master’s every command, no matter the circumstances. There is a strong sense of ownership involved in dollification, with the Doll pledging allegiance to their owner as a means of entering into the Doll and Owner relationship.

The ownership dynamic ties in with the submissive aspect of the relationship. Dolls feel safe and protected when they are under the guidance of their owner.

In a way, having an owner gives a Doll a sense of purpose or belonging, which they might otherwise feel is missing.

Dollification as a Sexual Fetish

As a sexual fetish, Dollification is about exploring the idea of being an inanimate object or living doll. For some, this might involve wearing doll-like clothing and makeup, speaking in a high-pitched voice, and acting out scenes as a doll.

Dollification may also incorporate other aspects of BDSM, with the Doll submitting to their owner’s commands and participating in scenes that may involve sensory deprivation, humiliation, and pain.

Mental Traits of a Doll

Objectification and Subservience

One of the mental traits of a Doll is objectification. Objectification occurs when you become more like a physical object than a human being.

This means that the individual’s thoughts, emotions, and personality are not considered relevant. Instead, the Doll’s purpose is to be viewed and interacted with as an object of desire.

Another trait of Dolls is subservience. As a Doll, you need to be willing to serve your owner and obey their commands, no matter what.

This includes submitting to any and all BDSM scenes your owner might have planned for you.

Desire to be Owned

A strong desire to be owned often drives Dollification. For some, the idea of being owned by someone brings a sense of completion or fulfillment.

Being owned by an individual means that someone cares for you and wants to take charge of your life. In the context of Dollification, ownership also means having someone who knows your limitations and respects your boundaries.

In Conclusion

Dollification is a unique and fascinating sexual fetish that involves becoming more like a doll, both physically and mentally. The process of dollification involves evolving into a living doll, with the Doll pledging allegiance to their owner.

Dollification helps the individual explore their physical boundaries as well as addressing their desire to be owned. Though it is not for everyone, Dollification plays an integral role in fulfilling the desires of those for whom it resonates.

Dollification Process and Appearance

Dollification is all about transforming into a doll, both physically and mentally. To achieve this, Dolls will usually need to make several changes to their wardrobe and overall appearance.

Below are some of the common clothing and accessory choices adopted by Dolls to give them a doll-like appearance.

Clothing and Accessories

Dolls often wear clothing that mimics doll clothing. This includes lots of frills, ruffles, and lace.

Dresses and skirts are the most popular choices, but they could also wear tailored dress pants and a blouse, depending on their doll’s preferences. High heels, specifically stiletto heels, are a must-have in almost all doll play outfits.

Stockings, especially thigh-highs, also feature heavily in doll outfits. As for accessories, Dolls might add a wig to their outfit to change their hair color or style.

Breast enhancement is a popular choice for female Dolls who want to achieve a more exaggerated hourglass figure. Falsies and padded lingerie can give them the desired breast size.

Rubber, vinyl, and plastic suits can also help create the perfect doll-like body.

Body Modifications

Dollification can also involve body modifications that make the Doll’s appearance resemble a doll more closely. Body modifications can include hair coloring or style changes; breast or butt enhancements; and even plastic surgery to achieve a more doll-like look.

Male Dolls might also opt for smaller waistlines, broader shoulders, and a more toned physique, similar to that of a male Barbie figure.

Other Information about Dollification

Virtual Doll Fetish

In the modern-day world, individuals who enjoy Dollification also have the option of exploring this fetish through online communities and virtual reality. Many social games and websites offer avatar creation that allow players to create a virtual doll persona for themselves and customize it as they wish.

This allows Dolls to interact with like-minded people from all over the world.

Male Dolls

While Dollification is largely associated with women, men can also be Dolls. The male Dolls often go for a Ken or male Barbie figure.

Male Dolls will often exaggerate their muscular build by wearing padded and tight clothing.

Symbolism behind Dolls

Dolls have been a symbol of exchange between living and artificial, connecting the possible divide between the two. In some cultures, dolls were considered to bear a soul that lived within them.

Some Dolls desire to become a soul-bearer of their own.

Acting Like Dolls

Dolls are meant to have a lifeless appearance and mannerisms. This means they adopt a doll-like appearance and behave like a lifeless inanimate object.

Their movements are robotic, mannerisms are limited, and they even speak in a high-pitched tone.

Specific Partners

Finding a partner in Dollification can be challenging as it is a relatively uncommon fetish. Individuals who enjoy this fetish might have difficulty finding a partner willing to participate in their fetish.

They may be limited to finding partners through online fetish communities.

Silent Intercourse

Dolls, as non-living objects, do not talk, so Dollification scenes often mandate silence. The dominant partner will control all aspects of the scene, and the Doll will be expected to comply with all their commands without verbal communication.

Small Community

Dollification is a rare fetish and is therefore a small community of a rare group of individuals who share an interest in this fetish. This can make it difficult to find fellow Dolls in local communities.

Diverse Dollification

Dollification is not restricted to a single style, and individuals can tailor their fetish to their specific desires. This can include latex or rubber fetishes, bondage, or other BDSM-related kinks.

Dolls are free to explore themselves and their desires in diverse Dollification scenes.

In Conclusion

Dollification is a complex fetish that incorporates unique characteristics and requirements. Individuals who enjoy Dollification strive to adopt traits and look like living dolls.

The Dollification process includes both physical changes and accessories and also needs modifications to their behavior to resemble a doll. Despite the rarity of the community, the fetish has a substantial online home where Dolls can connect with others who share their interests.

Types of Dolls

Dollification is a fetish that transforms an individual into a doll. There are different types of dolls that can be used as inspiration for Dolls.

Each type of doll comes with its own characteristics and unique style.

Rag Dolls

Rag Dolls are the most common type of doll. They are usually handmade and are meant to be soft, cuddly, and easy to hold.

Because they are handmade, they can have inconsistencies that make them unique.

Rag Dolls typically have freckles, kewpie lips, and red yarn wigs.

They are often limp and floppy, making them easy to handle.

Ball-Joint or Poseable Dolls

Ball-joint or poseable dolls are more provocative and meant to be displayed like figurines rather than played with. They have joints that allow them to be posed in different positions, and their stillness often adds to their alluring appearance.

Ball-joint dolls’ clothing often includes corsets, which accentuate the shape of the doll’s body.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls are a popular choice for Dollification. Barbie dolls represent a particular kind of femininity, which includes small waists, large breasts, and long legs.

However, this type of Dollification could involve bimbofication and plastic surgery. Dolls may choose to exaggerate these features further to resemble their favorite Barbie doll completely.

Rubber Dolls

Rubber Dolls go for a more fetishist approach, wearing full-body latex suits that give a doll-like appearance similar to Barbie dolls and Ball-joint dolls. The suit covers the entire body, including the Doll’s head.

The suit is shiny, and it gives the wearer a porcelain doll-like appearance.

Kitty/Puppy Dolls

Kitty/Puppy dolls adopt the appearance and behavior of a cat or a puppy.

This includes wearing cat or dog ear headbands, makeup that mimics a cat’s nose or a dog’s snout, and even having a tail attached to their clothing. Their behavior as Kitty/Puppy dolls is also cat or dog-like.

AI “F-Bot”

AI “F-bots” are the ultimate example of equipment turning people. These dolls are entirely robotic machines created for sexual purposes.

These dolls can move and speak in a similar manner to humans, programmed and designed explicitly for sex. Their appearance ranges from humanoid robots to highly stylized sex-characters.

In Conclusion

Dollification is an extensive fetish that allows individuals to explore themselves and their desires by transforming into a doll. There are different types of dolls that Dolls might choose to take inspiration from, each with their own unique style and characteristics.

Each type of doll has its own kind of appeal, and there is no end to the diversity of Dolls’ desires. In conclusion, Dollification is a fascinating and intricate fetish that transforms individuals into living dolls.

The process of dollification involves both physical and mental transformations, which allow Dolls to explore their physical boundaries and become comfortable with their bodies. Dollification helps individuals address their desire to be owned and submissive as well as their attraction to certain types of dolls.

Although the Dollification fetish is relatively rare, it has a substantial online community that allows Dolls to connect with like-minded individuals. Dollification is a reminder of the unlimited potential of human desire and the different ways people can fulfill their kinks and fantasies.

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