7 Terrifying Sex Demons from Mythology

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Sex Demons: Are They Real? Do They Exist in Mythology?

Countless stories and myths of sex demons have emerged over the years. These legends have fascinated and terrified people for centuries.

But what exactly are sex demons? Where did they come from?

And why are they still relevant today? In this article, we’re going to explore the world of sex demons.

We will examine the historical importance of these creatures, as well as look at some of the most famous sex demons throughout history. So sit back, relax, and brace yourself for a wild ride into the realm of the supernatural.

Explanation of Sex Demons

Sex demons are creatures that are said to possess people and make them do aberrant sexual behavior. Often, they are believed to be responsible for showing individuals unacceptable sexual morals.

These demons are said to be the personification of sexual desire and have powers to manipulate and control humans. In many cultures, sex is viewed as a sacred activity that should only occur between a married couple.

When sex is given a greater emphasis than it deserves, humans may go against their own morals and engage in sexual activities that are taboo in their society. Sexual demons are often blamed for people’s inability to control their sexual urges.

Many cultures also believe that sex demons are responsible for unexplainable occurrences such as out-of-wedlock pregnancies, promiscuity, and even abortion. This belief in sex demons has been used for centuries to explain why people act in a way that defies social norms.

Historical Importance of Sex Demons

Sex demons have always been a part of human history. In many cultures, the belief in sex demons was used to explain unexplainable occurrences.

For instance, in many ancient Egyptian texts, demon possession was said to cause physical ailments such as blindness, deafness, and paralysis. In some cultures, sex demons were believed to be a way of explaining out-of-wedlock pregnancies.

Pregnant women were often accused of having been possessed by demons. This explanation held greater weight than the idea that the woman was unfaithful to her husband, and it still holds sway in some parts of the world today.

In addition to out-of-wedlock pregnancies, sex demons were also believed to be responsible for promiscuity and abortion. In certain cultures, women who had abortions were thought to have been possessed by evil spirits that compelled them to destroy their unborn children.

The “devil made me do it” mentality is still prevalent in some cultures today.

Famous Sex Demons Throughout History


The Trauco is a myth from the southern region of Chile. It is said to be a dwarf with the ability to paralyze people with his gaze.

The Trauco is believed to have a superpower to inspire sexual desire in women. When women fall under his spell, they become pregnant.


The Popobawa is a demon of Zanzibar. The creature is typically said to be a bat-winged creature that can shape-shift into any form it chooses.

It has a preference for sodomy and is known for violating both men and women. The creature is believed to enslave its victims, making them too terrified to report the assault to the authorities.


The Encantado is a myth from the Amazon. The creature is thought to be a shape-shifter that can turn into the Boto River dolphins.

When men encounter the creature, they become enchanted and are impregnated by the Encantado. The creature is also known to have a blowhole on the forehead.


The Liderc is a creature from the folklore of Northern Hungary. It is believed to be a small black hen that can shape-shift into a deceased relative.

The demon is known for being violent, and it typically employs rape to control its victims.


The Lilu is a creature from Jewish theology. It is believed to be a demon that kidnaps children and takes them away.

The demon is also known as an incubus and is said to impregnate women. The Lilu is considered a threat to family and safety.


The Alp is a Germanic myth. The creature is believed to be a small elf-like demon that can take on a gaseous state.

The Alp typically controls the dreams of its victims, causing them to have nightmares. The creature is known for inducing panic and anxiety during sleep.


The Muses are creatures of mythology. They are said to be beautiful women who inspire creativity, lust, and success.

In myth, the Muses are known for seducing kings and other men of power. While they are often seen as positive influences, they can also lead people down a dangerous path.


Angels were believed to be Nephilim, or the offspring of fallen angels and human women. These angels were the manifestation of mixed race.

They were thought to be wicked and acted with great hostility towards the creations of God. Many cultures still believe in the existence of angels today.


Aliens have been the focus of many stories in recent times. They are often associated with breeding habits and the potential for a mixed race.

There are some who believe that aliens could be sex demons. If this is true, then their takeover would be a stealth uprising that could have dreadful consequences.


Sex demons have been a part of human mythology for centuries. They have been the subject of the imagination of people worldwide.

Although they are often dismissed as fiction or superstition, the stories of sex demons have persisted throughout history. This article has explored the myths, legends, and historical importance of sex demons.

As stated earlier, we continue to see attempts by some individuals to explain the unexplainable through the belief in supernatural entities. So, even if science can explain our world in minute detail, some things will always be beyond comprehension.

Do you think sex demons are real?

Explaining Uncontrollable Desires

Throughout human history, storytelling has been an important aspect of human culture. In almost every culture, stories have been used as a tool to entertain, educate, and even absolve wrongdoing.

Stories provide a way to explain the unexplainable, and one such unexplainable phenomenon is the uncontrollable desires of human beings. Sexual desires, in particular, have always been a topic of concern for societies across the world.

People struggling with their urges turn to storytelling to help them understand and cope with their desires. The stories can range from the realistic to the unbelievable, but their value in exploring human desires remains the same.

Human Storytelling

Storytelling has been used by humans for centuries as a means to share knowledge and information. For millennia, stories have been passed down from one generation to the next, with each storyteller adding their spin to add to the narrative.

These stories provided an opportunity for people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

One of the ways in which storytelling can provide insight into sexual desires is through the exploration of taboo sexual practices.

People who engage in taboo sexual practices, like BDSM or other fetishistic behaviors, often find it difficult to express those desires to their peers. As such, stories have become a means for people to explore these sexual desires in a safe space and better understand the motivations behind them.

In many cultures, sexual desires have been the focus of mythologies and legends, making it accessible for people to explore. Mythologies and legends developed as a way for people to understand what they could not explain through science.

These stories are created to provide explanations for things that are beyond the comprehension of humans. Some people turn to these stories to explore their own sexual desires and perhaps find some form of solace in them.

Existence of Sex Demons

One of the ways in which humans have explored their uncontrollable sexual desires is through the concept of sex demons. While the existence of sex demons is rare, these mythical creatures have become a source of entertainment and fascination in some societies.

Sex demons are said to be the embodiment of sexual desire, and they possess the ability to manipulate and control humans. The concept of sex demons has been present in many cultures, from the Trauco of Chile to the Liderc of Hungary.

In many stories, sex demons are blamed for the uncontrollable urges of humans. These myths provided people with an explanation of why they were unable to control their sexual desires and offered them a way to cope with their guilt.

While the existence of sex demons is largely believed to be a myth, these stories continue to persist in modern times. The entertainment value of these stories has not faded, and the idea of a creature that can control sexual desires continues to capture human imaginations.


In conclusion, storytelling has been an integral part of human culture for thousands of years, and it has always been utilized as a way to explore the unexplainable, like uncontrollable sexual desires. Through stories, humans have been able to better understand and cope with their sexual urges.

Even today, with advances in science and technology, these stories continue to be relevant, providing an escape from reality and allowing for the exploration of the human psyche. While the concept of sex demons may seem far-fetched to some, their stories continue to captivate and fascinate people worldwide.

In conclusion, the concept of sex demons, though largely believed to be a myth, has been an important part of human history for centuries. These stories and legends provided explanations for the unexplainable and served as a way for individuals to explore their uncontrollable sexual desires.

Furthermore, storytelling, in general, has been an integral part of human culture since the beginning of time, providing a platform for us to educate and entertain ourselves. Although science and technology have gifted us with a greater understanding of our world, the importance of the stories that have helped humans make sense of the world around them should not be underestimated.

Ultimately, the value of these stories lies not only in their entertainment value but also in their ability to provide insight and understanding into the human psyche.

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