7 Unexpected Things Guys Find Attractive About Girls (And You Won’t Believe Number 6!)


Unexpected Things That Guys Like About Girls

We’ve all heard the saying, “Beauty is only skin deep.” But what does it really mean?

Does it imply that physical appearance is not important? Or does it emphasize the notion that there’s more to someone than just looks?

When it comes to attraction and love, we tend to focus on how someone looks on the outside. However, what a lot of people don’t understand is that there are many traits guys find attractive besides physical appearance.

Traits Guys Are Attracted To Besides Physical Appearance

Sure, physical appearance plays a role in initial attraction, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Research tells us that guys are attracted to a plethora of other traits, including:

1. Sense of humor

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. And they’re not wrong.

Guys love girls with a good sense of humor. Someone who can make them laugh and feel happy is someone they’ll want to spend more time with.

2. Confidence

Confidence is sexy.

It shows that you believe in yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. It’s a trait that guys find very attractive.

3. Intelligence

Intelligence is a turn-on for many guys.

It’s not just about having book smarts, but also about having common sense and being able to hold a conversation about a range of topics.

4. Kindness

Being kind is important in any relationship. Someone who is kind and compassionate is someone who is easy to love and be loved by.

5. Independence

Guys love girls who are independent and can take care of themselves.

It shows that they’re not reliant on someone else for their happiness.

Importance of Personality and Quirks in Maintaining a Relationship

While physical appearance may be what attracts a guy initially, it’s personality and quirks that keep him interested. Think about it.

If all you had to offer in a relationship was your looks, it wouldn’t be a very fulfilling one. But if someone is attracted to your personality, quirks, and unique characteristics, they’ll want to spend more time with you.

Your personality is what makes you, YOU. It’s what separates you from everybody else.

Your quirks and unique characteristics are what make you interesting and fun to be around. Embrace them! They can be anything from a love of comic books to a unique laugh.

It’s these things that make you who you are and someone special.

Unusual Things That Guys Find Attractive in Girls

Now that we know looks aren’t everything, let’s take a look at some of those unusual things guys find attractive.

1. Glasses

Who knew that glasses could be such a turn-on? Many guys find girls with glasses intriguing and sexy.

2. Scars

Scars tell a story.

They’re a physical reminder of a past experience. For some guys, scars are a sign of strength and courage.

3. Intelligence

We’ve already talked about how intelligence is attractive, but it’s worth mentioning again.

Guys love girls who can challenge them mentally.

4. Quirks

As mentioned earlier, quirks are what make a person interesting. From snorting when you laugh to wearing mismatched socks, your quirks are a part of who you are.

5. Confidence

Confidence is sexy.

It’s worth mentioning again because it’s such an important trait. When you’re confident, it shows that you believe in yourself and are comfortable in your own skin.

Men Fall in Love with Who You Are

Despite what rom-coms would have you believe, love doesn’t happen overnight. Sure, it’s possible to feel an instant connection with someone, but true love takes time.

Love happens when someone falls in love with who you are as a person, not just your looks.

Initial Attraction Based on Physical Appearance

Physical attraction plays a role in initial attraction, but it’s not everything. While a guy might be physically attracted to you, it’s your personality and quirks that will keep him interested.

Importance of Personality and Character in Maintaining a Relationship

In any relationship, personality and character are so important. Being kind, loving, and understanding are traits that are valued in any relationship.

Being open, honest, and communicative can also help to strengthen a relationship.

The Significance of Quirks and Interesting Tidbits in a Relationship

There’s nothing quite like finding out that your partner has a weird quirk that makes them unique. It’s those little things that make a relationship special and interesting.

Whether it’s a love of Harry Potter or a passion for hiking, sharing hobbies and interests can help to bond two people together.

In Conclusion

So, what have we learned? Attraction isn’t just about looks.

While physical appearance may initially attract someone, it’s personality, quirks, and unique characteristics that keep them interested. Confidence, sense of humor, intelligence, kindness, and independence are just some of the traits that guys find attractive.

Never forget that it’s who you are as a person that matters most. Embrace your personality and quirks, because they’re what make you special.

And remember, love happens when someone falls in love with who you are, not just your looks.

3) Unexpected Things Guys Like About Girls

Attraction is complex and unique for everyone. While some guys might be attracted to typical things like physical appearance, there are many surprising and unexpected things that guys find attractive in girls.

Guys are Attracted to More Than Just Typical Things

Guys are often seen as simple creatures that can be won over by a pretty face and a good body. However, attraction is much deeper than just physical appearance.

Many guys are attracted to intellectual, emotional, and personality qualities. Guys like girls who are passionate about their interests and hobbies.

They find girls who are knowledgeable and have well-informed opinions intellectually stimulating. Emotional expression and empathy are qualities that guys find attractive in girls.

These qualities demonstrate kindness, compassion, and the ability to connect emotionally.

Strange and Unexpected Things that Guys Find Charming in Girls

Sometimes, it’s the small and unexpected things that make a girl stand out to a guy. Some guys find unique and quirky behaviors endearing.

They are attracted to odd habits or personal idiosyncrasies that make a girl different from anyone they’ve met before. For example, some guys find it cute when girls snort when they laugh or when they get passionate about a particular topic.

Guys can also find certain physical qualities endearing. For example, they might find the shape or color of your eyes fascinating or the shape of your lips irresistible.

These preferences often vary from person to person, and they cannot be controlled or changed. Hence, embracing these quirks about oneself can be an attractive trait to guys who enjoy confident partners.

Compatibility Based on Love for Each Other’s Quirks and Characteristics

Compatibility is not just about shared interests or life goals. It’s also about embracing each other’s quirks, behaviors, and unique personalities.

In relationships, it’s natural to find your partner’s quirks and behaviors annoying or challenging. However, in a successful relationship, partners learn to appreciate and love each other for their flaws and different qualities.

When partners find each other’s quirks and unique personalities charming, they feel more connected and understood. They make each other feel accepted and valued.

This acceptance makes relationships strong and fulfilling.

4) The Excited Noises You Make

There is something about a girl’s excitement that can light up a room and bring a smile to anyone’s face. When girls get excited, they tend to make noises that are contagious and adorable.

These noises may be in the form of gasps, squeals, or even screams. Some guys find these natural expressions of excitement attractive in girls.

Contagious and Adorable Nature of a Girl’s Excitement

A girl’s excitement is one of the most contagious things on the planet. Whether it’s a new hobby, a surprise gift from a loved one, or a thrilling experience, girls have a unique way of showing their excitement.

They may clap their hands, jump up and down, or make adorable noises that can make anyone laugh and smile. These expressions of excitement show a girl’s enthusiasm and zest for life.

It’s hard not to find that attractive. Guys might find girls who are spontaneous and excited about life more interesting than those who are indifferent or apathetic.

Importance of Genuine Emotional Expression in a Relationship

Genuine emotional expression is essential in a healthy relationship. When someone is genuinely excited, their emotions are pure and unfiltered.

It is a great feeling to have someone who genuinely shows their emotions and feels passionate about things. These natural expressions of excitement are a great way for couples to connect emotionally.

It shows that they are in tune with each other’s emotional states and can bond over shared experiences. When partners share moments of excitement, they create memories that will last a lifetime.

Appreciation for a Girl’s Unique Personality and Behavior

Girls who are unapologetically authentic and embrace their natural expressions of excitement are attractive to guys. These girls show a unique personality and behavior that cannot be duplicated.

They are authentic in their expressions and opinions, making it easy for guys to appreciate who they are as individuals. When a girl can be herself in a relationship, it helps build trust and security.

A genuine emotional expression, whether that is excitement or more somber emotions, shows honesty and and a willingness to be vulnerable in a relationship. Guys appreciate the opportunity to connect with a partner on a deeper level, and this is only possible when a partner is authentic and true to herself.

In conclusion, while some guys might find typical things attractive in girls, there are many unexpected traits and quirks that they find endearing and attractive. Unusual qualities such as genuine emotional expression and excitement can make someone stand out and be a more satisfying partner.

And when it comes to compatibility, embracing each other’s quirks and unique personalities is key to a successful relationship.

5) Your Overreactions to Things People Say About You

Girls can be passionate creatures, and sometimes, when someone says something negative about them, they might overreact in response. However, these overreactions can actually reveal many positive things about a girl’s personality.

The Refreshing Nature of a Girl’s Passionate Nature

When a girl is passionate about something – whether it’s about a hobby, a cause, or herself – it’s truly refreshing. Guys appreciate girls who are not afraid to show their genuine emotions.

Seeing this passion can make a guy feel more connected to his partner on an emotional level. Overreactions, while seemingly negative, can also show a girl’s intense investment in her life and relationships.

It can demonstrate that she doesn’t take something lightly and holds her values in high esteem. It takes courage to be passionate, and those who are not afraid to show it can be some of the most inspiring partners anyone could desire.

Appreciation for a Girl’s Willingness to Defend Herself and Her Beliefs

When someone says something negative about a girl, she might overreact because she is defending herself and her beliefs. Self-defense is a positive quality that demonstrates a girl’s confidence and self-worth.

It shows she’s not afraid to stand up for herself, which is attractive to many guys. Overreactions can be problematic if they lead to hurtful or negative behavior towards others.

However, when handled properly, a girl’s passionate outbursts can show how strongly she believes in her values and beliefs.

Strengthening of the Relationship through Mutual Support

When a girl’s partner supports her in moments where she overreacts, that is a sign of a strong bond. Supporting a partner even when it seems unreasonable can help strengthen the relationship and build trust between partners.

In these situations, it’s always important to communicate. A girl’s partner can help her understand what was said or done that caused the overreaction while also acknowledging her feelings.

This communication can lead to a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, strengthening the relationship further.

6) Your Made-Up Words

Girls are known for being creative and fun, and they often come up with made-up words to describe their experiences or situations. These made-up words may seem silly or unimportant at face value, but they can actually reveal unique and endearing aspects of a girl’s personality.

Unique and Endearing Features of a Girl’s Personality

Made-up words can be a way for girls to express their creativity and uniqueness. These words often come out of specific situations or circumstances that girls find themselves in.

They may describe a feeling or experience that traditional language does not capture. Made-up words reveal a girl’s imagination and her ability to see the world from a unique perspective.

These qualities are attractive to many guys as they demonstrate a girl’s individuality and creativity.

Significance of Personal Jokes and Connections in a Relationship

When a couple has certain personal jokes or made-up words that they use together, it can create a deeper bond between them. It is like having a secret language that only they share.

Using these made-up words can be a fun way for couples to communicate and understand each other better. These personal languages are a sign of intimacy.

When a couple makes jokes or uses language specific to their relationship, it shows that they have a special bond that is incomparable with anyone else. These moments can be cherished by a couple throughout the period of their relationship.

Appreciation for a Partner’s Individuality and Creativity

Using made-up words can be a way for a girl to express her individuality, and for her partner to appreciate that individuality. When a guy shows appreciation for his partner’s made-up words, it can be a sign that he appreciates her creativity and is willing to embrace her unique qualities.

Appreciating a partner’s individuality and creativity can help strengthen the bond between them. When they feel loved and accepted for who they are, they develop deeper trust and esteem for each other.

In conclusion, girls who overreact and come up with made-up words may have unique qualities that their partners find attractive and endearing. Their passion, self-defense, and creativity are positive attributes that should be embraced and cherished.

These traits can strengthen relationships, create deeper bonds, and make them feel loved and supported for who they are.

7) Making Their Friends Laugh

Being able to make others laugh is a unique quality that many guys find attractive and endearing in a girl. While being funny can be seen as positive quality, it can also have a positive impact on relationships between partners, their friends, and their significant others.

Importance of Relationships with Significant Other’s Friends

It’s important to have connections with significant other’s friends, as it can bring partners closer together. When a girl is able to make her partner’s friends laugh, it shows that she does not feel intimidated by them.

It indicates confidence, ease, and an ability to fit in with a group, which is attractive to guys. Fostering good relationships with friends is good for the relationship between partners.

It helps partners understand each other better. A significant other’s friends can offer fresh perspectives and share experiences that help make the relationship stronger.

Significance of a Girl’s Ability to Make Others Laugh

Being funny is not just about telling jokes. It’s about using humor to brighten someone’s mood, connect, or share experiences with them.

A girl’s ability to make people laugh contributes positively to her relationships and interactions with

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