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Addicted to Their Coolness: 10 Signs of Having a Friend Crush

Friend Crush: The Mesmerizing Addiction of Non-Romantic Crushes

Do you ever find yourself having a non-romantic crush on someone? Are you addicted to their coolness or personally charmed by their quirks?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then congratulations, you have a friend crush! And dont worry, youre not alone. Friend crushes are the special kind of relationships where you feel extremely cool around your friend – theres something about them – an unexplained charisma, a fascinating personality or just simply the way they carry themselves that keeps you enticed.

It’s an inexplicable addiction that has you dreaming about them and seeking their company all the time. Let’s explore some signs of having a friend crush:

Excitement for Common Interests

What could be more exciting than having common interests? TV shows, movies, bands, genres, social media – these are a few things that you share a passion for! When you share interests with someone, they bring you a step closer, and you have more to talk about.

It’s like you both exist in a parallel universe that is only understood by you. You’ll soon find yourself staying up till 3am binge-watching your favorite shows together.

Admiration for Personality

What’s that one thing that you just cant get enough of? The way they laugh, dress, walk or talk – it could be anything! They have that special “No fucks given” mode that is so cool and admirable – how do they do it?

You’re mesmerized by the way they express themselves without worrying about what people will think. And when they get mad, it’s a different story altogether – you just can’t help but respect their authenticity.

Event Attendance Preference

Have you noticed that you tend to attend events together, concerts, clubbing, conventions, debates, masquerades, fashion shows, and so on? The event itself is secondary, but attending it with them is what makes it memorable.

You make sure that you never miss any event with them, and even if you do miss it, you’ll regret it for weeks. Even mutual friends become an exciting aspect when youre hanging out together.

Inside Jokes

Having inside jokes is a clear sign that you both just get each other. You have a list of silly things that make you both laugh aloud, in public or in your own cozy corner.

You create and update them regularly, and they become a significant part of what makes you both click. It’s that little secret that only you and your friend share, and it brings you both closer each day.

Attention to Details and Compliments

Whenever you’re around them, you notice the little things they do that make them so unique. Their hairstyle, outfit, nail polish – everything seems to be on point.

You make an effort to compliment them and appreciate their taste because you know it brightens up their day. And when youre apart, you might even find yourself thinking about them- how their attire reflects who they are, and how appreciative and grateful you are that they exist.

Meaningful Conversations

You share an odd interest in things that others find weird and pointless: obscure topics, tweets, high school, aliens, breakups, and everything in between. Your conversations become a weirdly meaningful part of your existence.

Sometimes theyre serious, but mostly they make you both laugh. Funny thoughts and unusual theories build a strong connection that keeps you both glued together for hours.


You feel cool around them, but at the same time, you’re out of your comfort zone. Whenever you plan to meet them or be in their company, youre anxious, fearful of saying something embarrassing or ruining a perfect moment.

The idea of disappointing them makes you nervous, even though they might just laugh it off. Its like being in love with someone – you worry about what they might think or feel about you.


Text messages are a vital aspect of your relationship – Snapchats, Urban dictionary definitions, funny things that you come across on your phone- all are ways to communicate. The phone becomes a common space to talk and share.

The chats are never-ending, and neither of you seems to have enough of them. Texts and photos become an exciting means of communication, building closer bonds even when youre far apart.

Adoption of Cool Words and Phrases

Have you ever found yourself using a word or phrase that your friend uses because it’s cool? When you spend time with someone, you start to pick up on their habits their behavioral changes, their conversational routine, their influence over you.

Thats what this is all about. Your friend’s words have an impact on your life, and youre grateful for it.


Laughter is the happiest sound that exists in a friendship. You laugh out loud, tons of laughs and happy memories, and it makes your day.

Everything is just funnier when you’re around them – their expressions, their stories, their thoughts. Your friend crush takes your happiness levels up a notch!

Characteristics of a Friend Crush

Friend crushes come with a distinct set of characteristics – all of which make you fall in love with your friend even more. Charisma is their charm, wit, weirdness, sarcasm, or even bad-assery.

Theyre simply fascinating in a way that makes it hard to resist them. They fulfill some unspoken need that you might not have even known existed inside you-you just feel contented and fulfilled simply being around them.

With them, its like youre truly understood like no one ever has before. You love everything about them, and they become the brightest aspect of your life.

It’s a non-romantic relationship, but it’s everything you could want in a friendship. They become your new best friend, brother/sister, bestie, and real friends.

Your friend crush is a reflection of your happiness and elevates you to a new level. Friend crushes are exclusive – you attend events together, share inside jokes, have meaningful weird conversations, and, most of all, love that they’re your bestie.

You prefer the duo, and mutual friends are an extension of your bond.

In Closing

Whether you want to call it “friend crush,” “platonic crush,” or simply “friend,” the relationship is a peculiarly addictive one. It’s a spark of joy that comes unexpectedly, leaving you wanting more and always wondering what it is that makes them so cool.

Friend crushes provide a unique brand of friendship and are often the most meaningful and precious relationships in our lives. By exploring the signs of having a friend crush, and understanding its characteristics, youll appreciate and cherish it more.

So whos your friend crush? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Common Interests: Finding a Kindred Spirit

When you meet someone, whether at work, school, or through mutual friends, you might find yourself having a conversation about a shared interest.

And when you learn that you both have the same love for something specific – a TV show, movie, band, genre, or social media platform, it’s like a spark ignites. There’s a sense of relief and happiness that washes over you, knowing that you’ve found someone with whom you can discuss your passion.

Sometimes it can turn into a shared obsession, binge-watching shows over the weekend for hours on end.

Admiration for Personality: Standing Out

In a sea of people all vying for attention, your friend crush stands out. There’s something about their personality that makes them magnetic – the way they laugh, dress, walk, or talk.

They move through life with charisma, charm, and wit all their own, and it’s addicting to be around. And there’s that special phase when they go into ‘No fucks given’ mode – it’s awe-inspiring to know someone so comfortable in their own skin.

And when they get mad, it’s like a testament to how unique they are, like you’ve seen another dimension of their personality.

Event Attendance Preference: Better Together

Everyone has that one friend they always go clubbing or attend concerts with, for instance. For friends with crushes, it’s no different.

They take every opportunity to attend events, whether it’s comic conventions, debates, fashion shows, or masquerades. Regardless of the event, being there with your friend crush makes it exponentially more enjoyable.

If there’s a mutual friend, its even more exciting, and it becomes a grand experience for all.

Inside Jokes: A Secret Bond

There’s nothing quite like sharing an inside joke with someone. It’s the fact that only the two of you understand it – a special language that keeps your bond intact.

Lists of things you both find silly and humorous, that one thing that makes you both laugh out loud in public, or that thing that happened at your favorite spot – all these shared moments become a staple against the rest of the world.

Attention to Details and Compliments: Noticing the Little Things

When you have a friend crush, you tend to pay a little extra attention to their appearance. You admire them for their style, praise their hairstyle or outfit choices, and take note of their nail polish shade.

You might forget once in a while, but most times, you are on point. In turn, giving compliments becomes one of the simplest and easiest ways to make them feel good.

And youd feel flattered if they do the same for you.

Meaningful Conversations: Weird Topics and Overthinking

Sometimes conversations with friends can’t be put into one category; they’re just plain weird. But the weirdness is what makes it all the more exciting.

Discussing topics like aliens, conspiracy theories, or high school days can keep you talking for hours, and you never get bored. You can talk about a shared love for a quirky tweet, and you’d feel like it was the most meaningful conversation you’ve ever had.

Breakups? No problem, it’s just another topic youll explore weirdly and meaningfully.

Nervousness: The Fear of Ruining Everything

As with any relationship, even the ones that are not romantic, there is always a tinge of nervousness. It could be the fear of being too cool, trying too hard, or getting on their nerves.

It’s not easy understanding their point of view and making sure you don’t say something that can ruin it all. You just want everything to be perfect, and you find yourself overthinking things you never thought you would.

Texting: Never Enough

It’s hard to put down your phone when you’re messaging someone you like talking too.

Texting between friends could be a hyper dose of communication.

It ranges from sending Snapchats with funny filters, exchanging Urban dictionary definitions, sharing funny memes or gifs, or simply chatting about the day. Your phones become an extension of your conversations, and you never seem to have enough of them.

Adoption of Cool Words and Phrases: The Influence of Your Friend Crush

When you’re around someone enough, you might find that you tend to pick up on their vocabulary habits. They might introduce you to a new word or phrase, and you start using it too.

Soon enough, the person you admire becomes a benchmark of coolness, and you find yourself adopting their every word or phrase. You might even find that their perspective changes yours and its perfect!

Laughter: The Sound of Happiness

A shared laugh between friends is an unforgettable experience.

Laughter is a sound that can lift spirits and make the day more agreeable.

It’s moments like these that bond you to your friend crush – laughing at their expressions, their stories, and their observations – it’s like the world outside fades away for a moment. That shared laughter becomes a snapshot of happiness, a memory to cherish, and a hope to recreate again and again.

In conclusion, friend crushes are a thing, and they’re something to be embraced. Signs of a friend crush range from having common interests, attending events together, having inside jokes, texting, and all the other signs weve discussed.

There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone for their personality or paying attention to their appearance. Friend crushes provide that unique bond that only exists between two people.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and find your friend crush!

In conclusion, a friend crush is a special kind of relationship that comes with its set of characteristics.

From having common interests, attending events together, having inside jokes, texting, and being nervous about messing things up, friend crushes are an unforgettable experience. Perhaps the most significant importance of the friend crush is being able to share meaningful and weird conversations with someone who understands you.

It’s the ability to be yourself without feeling judged, and that is invaluable. These shared moments become the foundation for an unbreakable bond, one that cherishes laughter, mutual interests, and what makes the other person mesmerizing.

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