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Are You Dealing with a Pillow Princess? How to Spot Them and Address Their Behavior

Understanding Pillow Princesses

Hey there! Want to learn about pillow princesses? Youve come to the right place.

Pillow princesses are individuals who enjoy receiving oral sex but dont reciprocate. Pillow princesses can be found in bisexual, lesbian, heterosexual, and queer relationships.

What is a Pillow Princess? A pillow princess is someone who likes to take and receive sexual pleasure but doesnt necessarily return the favor.

This might make them seem entitled, lazy in bed, and not contributing much during sex. Although receiving oral sex is a common trait among pillow princesses, its not only about that type of pleasure.

Who Are Pillow Princesses? Pillow princesses are individuals from different sexual orientations who tend to be more passive in bed.

Some women enjoy being pillow princesses because of their personal preferences, while others might have other reasons that well explore later on.

Understanding Characteristics of a Pillow Princess

A pillow princess is typically known for taking pleasure rather than giving it. In bed, theyre not as involved and expect their partner to do all the work.

This type of behavior can be seen as selfish and unattractive. Some Pillow Princesses are not shy at all, and they might even seem uninterested in their partner’s needs.

The Evolution of the Term and Societal Assumptions

The term pillow princess has evolved over time and has its origins in the LGBTQIA community. Back in the day, it was mostly used by men to describe women who weren’t willing to perform sexual acts on their partners.

Nowadays, pillow princess has become part of our mainstream vocabulary, but some assumptions are still made about the person’s sexual orientation. Although the term is used to describe women, men who prefer to receive might also be referred to as pillow princesses.

How to Spot a Pillow Princess? It’s not hard to spot a pillow princess; here are some signs that you might be dealing with one:

Theyre uninterested in Pleasing their Partner

Pillow princesses tend to be more concerned with receiving pleasure rather than giving it. If you feel like your partner is not interested in exploring any other sexual activity that doesn’t revolve around them, it could be an indication that they’re a pillow princess.

Theyre Shy and Prudish

Although not all pillow princesses might be shy, some women use their passive behavior as a way of avoiding intimacy or expressing their needs and desires. If your partner is not confident enough to express themselves sexually, it can make you feel discouraged about exploring your sexuality together.

They Put Little Effort

Pillow princesses do very little while participating in sexual activity. You might find them lying down or maneuvering themselves in a way that gives them maximum pleasure while doing nothing.

If you feel like youre the only one putting in effort, then your partner might be a pillow princess.

They Expected their Partner to Do All the Work

If you’re in a relationship with a pillow princess, you’ll feel like you’re doing all the work during sex. Youll also feel like youre carrying the entire weight of the relationship on your shoulders.

Sex should be an enjoyable and mutual experience, which is why its crucial to spot a pillow princess early.

Boring Sex

Pillow princesses are mostly interested in receiving pleasure and end up making sex seem boring and dull. Not exploring and trying out new things can make the sexual experience unappealing, thus, completely dulling the fun.

Possible Reasons for Being a Pillow Princess

Its crucial to note that not everyone who thinks of themselves as a pillow princess is naturally lazy. Here are some possible reasons why someone might manifest this behavior:


If your partner is inexperienced in the sex department, especially on what to do, they might not know how to reciprocate or even please you.


Your partner might be dealing with some phobia or anxiety, preventing them from exploring other sexual activities or even expressing themselves during sex.

Past Experiences

Trauma can make people uncomfortable in their skin and nervous about sex. Its possible that your partner has had a bad experience in the past, which has led them to become more passive during sex.

Sexual Trauma

People whove experienced sexual trauma tend to have a hard time enjoying sex or even engaging in sexual activities. Mental health issues associated with sexual trauma can also lead someone to be a pillow princess.


Lastly, some pillow princesses are simply lazy and unwilling to reciprocate. This attitude towards sex can be harmful to a relationship long-term.

Addressing the Issue of Being a Pillow Princess

If you feel like your partner is a pillow princess and you want to address the issue, here are a few tips:

Effective Communication

Communication is key when it comes to addressing the issue of being a pillow princess. Approach your partner calmly and lovingly, expressing how their actions are making you feel.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is essential when addressing the issue of being a pillow princess. Its crucial to listen to your partner’s side of the story and come to a solution that works for everyone involved.

Giving Back

Encourage your partner to reciprocate by engaging in acts of sexual pleasure that involve giving as well as receiving.

Willingness to Explore Sexually

Its important to explore and try out new things that keep your sexual relationship fresh and exciting. Encourage your partner to explore other sexual activities and find what works best for your relationship.

In conclusion, Pillow princesses might be a common thing nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it’s a healthy lifestyle. Its essential to address the issue of being a pillow princess in any relationship before it eats into much-needed sexual exploration and intimacy.

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Personal Experiences and Advice

Now that weve discussed what pillow princesses are, how to spot them, and why they might manifest their behavior, let me share some personal experiences and advice. As a woman who likes to receive oral sex, I used to think that I was a pillow princess.

However, I realized that there’s so much more to sex than just receiving pleasure. Sex should be a mutual experience, and both partners should derive pleasure from it.

Ways to Alleviate Pillow Princess Tendencies

If you’re someone who leans towards pillow princess behavior, here are some tips to help you be more actively involved in sexual activities:

Using Pillows or Partner’s Body for Support

Using pillows or your partner’s body for support can be a great way to be more involved in sex. This can entail moving your body in rhythm, using your legs, or pushing against your partner’s weight.

This can make you more active and engaged in the process rather than being a passive participant.

Be Open to New Experiences

Being open to trying new things sexually can help alleviate pillow princess tendencies. Explore different ways of pleasing your partner and being pleased.

This can include exploring different positions, discovering new erogenous zones, or trying new toys.

Willingness to Reciprocate

Reciprocating can go a long way in a sexual relationship. It doesn’t have to be in the same way, but it could mean engaging in sexual acts that give your partner pleasure.

This will make your partner feel desirable and fulfilled. It can also create a special bond that you two can share, making sex more intimate and enjoyable.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement to Be Sexually Adventurous

Its important to remember that it’s okay to have preferences when it comes to sex and that its okay to like to receive oral sex. However, its important to be mindful of how your behavior affects your partner and the relationship as a whole.

Sex should be an enjoyable and mutual experience for both partners. It’s important to avoid being judgmental of your partner and being willing to compromise for the greater good.

Don’t bring your personal baggage or past experiences into your sexual interactions. Each sexual experience with a partner is unique and should be treated as such.

In conclusion, being sexually adventurous can be an exciting and fulfilling journey if both partners are open and willing to explore new things. Remember, communication, mutual respect, and willingness to give and receive pleasure are keys to having a healthy sexual relationship.

In conclusion, understanding pillow princesses and how to address their behavior is critical in any sexual relationship. It’s essential to remember that although receiving pleasure can be enjoyable, both partners should derive pleasure from sexual activities.

Spotting the signs of a pillow princess can be difficult, but there are ways to alleviate their behavior by being more involved and willing to explore new sexual experiences. Open communication, mutual respect, and the willingness to give and receive pleasure are necessary for any healthy sexual relationship.

By encouraging each other to be sexually adventurous and discarding personal baggage, not only will the sexual experience be fulfilling, but the relationship will also be stronger.

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