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Beware of Love Bombing: The Manipulative Tactic You Need to Recognize and Avoid

Love bombing it sounds like a lovely term, right? Who wouldn’t want to be showered with affection, compliments, and attention?

But the truth is, love bombing is a form of emotional manipulation that can leave you feeling confused, vulnerable, and even powerless. So what exactly is love bombing?

Love bombing is a psychological tactic used by some individuals to gain your trust, manipulate your emotions, and ultimately use you to fulfill their selfish needs. The concept of love bombing revolves around excessive praise, validation, and attention that’s often given in a short time frame.

As a result, it triggers a rush of chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and dopamine, which make you feel good about yourself, and the person making you feel that way. Sounds like a good thing, right?

Not quite.

Effects of Love Bombing

Love bombing may feel good initially, but the effect is short-lived. It doesn’t take long for the person doing the love bombing to show their true colors, typically revealing their selfish motives.

The result is a sudden drop in self-esteem, trust, and willpower. If you think about it, it’s tough to trust someone who’s showering you with praise and adoration one minute, and the next they’re treating you like an afterthought.

The manipulative impact of love bombing can linger for an extended period, leaving scars that could take years to heal. One of the effects of love bombing is you may find yourself willing to do anything to regain the feeling of validation and attention you felt during the love-bombing phase.

The person doing the love bombing knows this and will exploit it to get what they want from you.

Motivations for Love Bombing

So what motivates someone to use love bombing? It often comes down to ego and self-importance.

People who use this tactic are often in a position of power, looking to gain even more control over others. They may also be driven by past experiences that have left them feeling vulnerable and helpless.

The manipulation gives them a sense of power and control that makes them feel better about themselves.

Types of Love Bombing

Love bombing takes different forms in various relationships. Here are some of the most common types of love bombing:

Love Bombing in Friendship

Have you ever had a friend who showers you with attention and praise only to disappear when they need you? This kind of love bombing is common in friendships.

The person giving the attention may have selfish motives, such as needing someone to stroke their ego, taking advantage of your resources, or ghosting you when they’ve used you to the fullest.

Love Bombing in Parenting

Parents may also use love bombing to bond or manipulate their children. It involves showing an excessive amount of love, attention, and affection to get the child to comply with their wishes or make them feel guilty or indebted.

This kind of love bombing can be positive and lead to emotional growth or change, but it can also be negative and lead to emotional manipulation and abuse.

Love Bombing in Relationships (Dating)

Love bombing in romantic relationships takes on a whole new level of manipulation. For instance, withholding affection until you’ve given them what they want, milking your resources dry, and exhibiting narcissistic behaviors such as gaslighting, manipulation, and making you feel guilty when you don’t succumb to their demands.

Love bombing in relationships can make you feel vulnerable, used, and emotionally drained.

Love Bombing in Marriage

The love-bombing phase of a marriage usually happens during the courting phase. However, some people continue to use this tactic long into the marriage, typically to manipulate their partners into submitting to their requests.

For example, denying sex until you’ve done what they want, exploiting your resources, and making you feel guilty for standing up for yourself. In conclusion, love bombing is emotional manipulation that can lead to feelings of confusion, vulnerability, and powerlessness.

It’s essential to recognize and avoid this dangerous tactic, whether it’s in a friendship, parenting, dating, or marriage. Remember to safeguard your self-esteem and take the time to trust someone genuinely before allowing yourself to be vulnerable in any relationship.

Have you ever met someone who swept you off your feet, made you feel like the most important person in the world, and overwhelmed you with affection? It might seem romantic, but it could also be the beginning of a love bombing strategy.

Love bombing is a form of emotional manipulation that can take many forms, from excessive praise and compliments to grand gestures and gifts. It’s essential to recognize the signs of love bombing to protect yourself from being used and hurt in the long term.

Here are some signs that someone may be using love bombing to manipulate you:

1. Excessive Compliments and Romantic Gestures

The person showering you with attention and praise may act like they can’t get enough of you.

They’ll lavish compliments and romantic gestures on you, telling you how wonderful, beautiful, and special you are. They may even bring you expensive gifts or plan elaborate dates to impress you.

2. Too Much Contact

When someone is love bombing you, they might try to contact you all the time, usually in one-sided communication.

For instance, calling, texting, emailing, or messaging you on social media repeatedly, sometimes even well past your bedtime, shows their effort to bottleneck you and prevent you from having equal power in your communication. 3.

Everything Happens Fast

Love bombing moves quickly, often too quickly. You may find yourself swept up in a flurry of premature actions, promises, and fantasies without having any time to think about what’s happening.

The person may rush into an exclusive relationship, declaring their love for you too soon and too often. 4.

Exploitation based on Weaknesses and Insecurities

Love bombers often operate by exploiting their victim’s weaknesses and insecurities. They may use secrets you’ve shared with them against you, manipulate you into doing things you’re not comfortable with, or make you feel guilty for not giving them whatever they want.

They do so to make you depend on them and prevent you from breaking away. 5.

Accept All Your Opinions Without Objection

A love bomber wants to keep you close and make you feel as though you can trust them fully without any criticisms. They may express agreement with all your opinions and never say anything to challenge you.

You may feel like they “get” you as they make you feel like a perfect match. 6.

Excessive Interaction With Your Loved Ones

Love bombers are strategic players, and they may try to engage with your friends and family as much as possible to create a bond between them and you. They’ll pump up your traits and even lie about things they have achieved to gain your loved one’s trust while maintaining the image of a perfect partner.

7. Only Nice to You

Love bombers maintain a facade of being nice and kind always to maintain the delusion and deception they’ve created.

Nevertheless, you’ll find that they are nasty and cruel to people outside your relationship. It’s usually a sign that they haven’t changed, and when they will stop loving you the way they used to, the ugly side of their personalities will resurface.

8. They Monitor Your Movements

If someone is love bombing you, they may monitor your every movement, ensuring that you’re always available to them.

They might drop by unexpectedly or text you repeatedly to check up on you, often to the point of being controlling. 9.

Extreme Concern for Life’s Decisions

A love bomber may start putting themselves in every decision you make while making it seem all about you. They’ll begin to convince you that they care so much about you and need to get involved with everything you do to feel relevant in your life.

10. They Don’t Like It When You Put Boundaries

When you identify someone love-bombing you, setting boundaries is crucial, but their reaction to these boundaries gives you great insight into how desperate their agenda is.

They may try to manipulate you to drop them or invalidate your boundaries or even harm you. All this shows they want to push that agenda regardless of how it may affect you.

Learning to Deal with Love Bombing

If you suspect that you’re being love-bombed, here are some ways to deal with it:

1. Identifying Love Bombing

People who tend to fall victim to love bombing share a certain character trait or behavioral pattern that allows them to be exploited.

Identifying attachment styles, limiting beliefs, or specific tendencies can help identify those who are susceptible to love bombing. 2.

Setting Clear and Strict Boundaries

One of the best ways to deal with love bombing is by setting clear and strict boundaries that limit the person’s control over you. Communicate your limits to them, have a support system, and therapy to keep to the boundaries, irrespective of what happens.

3. Prioritizing Self-Help

If you’ve been love bombed in the past or are currently experiencing it, prioritize self-help.

Make your personal wellbeing and self-care a priority. Focus on personal development and growth and surround yourself with people who respect your boundaries and aren’t trying to manipulate you.


Love bombing is a manipulative tactic that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, and powerless. However, recognizing the signs of love bombing and learning how to deal with it is a great step towards protecting yourself from being manipulated or used.

Remember to always prioritize your self-care and personal growth, and seek professional help if necessary. It’s essential to recognize the signs of love bombing to protect yourself from emotional manipulation that can be devastating in the long term.

Love bombing can take on various forms, from excessive praise and compliments to grand gestures and gifts. It can happen in friendships, parenting, dating, and marriage, and it can leave scars that take years to heal.

Identifying love bombing, setting clear and strict boundaries, and prioritizing self-help are crucial steps towards protecting yourself from falling into a love bomber’s trap. Remember to prioritize your wellbeing and personal growth, and seek professional help if necessary.

By doing so, you’ll prevent love bombing and take charge of your life.

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