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Beware! Top 10 Worst Male Online Habits Ruining Your Life

Are you guilty of bad online habits? If so, watch out! Your online behavior can have serious consequences that can affect your employment, relationships, and even lead to criminal charges.

In this article, we’ll explore the risks of bad online habits and highlight the worst male online habits that you should avoid.

Risks of Bad Online Habits

Employment Options

One of the biggest risks of bad online habits is the impact they can have on your employment options. Nowadays, many employers perform background checks and also check job applicants’ social media accounts.

Your attitude, work ethics, and trustworthiness can be scrutinized through your online profile. Your online behavior can give your prospective employer an idea of your personality and work style, providing them the assurance whether you would fit well into the team.


Your online behavior can also affect your relationships. Your activity and communication patterns can cause people to perceive you negatively and damage your reputation.

For instance, if your online activities show tendencies towards serial killer or cheating behaviors, your partner or potential partners may think twice before getting involved with you. A bad reputation can be a big turn off for anyone, no matter how good you are in person.

Criminal Charges

Bad online habits can lead to serious legal consequences. Cybercrime laws are becoming increasingly stringent and even words and comments online can be used as ammo against you in court.

Judiciousness and consciousness are necessary before you hit that share button.

Worst Male Online Habits

Now that we’ve looked at the risks of bad online habits, let’s take a closer look at some of the worst male online habits that you should definitely avoid.

Idiotic Pictures

Shirtless pics, shirtless mirror pics, pictures with shades, blurry pics, and cropping girls out are definite ‘no-nos.’ Instead, use a clear, mid-range photo, or better still, add a photo with a baby or a furry pet. It’ll make you appear nurturing and caring, and there’s nothing like a cute photo to brighten the day.

The Shocking Timeline Photo

One thing that you should avoid is a canker sore photo or an attention-seeking post. It is not okay to post a picture of yourself with your shirt off for no apparent reason.

People have different tastes, but let’s try to keep it PG-rated.

Liking a porn page

Privacy settings are important, and discretion is key. Liking a busty babe page on Facebook or watching videos on YouPorn in incognito mode – it’s all good.

But don’t make it public knowledge. We all have our kinks, but there’s no need to broadcast it to the world.

Using the Facebook Thumbs up Sign

Thumbs up sign is a great way to acknowledge posts, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come off as gaming the system or a “yes man” who likes everything on their timeline.

Facetiming with your bros

Facetiming with your friends is fine, but not when you’re in the middle of a conversation with a girl. It can make her feel like she’s not important enough to have your undivided attention.

It’s best to schedule your calls appropriately.

Clicking Click-Bait Spam

Clicking on links that lead to pervy pictures makes you seem like a gullible pervert. These sites are just looking to make quick bucks with click-bait spam.

Yes, they pander to our prurient interests, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Comment Section Chat Room

The inbox chat should be used for making plans, not for chatting about logistical issues such what to wear tonight or how to do laundry. It is best to keep personal conversations private to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

The Unsolicited Dick Pic

Sending an unsolicited dick pic is a definite no-go. Don’t be that person who needs a rule to know better.

You wouldn’t walk around in a public place, exposing yourself to everyone – so don’t do it online either.

The Solicitation of Nudes

The solicitation of nudes is equally bad. It’s essential to have self-control, and commit to only what people are comfortable with.

Do not be a dickhead. Respect people’s boundaries.

Setting Fire to Themselves, Making a Puppy Drink Booze, etc. Lastly, please don’t set yourself on fire or make your innocent puppy drink booze and post it online.

It is reckless, ignorant, and most likely criminal. Please know that the internet is forever, and the consequences of your actions can stay with you for a long time.

In Conclusion:

Your online behavior can have serious consequences, affecting your employment, relationships, and legal standing. Avoid the worst male online habits, and keep your online interactions and content wholesome – cause you never know who might be watching or reading.

In conclusion, bad online habits can have severe consequences that can affect different aspects of your life, starting from employment to legal charges. Being mindful of your online behavior can help prevent negative impacts and ensure you maintain a good reputation online and offline.

It’s essential to avoid some of these worst male online habits, including posting inappropriate pictures, using the thumbs up sign too frequently, soliciting nudes, and other such actions that can reflect negatively on you. Being aware of these online habits can help you navigate the internet safely, positively, and with responsibility.

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