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Breaking Toxic Soul Ties: How to Cultivate Healthy and Fulfilling Relationships

Understanding and

Managing Soul Ties: What You Need to Know

Have you ever met someone who you just instantly connected with on a deep level? Someone who you felt inexplicably drawn to and couldn’t explain why?

That’s what we call a soul tie a powerful emotional bond that connects two people in a way that goes beyond physical attraction or shared interests. In this article, we’ll explore what soul ties are, how they can be both positive and negative, and how to manage them effectively.

What are Soul Ties? Simply put, a soul tie is a spiritual cording or connection between two people that goes beyond the physical world.

It’s an emotional bond that can develop between friends, romantic partners, family members, or even strangers. When two individuals share a soul tie, they may feel a deep sense of familiarity, have intense reactions to each other, and experience an inexplicable connection that defies reason.

Types of Soul Ties

There are different types of soul ties, and each has its unique qualities and characteristics. Let’s look at some of the most common types:


Romantic Soul Ties: These are the strongest and most intense form of soul ties, often created between two people who share a romantic or sexual connection. When two individuals have a romantic soul tie, they may feel like they’re meant to be together, have intense physical and emotional reactions to each other, and have an unexplainable bond that defies logic.

2. Platonic Soul Ties: These are connections that exist between people who share a deep and meaningful friendship or bond.

Unlike romantic soul ties, platonic soul ties are less intense and can develop between individuals of any gender or sexual orientation. 3.

Past Life Soul Ties: Sometimes we meet someone we feel like we’ve known before, despite never having met them in this lifetime. This type of soul tie often occurs when two individuals share a past life connection, and their souls recognize each other from a previous existence.

Signs of a Soul Tie

There are several signs that you have a soul tie with someone, whether good or bad. Let’s examine a few:


Deep Connection: If you feel like you’ve known someone for a long time, despite having only met them recently, it could be a sign of a soul tie. 2.

Strong Reactions: When you’re with someone who shares a soul tie with you, you may experience intense physical and emotional sensations, such as heightened heart rate or goosebumps. 3.

Feeling of Familiarity: There’s a sense of knowing someone that goes beyond just friendship or romance. You may feel like you have a shared history or deeper connection that’s difficult to explain.

4. Destined Timing: It may feel like the universe is bringing you two together, whether through chance encounters or serendipitous events.

5. Constant Thoughts: If you can’t stop thinking about someone, even when you’re apart, it could be a sign of a soul tie.

6. Confidence Boost: When you’re with someone who shares a soul tie with you, it can boost your self-esteem and give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Toxic Soul Ties

While soul ties can be positive, they can also be negative, especially when they become one-sided or manipulative. Here are some examples of how toxic soul ties can manifest:


Dependency: When one person becomes emotionally, mentally, or physically dependent on the other, it can lead to an unhealthy and imbalanced relationship. 2.

Obsession: When one person becomes fixated on the other, it can lead to stalking, constant contact, and an inability to move on. 3.

Addiction: Sometimes, soul ties can become addictive, almost like a drug. When you’re away from the person, you feel withdrawal symptoms, and your sense of self-worth becomes linked to their validation.

4. Suffocating: A soul tie that’s too intense and all-consuming can be suffocating, leaving no room for personal growth or independence.

5. Manipulative: When one person uses the other’s connection or emotions against them, it can lead to toxic and abusive behavior.

Managing Soul Ties

If you’re experiencing a soul tie with someone that’s causing more harm than good, it’s essential to manage the connection effectively. Here are some steps you can take:


Set Boundaries: Be clear and assertive about what you’re comfortable with, and don’t be afraid to say no or take a break. 2.

Focus on Yourself: It’s crucial to prioritize your own well-being and learn to love yourself, even without the validation of another person. 3.

Cut Ties: If the soul tie is too toxic or damaging, it may be necessary to cut off contact entirely. 4.

Seek Professional Help: If you’re struggling with the effects of a soul tie, don’t hesitate to seek help from a therapist or counselor. In conclusion, soul ties can be both powerful and profound, but they can also be negative and toxic if not managed correctly.

By understanding the signs of soul ties and their various forms, you can learn to harness their positive benefits and avoid their destructive effects. Remember to prioritize your well-being and set boundaries, and seek help if necessary.

With the right approach, you can manage your soul ties effectively and live a healthy and fulfilling life. Continuing our discussion about soul ties, we delve into the different types of soul ties that exist.

Each type of soul tie helps us form and maintain relationships, but some can be negative and undermine our emotional well-being. We also discuss various ways to break toxic soul ties, allowing us to live happier and healthier lives.

Types of Soul Ties

Protective Soul Ties

These types of soul ties protect a person from intense trauma. These ties exist among people who have faced difficult situations together, such as surviving a natural disaster or a terrorist attack.

They help form a strong emotional bond through an intense hormonal connection that keeps people feeling safe and supported.

Bonding Soul Ties

Some people experience bonding soul ties where they experience an initial dislike towards someone but then undergo a shared painful experience that bonds them together. Examples of such bonding experiences could be getting lost in the wilderness or being stuck in a natural disaster together.

Sexual Soul Ties

These ties stem from physical intimacy between two partners that creates a strong emotional and spiritual connection. Despite an end to the physical relationship, the bond created through total emotional understanding remains strong.

Binding Soul Ties

Binding soul ties are the strongest and most positive connections that exist between two people. These types of soul ties are characterized by an unconditional love that is always supportive.

They could be felt between a mother and her child, siblings, or between close friends who have maintained the bond for years.

Permanent Soul Ties

Permanent soul ties are healthy relationships characterized by a spiritual and subconscious connection that creates a long-lasting bond. These ties exist between two people who share a mutual understanding of each other, and these connections strengthen over time.

Breaking Soul Ties

While some soul ties are positive and necessary, others can be toxic and bring negativity into our lives. Here are some ways we can break soul ties that are not serving us well.


Toxic Soul Ties

Acknowledging a negative soul tie is the first step to breaking it. By identifying the soul tie causing emotional instability and negatively impacting personal or professional lives, we can move towards breaking it.

Seeking Energy/Soul Work

Soulwork consists of realigning spiritual access points to cleave from toxic soul ties. It’s an intense process that involves self-discovery and healing.

Some examples of soul work could include reading books on healing, spending time in nature, or trying meditation.

Cultivating Confidence

Cultivating self-confidence is crucial to break toxic soul ties. Learning to love ourselves and practice gratitude helps us develop a clear sense of self-worth and reduces our dependence on other people’s validation.

Developing a mindfulness routine also helps us stay in the present moment and focus on our goals.

Performing a Ritual

Different cultures and religions have various forms of soul ties breaking rituals. From Yoruba banishing ceremonies to Santeria cleanses or Wicca incantations, these ceremonies help cleanse our energy and intention.

The power of ritual reciting also helps us to declare our intention for breaking a toxic soul tie and connect us to a higher power.

Having Faith In The Universe

Having faith in something beyond us strengthens our connection to something outside of ourselves. It is important to align ourselves with the universe to manifest healthy relationships, allowing us to let go of harmful ones.

Practicing Forgiveness

By letting go of grudges and resentments, we clear our hearts and minds while improving our mental and physical health. Practicing forgiveness also means setting boundaries by not allowing others to have control over our lives.

Detaching From

Toxic Soul Ties On Social Media

Taking a break from social media is necessary to break ties with someone who negatively impacts your mental and emotional health. Detaching oneself from a toxic person’s social media presence banishes their presence in our lives and helps promote overall well-being.

Developing A Meditation Habit

Meditation enables us to alter our brain wiring, positively impacting our cognitive function, reducing stress and anxiety levels. Connecting with the self through meditation also establishes an unwavering sense of calm and a clear state of mind, freeing us from negative influences.


Breaking negative soul ties is essential for leading a healthier life. Whether through identifying toxic soul ties, developing self-worth, or faith in the Universe, it is essential to prioritize our emotional and mental well-being.

We must cultivate positive soul ties and create meaningful connections with people that foster healing, empowerment, and emotional growth. Breaking free from negative soul ties, resolve negative emotions, and promotes the healing of self by breaking negative emotional chains with negative energy and encourages moving forward.

Breaking Soul Ties with an Ex

Breaking ties with an ex-partner is challenging, especially when the relationship was toxic. The following are ways to break oneself away from the toxic soul ties that keep us bound to our ex-partners.

Acknowledging the Toxicity of the Relationship

Acknowledging that the relationship was toxic is an important first step towards breaking toxic soul ties with an ex-partner. This could involve reflecting on the aspects of the relationship that were manipulative, exploitative, and isolating.

It may be helpful to share these insights with a trusted friend or therapist.

Not Leaving the Door open for Reconciliation

It’s essential to avoid leaving the door open for reconciliation, especially if the relationship was abusive or unhealthy. This involves cutting contact (including blocking them if necessary) and making it clear that the relationship is over in no uncertain terms.

Decluttering Life of Their Belongings and Mementos

Getting rid of physical reminders of the past relationship is another way to break toxic soul ties with an ex-partner. This could mean donating clothing, deleting photos, or removing personalized items from the living space.

Visualizing Enjoying Life without Them

Visualizing a life without an emotionally harmful ex-partner is crucial for healing from a toxic relationship. This involves moving focus to the future and pursuing new interests, investing time in friendships, self-care, or personal growth.

Cutting off Digital Ties

Cutting off online ties to an ex-partner, such as unfriending, unfollowing, or blocking them on social media, is also necessary as a reminder of the relationship’s definitive end.

Unbreakable Soul Ties

While some soul ties can be toxic and lead to emotional harm, some are strong bonds between individuals that endure through lifetimes. These can either be fulfilling or challenging relationships and can also manifest as the wolf pack phenomenon, where groups of individuals feel they have a deep, unexplainable bond with one another.

Theory that Individuals Have the Power to Make and Break Bonds Through Free Will

Individuals have the power to make and break bonds through free will. Although strong emotions and deep connections may exist, individuals hold the power to dictate who they surround themselves with, which bonds they form, and which ones they break.

The power of choice allows us to ensure our own safety and growth while nurturing healthy soul ties.


Breaking toxic soul ties is an essential process towards healing and emotional growth that allows individuals to thrive and enjoy fulfilling relationships. This involves acknowledging the toxicity in the relationship, cutting off communication, and taking steps to remove physical and digital reminders.

Although some soul ties are unbreakable, it’s crucial to understand that individuals hold the power to form and break ties with others. This reminder empowers individuals with the free will to choose relationships that foster growth and healing, creates emotionally healthier individuals and relationships in the future.

Creating Healthy Soul Ties

Healthy soul ties are what help create fulfilling and lasting relationships. Making sure to forge deep connections that provide a reciprocal benefit for both partners helps lead to the creation of such soul ties.

The following suggestions are ways in which one can cultivate healthy soul ties in their relationships.

Ways to Lead a Relationship Down the Soul Tie Path

Getting Married

Sharing a deep emotional connection with someone could lead to exploring relationship milestones such as marriage. Marriage solidifies a deep bond and creates a sense of everlasting closeness while also promoting trust, safety, and a lifelong commitment.

Becoming Intimate

Sharing intimacy with someone implies opening oneself to another person, making oneself vulnerable, and creating a deeper bond. Intimacy is not just limited to physical contact but also emotional intimacy where each partner is open and honest with the other.

Committing to Honesty and Emotional Vulnerability

Cultivating an open and honest relationshipone where both parties are vulnerable and honest with their thoughts and feelingshelps bring both individuals closer and prompts emotional growth. This also means sharing personal truths even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

Asking the Universe

Asking the Universe, praying, or visualizing strengthens the attraction of healthy relationships. Creating an intention, coupled with positive visualization or prayer, sets the tone for healthy soul connections.

Welcoming a Pet Into One’s Life

Welcoming a pet into one’s family is also an excellent way to create a healthy soul tie from non-human beings. Maintaining a positive and loving relationship with a pet reinforces reciprocity within companionship.

Lessons to Be Learned from Both Positive and Negative Soul Tie Experiences

Positive soul tie experiences give one a sense of safety and fulfillment, while negative soul tie experiences could create emotional harm and unhealthy dependencies.

Nuggets of Wisdom

There is wisdom to be gained from every soul tie experience. Positive soul ties teach one that it’s possible to forge deep connections with others and to cherish those connections.

Negative soul ties teach the importance of maintaining boundaries and recognizing when one is hurting or feeling trapped. Building healthy soul ties is a gradual and focused process, but once established, they offer a strong foundation for fulfilling, balanced relationships.

Relationships that reflect healthy soul connections nourish the Souls of individuals and leave a lasting imprint of deep and fulfilling relationships on our planet.

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