Can Two Narcissists Find Love? The Truth About Narcissist Couples

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Can Two Narcissists Become a Couple?

When it comes to personality disorders, few are as challenging to deal with as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Living with someone with NPD can be a living hell. Everything is about them, their needs, their wants, and their desires. In short, it’s all about themselves. But how does this behavior play out when two narcissists become a couple? Is it possible for a healthy relationship to form? Let’s explore.

Characteristics of Narcissism

1. Self-Absorbed

A narcissist is entirely focused on themselves and their needs. They lack the ability to recognize or empathize with other people’s difficulties.

2. Grandiose Beliefs

They often believe they are exceptional and should be admired by everyone around them.

3. Lack of Empathy

People with NPD are unable to acknowledge the feelings of others.

4. Need for Control

Narcissists want everything to be about them, and they tend to control everything around them.

A relationship can be helped when the people in it want to improve their behaviors and support each other. However, when two people with these same traits come together, it may create a problematic situation.

Narcissist Couples in Relationships

Could a relationship between two narcissists be successful? Not likely. The reason for this is that the dynamics of a healthy relationship require mutual compromise and sacrifice. Narcissists aren’t interested in the needs of their partners and rarely make concessions. Instead, they demand admiration and attention from their partner, with little interest in their partner’s feelings or perspective. This may manifest in abusive behavior such as gaslighting, manipulation, and even physical abuse in some cases.

When Two Narcissists Are in Love – Narcissist Couples

Surprisingly, two narcissists can enter into a relationship and seem quite happy, at least on the surface. Interestingly, narcissists tend to seek people who are similar to them, so two individuals with the same personality disorder may find a powerful attraction in one another.

Two narcissists may create a sense of harmony, at least initially. They may both bask in each others’ admiration, encouraging and feeding off one another’s grandiose beliefs. As long as there is a steady supply of admiration and attention, the relationship may work. But this satisfaction is fleeting.

For one, the perfect image each person has crafted of themselves will eventually be challenged. With another Narcissist who is similarly self-absorbed, both parties may be more critical of any perceived flaws or shortcomings in the other. Additionally, these relationships are often fueled by a need for status, which may lead to a fair amount of competition between them. They may both want to be in the public eye and may fight for the “top position” in the relationship.

The Science behind Narcissist Couples

A new study showed that people who are Narcissistic, have similar desires and interests, and like attract like. This similarity may be why two narcissists may be drawn to one another. Other similar traits in these individuals include Machiavellianism, trait anxiety, extraversion, and psychopathy. While there is no direct correlation between these traits and NPD, it is often found that people with NPD may share many of these particular personality traits.

Summing Up

In a world where we’re taught that “opposites attract,” it may be surprising to learn that Narcissists people gravitate toward one another. But at the end of the day, similarity is a common factor in all strong relationships.

For individuals with NPD, their ability to build a healthy and enjoyable relationship isn’t impossible, but it is unlikely and requires effort. When like-minded individuals come together, it is no surprise that they may enjoy one another’s company for a time. However, two people who value the same thing and act similarly can eventually lead to cracks in the relationship. So, if you’re one of two narcissists in a relationship, know that your similarities may be comforting at first. But your different expectations may lead to friction and dissatisfaction in the end that may not make the relationship worthwhile.

In conclusion, two narcissists can become a couple, and while it might seem like a match made in heaven, their similarities can eventually become problematic. Narcissism is a complex personality disorder, and when two individuals with similar traits are paired together, it may lead to unhealthy competition, abuse, and a lack of empathy. Understanding a specific personality disorder is valuable to recognize the potential issues and navigate any difficulties that might arise.

As with any relationship, the key to success is always communication, compromise, and the ability to prioritize the other person’s needs and feelings.

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