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Crack the Code: 20 Qualities Alpha Males Look for in Women

Attention single ladies, are you tired of attracting the wrong kind of men? Do you want to know what makes an alpha male fall in love?

Look no further. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of alpha males and provide tips for attracting them.

We will also discuss what type of woman an alpha male is attracted to. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn.

What Makes Alpha Males Fall in Love

Alpha males are societal personalities who exude power, wealth, and opportunities. They are dominant, confident, protective, and adaptive.

Now, what are the tips for attracting alpha males?


The first step to attracting an alpha male is to show loyalty. Alpha males value commitment and prioritize others above themselves.

Show your commitment by staying committed to your partner and being there for them in any situation.

Praising the Alpha Male

Never underestimate the power of praise. Complimenting an alpha male on their achievements and qualities will boost their confidence and self-esteem.

This will make them feel appreciated and valued.

Listening Skills

Alpha males value attentiveness and eye-contact. Show them that you are interested in what they say by asking thoughtful questions.

Be attentive, avoid distractions, and truly listen to what they have to say.


An alpha male is attracted to a woman who has an exotic sense of fashion, creativity, and dresses well. Show your style by dressing appropriately for every available occasion.

However, dressing well does not necessarily mean wearing expensive clothes. Instead, it means putting together an outfit that makes you feel confident.


Expressiveness means sharing your ambitions, passions, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. This shows an alpha male that you are confident, and it will be easier for them to trust you.

What Type of Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted to?


An alpha male is attracted to a woman who is intelligent and enjoys meaningful, thoughtful conversations. They want to be challenged intellectually, and they value mental stimulation.


Alpha males are attracted to self-assured and assertive women. They want a partner who can stand out and become a power couple.

A confident woman is independent and knows how to take charge of situations.


Alpha males value partnerships and relationships. They want someone who can show commitment in different areas of life.

Show an alpha male that you value relationships.

Career-driven Women

Alpha males find goal-oriented, success-driven, and passionate women attractive. They want a partner who has passions and knows how to achieve their goals.



For an alpha male, emotional intelligence is essential. They look for a woman who is mature, empathetic, emotionally aware, and can manage emotions.

They want a partner they can communicate with and rely on.


An alpha male wants a woman who can engage them in logical and intelligent conversations. Asking thoughtful questions can keep them intrigued and interested.


Alpha males want independent women who can make decisions for themselves and take charge of situations. Showing assertiveness will gain their respect.

Great Communication

Alpha males value partners who can pass messages clearly and settle conflicts. Showing great communication skills work wonders in a relationship.

Understanding Partner

An alpha male wants a partner who can read situations and save them the need to explain themselves. Showing that you understand situations makes the relationship smoother.


An alpha male is attracted to a woman who is mysterious and can keep them interested. Surprises, new experiences, and spontaneity can add excitement to the relationship.

Classy Women

An alpha male values a woman’s etiquette, poise, self-respect, and self-confidence. A classy woman knows how to carry and respect herself.

Women Who Love to Have Fun

A relationship should be balanced, and an alpha male wants a partner who likes adventure, new experiences, and spontaneity. They look for a woman who brings fun and excitement to the relationship.


An inviting smile shows that you’re accommodating and have a sweet-souled personality. A smile is infectious and attracts the right kind of attention.

Independent Women

An alpha male values a woman who is self-sufficient, confident, and self-reliant. They want someone who can make their own decisions and is not dependent on them.

Dependent Women

An alpha male is also attracted to a woman who knows when to ask for help and rely on others. Knowing when to let someone else take charge shows maturity and humility.

Women with Feminine Traits

An alpha male values a woman who is nurturing, soft-spoken, emotional, and caring. A woman who can take care of them and be there for them emotionally.

Supportive Women

An alpha male values partners who listen, spread the word, refer clients, and help in career dealings. Showing your support will make them feel understood and valued.

Respectful Women

Alpha males appreciate women who acknowledge their qualities and actions. Comparisons lead to conflicts and unnecessary stress in a relationship.

Motherly Women

Alpha males are attracted to nurturing, caring, and compassionate women who can be in control when necessary. Showing maternal tendencies shows that you can take care of them emotionally.

Funny Women

An alpha male is attracted to women with a sense of humor. Laughter, wit, sarcasm, and humor keep them engaged and entertained.


In conclusion, attracting an alpha male requires loyalty, praise, listening skills, fashion, and expressiveness. Alpha males are attracted to intelligent, confident, and committed women.

They value career-driven women, emotional intelligence, great communication skills, and unpredictability. They are attracted to classy women, women who love to have fun, independent and dependent women, women with feminine traits, supportive and respectful women, motherly women, and funny women.

Remember, be yourself, show confidence, and enjoy the process. Happy dating!

In conclusion, the main points of this article have emphasized the characteristics of alpha males and the type of women they find attractive.

We have explored tips for attracting alpha males and the qualities that make a woman stand out to an alpha male. Understanding what makes alpha males fall in love and the type of women they are attracted to is important for those seeking a successful relationship.

By being loyal, confident, intelligent, and supportive, women can attract an alpha male and build a strong, loving partnership. Remember to be yourself, stay committed, and enjoy the process.

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