Feeling Pushed Away? How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Relationships

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Signs of Being Pushed Away in a Relationship/Friendship

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like you are being pushed away by a loved one? It’s a difficult and disheartening experience, but it is important to recognize the signs so you can deal with it head-on.

Here are some common signs that someone is pushing you away in a relationship or friendship.

Decreased Time Spent Together

One of the most obvious signs that you are being pushed away is when the person you care about no longer wants to spend as much time with you as they used to. They might make excuses for not being around or not return your calls or messages.

It can feel hurtful when someone you care about suddenly becomes distant without an explanation.

Changes in Behavior/Interaction

Another sign of being pushed away is changes in the way the person interacts with you.

Perhaps they are no longer as playful or engaging as they used to be. The affection you were used to receiving may no longer be there or they may start doing things that provoke an argument.

Their behavior may feel indifferent or uninterested, and you may even feel like they are a completely different person around you. This can be hurtful and confusing, and it is important to address these changes head-on.

Dealing with Being Pushed Away

If you notice that someone you care about is pushing you away, it can be challenging to know how to deal with it. However, there are a few things you can do to help yourself through the process.

Assessing the Situation

It is essential to monitor the situation and take an honest look at the relationship/friendship. Start by talking to the person about how you are feeling and try to understand the reason behind their behavior.

If communication isn’t possible, try to assess the situation from a distance. Question why they might be acting this way towards you.

Acceptance and Moving On

If you have tried to address the situation and nothing changes, it may be time to recognize the signs and say goodbye. It’s not easy letting go, but it is necessary when someone is pushing you away.

Remember, focusing on yourself can be the most empowering choice you can make. Learning from the experience and knowing when to walk away is a strength that every person should possess.

Friendships vs. Romantic Relationships

All relationships come with their own set of challenges, but friendships and romantic relationships have unique differences. Understanding both similarities and distinctions can help to navigate the complexities of each type of relationship.

Similarities and Differences

Friendships and romantic relationships often share similar rules and standards, but there are some notable differences. In both types of relationships, you aim to establish trust, clear communication, and emotional support.

However, romantic relationships usually come with higher expectations for intimacy, such as physical closeness, emotional vulnerability, and shared personal goals. Friends can share deep and meaningful connections, though the relationship’s situation may remain the same over time.

Conversely, romantic partners tend to merge their lives together over time, resulting in shared living arrangements and, in some cases, shared finances.

Dealing with Being Pushed Away in Each Context

Both friendships and romantic relationships share many of the same signs of being pushed away, including decreased time spent together and changes in behavior/interaction. However, in a romantic relationship, physical closeness can disappear; a lack of intimacy and physical affection are signs that the spark has gone out.

In friendships, not pursuing the social plans you once did or not returning consistent communication are signs that the connection you once shared is in danger.

The Natural Course of Relationships

Relationships, whether they be friendships or romantic, will inevitably face different stages. Understanding these stages prepares oneself for the natural course of every relationship.

Friendships Sometimes End

Although many friendships are long-lasting and deep, some are short-term connections that have drifted over time. Life changes such as moving away, new work environments, or even changing interests may result in drifting apart from a friend.

It’s natural for people to grow and evolve differently, resulting in a friendship ending. It is important to acknowledge this rather than holding on to past relationships that are no longer a priority.

Romance Running Its Course

Romantic relationships may feel exciting and effortless at first, but as time progresses, they may run their course. Some couples cannot keep their connection alive and may feel like the spark has gone out or they have simply outgrown one another.

Recognizing when this happens is important. It paves the way for one to move forward with their life and acknowledge that the relationship was once good but has since served its purpose.


Both friendships and romantic relationships can be fulfilling, but they require work and dedication. Knowing the similarities and differences between the two types of relationships, recognizing the signs of being pushed away, and understanding the natural course of relationships prepares one to tackle the ups and downs of maintaining relationships.

Remember, relationships may end, but the human experience teaches one to grow and learn from every experience.

Accepting the Reality of a Situation

Sometimes holding onto a relationship that has run its course can cause more pain than good. This clinging will often only cause one to miss opportunities to find new friendships or relationships that can bring joy and fulfillment.

Recognizing when it’s time to move on can be challenging, but it’s necessary to accept the reality of the situation rather than hold on to what one wishes it was. Being ready and willing to let go leads to healing and new growth.

Leaving the Door Open for Future Reconnection

Even though a relationship may have run its course, it may not necessarily mean a permanent end. Leaving the door open for future re-connection is important, especially if the relationship held an important place in one’s life.

Cultivating other friendships and relationships can help one better handle the end of a friendship/romantic relationship and offer new opportunities for growth and reflection. There may come a point in the future where re-connection with the person is possible.


Relationships, whether romantic or friendly, are an essential and wonderful part of life. All, however, must come to an end in one way or another.

Recognizing the signs of being pushed away and navigating different stages in relationships requires emotional maturity and the understanding that relationships come with both ups and downs. Understanding that relationships are not permanent is vital to move through and grow from the end of any relationship.

Moreover, leaving a door open for future re-connection is crucial once one is healed, and emotional growth allows space for it. In conclusion, relationships, whether they be friendships or romantic, can be significant to our emotional growth and wellbeing.

As we navigate the complexities of maintaining these relationships, it’s essential to recognize the similarities and differences between the two types of relationships and the signs of being pushed away. It is also common for relationships to end, whether it be a short-term friendship or a long-term romantic relationship.

Accepting this reality and being willing to let go leads to new growth and reflection. Finally, cultivating new relationships and leaving the door open for future re-connection is crucial for emotional development.

Relationships indeed require work and dedication, but navigating them provides the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

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