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Finding Love Against All Odds: The Hope and Success of Arranged Marriages

Finding Love in Arranged Marriages

Dear Reader,

When we think of arranged marriages, the first thing that comes to mind might be the lack of love or choice in the matter. But did you know that arranged marriages can lead to just as much love and happiness as those based on love at first sight?

In this article, we will explore the story of Bhaskar and how he found love in an arranged marriage, and the lessons we can all learn about love and relationships.

Initial Challenges

At first, Bhaskar was annoyed and uncomfortable with the idea of an arranged marriage. He had always imagined falling in love naturally, as he had seen in movies and novels.

But when he met his future wife, he found that they had differences in lifestyle and values that made it difficult to connect. This is a common problem in any relationship, arranged or not.

We all have our own unique perspectives and habits that we bring with us, and it takes time and patience to learn how to live with someone who is different from us. The key here is to remain open-minded and communicate openly with your partner.

Eventually, Bhaskar learned to appreciate his wife’s differences and they bonded over shared interests and experiences. Bhaskar’s Maturity and Support

One of the reasons why Bhaskar was able to overcome the initial challenges was because of his maturity and support from his family.

He understood that it would take time to build a strong relationship and was determined to make it work. He also had the independence and support from his family to pursue his own interests and passions, which helped him regain his confidence and self-worth.

It’s important to have a strong support system in any relationship, especially in the early stages where you are still getting to know each other. Having a network of friends and family who understand and support you can make all the difference.

And having the independence to pursue your own goals and interests is important for maintaining a sense of identity and self-worth.

Growing Friendship and Romance

As Bhaskar and his wife spent more time together, they grew in their friendship and companionship. They began to understand each other’s emotional needs and learned how to support each other through difficult times.

They also began to develop a romance that was built on trust and understanding. This is the foundation of any healthy relationship.

Friendship and companionship are key ingredients in a lasting relationship. When we build a foundation of trust and understanding, we are better able to communicate our needs and emotions, which leads to a deeper level of connection.

Fulfilling Dreams Together

One of the things that made Bhaskar’s marriage successful was that he and his wife shared a vision for their future together. They had ambitions and goals that they were able to support each other in achieving.

They also had financial independence that allowed them to pursue their passions, both individually and as a couple. Having a shared vision for your future is crucial in any relationship.

It gives you a sense of purpose and direction, and allows you to work together towards a common goal. And having financial independence means that you are not dependent on your partner, which can lead to a healthier and more balanced relationship.

Belief and Faith in Each Other

Ultimately, what made Bhaskar’s marriage successful was their belief and faith in each other. They were willing to compromise and put their partner’s needs ahead of their own ego.

And they had unconditional love and acceptance for each other, even in the face of challenges. Belief and faith in your partner is the foundation of a healthy relationship.

It means trusting them, even when things are difficult. It means accepting them for who they are, flaws and all.

And it means being willing to compromise and work together to overcome challenges. Amma’s Wisdom on Marriage

In addition to Bhaskar’s story, we can learn a lot from the wisdom of our elders.

Amma, for example, uses the metaphor of a rowing boat to describe the dynamics of a successful marriage. Just like in a rowing boat, a successful marriage requires teamwork, compromise, and trust.

It also requires understanding and embracing the femininity and masculinity of each partner. Amma also emphasizes the importance of belief and faith in a relationship.

When we trust and love our partner unconditionally, we create a strong foundation for our relationship. And when we accept and respect our partner for who they are, we build a deep level of connection that can withstand any challenge.

In conclusion, finding love in an arranged marriage is possible, just as it is in any relationship. By remaining open-minded, communicating openly, and having a strong support system, we can build a foundation of friendship and companionship that can lead to a deep level of love and understanding.

And by embracing the wisdom of our elders, we can create a successful and fulfilling marriage that lasts a lifetime. Hope for

Finding Love in Arranged Marriages

Dear Reader,

In our previous article, we explored the story of Bhaskar, who found love and companionship in an arranged marriage.

We also discussed Amma’s wisdom on marriage and the importance of compromising, teamwork, and trust. In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of arranged marriages and the hope for finding love within them.

Arranged marriages have been a long-standing tradition in many cultures around the world. The idea of having your marriage arranged by your parents or other family members may seem daunting and unromantic to some.

However, arranged marriages have also produced many successful and happy couples who have found love, companionship, and stability with their partners.

Optimism for Finding Love

The success of arranged marriages has given many people hope that they too can find love and happiness within this cultural tradition. Even people who come from cultures that do not practice arranged marriages have started to explore this option in their quest for true love.

For those who have grown tired of the traditional dating scene or who have not been able to find a compatible partner, arranged marriages offer another way of meeting someone. With careful consideration by a third-party who knows both parties well, the chance of meeting someone who shares similar values and goals becomes more likely.

Success in Arranged Marriages

Success in arranged marriages is dependent on several factors. One of the key factors is communication.

Both partners must be willing to communicate openly and honestly with each other from the start. This means sharing their goals, dreams, and any potential concerns they may have about the relationship.

Being open and honest and willing to listen to each other is crucial for building trust and laying a strong foundation for the relationship to grow on. Another factor is acceptance and understanding.

Arranged marriages may result in two people who come from different cultural or socio-economic backgrounds. It is important to accept each other for who they are and understand that there may be different cultural customs or ways of life.

By embracing these differences instead of letting them create a divide, the couple can build a lasting relationship based on mutual respect and understanding. Finally, unconditional love is crucial for success in an arranged marriage.

This means loving your partner for who they are, flaws and all, and accepting them unconditionally. This requires being willing to compromise and put their needs ahead of your own ego.

Unconditional love also means forgiving and moving past any disagreements or missteps that may arise.

Love and Companionship

Love and companionship are universal desires in any relationship, arranged or not. When two people are able to build a foundation of trust, respect, and unconditional love, their relationship can grow into a deep level of companionship and love.

Companionship is different from just being in love. It means having a partner with who you enjoy spending time with, going on adventures and experiencing new things together and having a sense of comfort, safety, and security with each other.

This is especially important in arranged marriages because it takes time to cultivate this level of companionship.


Arranged marriages may not be for everyone, but they have a long-standing tradition of producing successful and happy couples. With strong communication, acceptance, and unconditional love, any marriage has the potential to grow into a deep level of companionship and love.

Whether arranged or not, love is not predetermined by how someone meets their partner, it is determined by the level of effort, patience, and commitment two people are willing to put into their relationship. In conclusion, arranged marriages have a long-standing tradition of producing successful and happy couples.

While the concept of having a third party choose your partner may seem unconventional, it has proven to be a viable option for those who struggle to find love in traditional dating scenes. By prioritizing communication, acceptance, and unconditional love, any marriage has the potential to grow into a deep level of companionship and love.

Whether arranged or not, the key to a successful relationship lies in the effort, patience, and commitment two people are willing to put into their relationship. Arranged marriages demonstrate that love is not predetermined by how someone meets their partner, but is instead determined by the level of effort and commitment invested in the relationship.

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