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From Diagonal Sleeping to Dirty Laundry: The Realities of Life Before and After Marriage

Before and After Marriage

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that changes almost everything in a person’s life. It is a union of two people, and not just their love, but their lives too.

Marriage is a new life altogether, with different expectations, attitudes, and behaviors. Bed Space

Before and After Marriage

Do you remember how spacious your bed was before you said “I do”?

How huge your king-sized bed used to be, and how nice it was to sleep diagonally? But now, the bed seems much smaller than before.

Your partner steals your pillows, and you wake up in the middle of the night tugging on the blanket like you’re playing tug of war. All of this can lead to some uncomfortable mornings.

Couple Goals

Before and After Marriage

Remember when your laundry basket was empty, and the dustbin wasn’t overflowing? Well, after marriage, these things become a part of your daily routine.

You have to change diapers, feed the baby, and take the garbage out every morning. How about those farts and burps that were once considered weird?

Now, they’re a part of your life. Weighty Issues

Before and After Marriage

When you were dating, you used to eat salads and healthy food.

But now, you binge on fries, burgers, and chocolates. You overdo it with ghee, and soda is a part of your daily routine.

Eventually, you will start loving the treadmill and cross trainer more than French fries and chocolates. But until that happens, try to keep your diet in check.

Romantic Moments

Before and After Marriage

Before marriage, the two of you could spend hours on the phone, giggling, and talking about life. After marriage, life gets a little busier.

There are family dinners to attend, privacy to maintain, and longer naps to catch up on. Cooking together, watching cartoons, and reading bedtime stories become your favorite romantic moments.

Efforts Put in

Before and After Marriage

Previously, you used to take hours to get ready- flat tummy, perfect appearance, and dressed to kill. Now, you’re lucky to get into pajamas, let alone attempting a face mask.

You’ll have to find a better work-life balance, invest in a car or a home, and make time for your partner. But the slow, sexy smile, showing effort, and making time for family and in-laws will pay off in the long run.

“I Love You”

Before and After Marriage

In the beginning, the words “I love you” were enough. But after marriage, it’s all about the actions.

Caring for your partner, taking charge of the house and cooking dinner will go a long way. Roses are nice, but have you ever received cauliflower?

The key is to care for your partner in ways that show them how much they mean to you. Women’s Changing Roles After Marriage

After marriage, women take on a new set of responsibilities.

The household duties can be overwhelming, and unfortunately, exercise may have to take a back seat. But it isn’t just the household duties, the relative’s feasts, the high-calorie foods, and the traditional gender roles also have an impact.

Less Time for Exercise

Finding the time to exercise can be difficult, especially with a new set of responsibilities. But the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of exercise can’t be ignored.

Team up with your partner for support, or start small with ten minutes of walking. Remember, every little bit counts.

Feasts with High-Calorie Foods

Food is an integral part of our culture, and it’s essential to celebrate it. Unfortunately, feasts often involve high-calorie foods, making it challenging to stick to a healthy diet.

Don’t deprive yourself of the deliciousness, but keep a balance. Opt for smaller portions, load up on veggies, and balance your plate with all the food groups.

Sharing Responsibilities

Taking care of the household can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to share the responsibilities. After marriage, the responsibilities of the household become mutual, and teamwork is required.

It’s important to communicate, delegate tasks, and take care of the now. Don’t try to do it all alone, ask for help.

Need for Personal Space

Living under the same roof can make it challenging to have personal space. But personal space is necessary for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Find a spot in the house that’s just for you, schedule me-time, or invest in a hobby. Remember, focusing on your betterment is essential for the betterment of the household.

Traditional Gender Roles

Traditional gender roles may be a thing of the past, but they still exist. It’s essential to dispel these roles with mutual responsibility and teamwork.

Don’t try to fit into a mold; instead, find what works best for you and your partner. Chores, responsibilities, and household duties are not gender-specific.


Marriage is not just about love; it’s a union of two people, their lives, and responsibilities. Finding a work-life balance, managing the household, and focusing on each other’s well-being are crucial for a successful marriage.

It’s not about fitting into a mold, but it’s about making an effort to maintain mutual respect, love, and understanding. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!

Life After Marriage: A Humorous Take

Marriage is a beautiful union of two people in love.

However, with marriage comes a whole new set of hilarious and eye-opening experiences. The rose-tinted glasses usually fade away after the honeymoon phase, and reality sets in.

Let us take a humorous take on life after marriage and delve into some exciting topics that couples experience.

Change in Perspective

Before marriage, our imagination runs wild, and we paint a perfect picture of what our future holds. We tend to visualize our own Utopia where everything is perfect, and nothing goes wrong.

The truth is, real life happens, and it’s far from perfect. After getting hitched, the fairy tale mentality fades away, and we realize that life is more complicated.

Facing Reality and Humor

Reality can be daunting, but it’s also hilarious. Life after marriage can be a roller coaster, but the ups and downs are what makes it more fun and exciting.

As we navigate through our new roles, we discover little things that we never imagined. For instance, we learn that there’s a specific way to load the dishwasher, and how important it is to have a plunger.

Sounds funny? Well, that’s the reality of it.

Irony in Expectations versus Reality

We all have different expectations of marriage, and we’ve probably heard enough about happily ever after. The irony is that happily ever after doesn’t exist in real life, and our expectations can be far from reality.

We tend to have this image of a perfect spouse, the perfect house, and the perfect life. But the truth is that perfection is subjective.

And what we perceive as perfect might be different from what our partner perceives as perfect. Couples’ Experiences

Marriage is an incredible experience, and every couple has their own unique story to tell.

The experiences that we go through as a couple are amazing; some are beautiful, some are hilarious, and others are just plain weird. One of the unique things about couples is their imagination.

As couples, we can come up with the wildest fantasies that we could never imagine experiencing alone. For instance, we might imagine romantic dinners under the stars, road trips on a Harley, or even a quick getaway to a foreign country.

While some of these fantasies might not be entirely realistic, the imagination and creativity are what make it so unique. We might not always be able to experience every fantasy, but the joy is in the experience.

In conclusion, life after marriage is a unique journey, and the ups and downs are what makes it exciting. Realizing that life isn’t perfect is a hilarious way to embrace marriage.

Having the ability to laugh at our mistakes, embrace our imperfections, and create unforgettable memories is what makes marriage an incredible experience. So, let’s raise a toast to the hilarious ride called marriage.

In conclusion, this article has covered a range of important topics related to life before and after marriage. We explored the changes that occur before and after marriage, including bed space, couple goals, weighty issues, romantic moments, and efforts put in.

We also examined the changing roles of women after marriage, specifically looking at their time for exercise, feasts with high-calorie foods, shared responsibilities, the need for personal space, and traditional gender roles. Finally, we took a lighthearted look at the humorous aspects of life after marriage, including the change in perspective, facing reality and humor, irony in expectations versus reality, and the unique experiences that couples have.

All of these topics are significant because they help us understand the complexities and joys of being in a committed relationship. Whether you’re married or just starting out, it’s essential to be prepared for the changes that will occur in your life.

Ultimately, though, with the right mindset and a willingness to adapt, marriage can be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

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