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Get Frisky with Emoji Sexting: Top Emojis and Tips!

Emoji Sexting: A New Era of Sexting

Have you ever received a message full of tiny smiley faces and winky eyes that made your heart race? Welcome to the world of emoji sexting!

With the evolution of technology, the way we communicate and express our desires has also changed.

Phone sex and cyber sex were the stepping stones that led us to what is now known as emoji sexting. What is Emoji Sexting?

Emoji sexting is the use of emojis to express sexual desires or flirtatious intentions. Using emoji to convey messages has become popular in recent years due to their convenience and effectiveness in expressing emotions that words often cannot.

Importance of Confidence and Trust

Confidence and trust play a vital role in emoji sexting. Before you start sexting with anyone, it’s important to have a level of trust between you and your partner.

You need to be comfortable enough to express your desires and know that your partner will respect them. It’s also important to have confidence in yourself and your ability to express your desires effectively.

Sexting can be nerve-wracking, but with trust and confidence, it can be an exhilarating experience.

Use of Snapchat for Emoji Sexting

Snapchat has become a popular platform for emoji sexting due to its discreet nature. With the ability to send messages that disappear after a set time, Snapchat offers a sense of privacy that other social media platforms do not.

However, it’s important to remember that screenshots can still be taken, and the message can be saved on the other end without your knowledge. Make sure to trust your partner before engaging in any kind of sexting and to be aware of the risks involved.

Evolution of Sexting

Sexting has evolved over time, with technology playing a significant role. Phone sex and cyber sex were once the only options for people looking to play out their fantasies away from their partner.

With the advent of smartphones came the ability to text, and with the rise of emojis came a new form of sexting. As technology continues to advance, who knows what the future holds for sexting?

Maybe virtual reality will take over, or maybe we will be able to send physical sensations through our phones. The possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, emoji sexting is a new and exciting form of sexting that is growing in popularity. It’s important to have trust and confidence in yourself and your partner before engaging in any kind of sexting.

Remember to also be aware of the risks involved and to use discretion when using social media platforms like Snapchat. With the evolution of technology, who knows where sexting will take us in the future.

But for now, let’s enjoy the ride!

Getting Frisky with Emoji Sexting

The advancement of technology has not only revolutionized the way we communicate, but also the way we explore our sexuality. Emojis have become a popular tool for expressing sexual desires and kinky fantasies to our partners.

It’s no wonder why people have started getting frisky with emoji sexting.

Importance of Comfort Level

It’s important to establish a level of comfort with your partner before engaging in any kind of emoji sexting. Knowing your partner’s boundaries and what they are comfortable with is crucial in ensuring a positive experience for both parties.

Its not unusual for some people to feel self-conscious or silly when using emojis to express something sexual, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You should be able to communicate in a way that feels natural and fun.

The Importance of Laughing and Having Fun

Incorporating a level of humor into your emoji sexting can also add an element of fun and playfulness to the conversation. It can also help diffuse any awkwardness or discomfort that may arise.

Top Emojis Used for Emoji Sexting

While there is an endless list of emojis to choose from, there are some that have become popular choices for expressing sexual desires during emoji sexting:

1. The Purple Eggplant – commonly used as a phallic symbol representing the male anatomy.

2. Three Water Drops: associated with bodily fluids, specifically female arousal.

3. Tongue: often used when referencing licking or oral sex.

4. Peach: used to express desire for a sexy butt or booty.

5. Double Hands: used to represent a sexy butt.

6. The Shocked Face: used to express astonishment at a provocative situation.

7. Finger Bang: representing a finger penetrating the vagina.

8. Shower: used when referring to shower sex.

9. Camel: used to represent sex from behind, humping.

10. Taco: used when referring to female genitalia.

Booty Smack Combination

The peach emoji has become a favorite when communicating a desire for a partner’s backside. Paired with the hand emoji, it can imply a rough, spontaneous engagement.

Booty Call Combination

The use of the peach emoji and the phone emoji together has become a sign for the classic booty call.

Dead Face

The dead face emoji has become an unconventional way of expressing an orgasm or intense pleasure.


The banana emoji is a popular choice to represent the male anatomy and is often paired with other emojis to create explicit comparisons.


When things get steamy, the fire emoji is the perfect way to express the heat.

Tongue Face

As playful and mischievous as it looks, the tongue face emoji is often used when licking or teasing is involved in emoji sexting.

Peace Sign

The peace sign emoji is often used when referring to oral sex or the female genitalia. OK Hand + Pointed Finger

Together, the OK hand and pointed finger emoji represent penetration.

The pointed finger emoji is inserted between the OK hand to create a phallic symbol.

Banana + Donut

When combining the banana and donut emoji, it’s meant to signify anal play.

Popping Champagne Bottle

The popping champagne bottle emoji is often used when referring to an orgasm.


The cactus emoji, while not the most obvious phallic symbol, has been used to represent a penis.


The lollipop emoji is often used as a playful way of communicating licking or teasing.


The hotdog emoji is also commonly used to represent the male anatomy.

Corn on the Cob

The corn on the cob emoji is also used to represent the male anatomy.


The melon emoji is another symbol used to represent a body part.


The hammer emoji is often used as part of a pun when communicating engaging in sexual activities.

Shaking Hands with the Milkman

The shaking hands with the milkman emoji is used to symbolize masturbation.

Blow Your Own Horn

The blow your own horn emoji is also often used to represent masturbation.

Full Moon

The full moon emoji is commonly used as a symbol for the buttocks.


The apple emoji is also often used as a representation of the buttocks. In conclusion, emoji sexting has become a fun and easy way to communicate our sexual desires and fantasies to our partners.

With an array of emojis to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Remember to always establish a level of comfort with your partner and incorporate humor into your conversations.

Keep it fun, and keep it safe!

In conclusion, the article has explored the world of emoji sexting, discussing its definition, evolution, and popularity. We’ve also discussed the importance of establishing a comfort level with partners and incorporating humor during conversations.

Additionally, we’ve listed the top emojis used for emoji sexting, such as the eggplant, peach, and tongue. Overall, it’s clear that emoji sexting has become a fun and easy way to communicate our sexual desires and fantasies.

Though it’s important to remember that there are risks involved in sexting and to always establish trust and consent before engaging in any kind of sexual communication.

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