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Hookups: The Good The Bad and How to Make Them Want More

Hookups: Are They Worth It? When it comes to casual sexual encounters, there are plenty of reasons why people engage in hookups.

Some do it for the sexual satisfaction, while others just want the company of another person. Whatever the reason may be, hookups come with their fair share of pros and cons.

In this article, we’ll explore both sides of the coin and what you can do to make your hookup miss you and want to date you. The Pros:

Sexual Gratification

Let’s not beat around the bush here; one of the most significant pros of a hookup is the sexual gratification that comes with it. Some people are just looking for a way to scratch that itch without the emotional baggage that comes with a committed relationship.

And that’s perfectly fine!

Clarity of Partner

With hookups, you get to know a person on a sexual level without any expectations or commitments. You can gauge whether you’re leading towards something more or if it’s best to leave it at that.

Plus, there’s no need to put on the “dating persona” when you’re with them.


Intimacy doesn’t always have to be sexual. Sometimes, people want the companionship of another person without the pressure of dating them.

You can engage in non-sexual activities like cuddling, watching movies, or just being present with each other.

Freedom to Explore

When you’re not tied down to one person, you have plenty of options on the table. You can see other people, explore different relationships, and find what works best for you.

And if you don’t enjoy being tied down, this kind of arrangement can be perfect.

No Commitment

Some people just aren’t into the “commitment” aspect of relationships. With hookups, you can be a commitment-phobe without the fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

There are no expectations, and that can be liberating!

The Cons:

Risk of STDs

It’s crucial to prioritize your sexual health, especially in a hookup scenario. Without the security of a committed relationship, there’s a higher risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Make sure to have open and honest conversations about sexual history and practice safe sex.

Unrequited Emotions

What happens when one person develops feelings more than the other? This situation is incredibly common in hookups, and it can result in hurt feelings.

You have to be aware that emotional attachment can occur without warning, so it’s essential to communicate and be honest with each other.

Unrealistic Relationship Expectations

It’s essential to understand that hookups aren’t a real relationship. There are no dating milestones, romance, or a long-term commitment.

And expecting more than that can lead to disappointment and heartache.

Fear of Unreciprocated Commitment

Sometimes, people engage in hookups as a way to keep the other person close without the fear of commitment. But what happens when the other person never commits to you?

It’s important to discuss your expectations beforehand, so there are no surprises down the road.


If you’re filling a hookup spot in your life, you’re taking up time that could be spent exploring other relationships or activities. Plus, if you develop feelings for the other person and they don’t reciprocate, you may be wasting your time waiting for something that will never happen.

How to Make Your Hookup Miss You and Want to Date You:

Give Him Some Space

Being too clingy can quickly turn someone off. Give your hookup some space to breathe, so they don’t feel smothered.

This distance can also allow them to develop feelings for you naturally.

Control When You Give Them What They Want

You always have the power to say “no.” Don’t automatically give them what they want every time, even if that means saying no to a hookup. This way, they’ll know you have boundaries and will respect them.

Show Your Personality

Even though hookups aren’t about dating and romance, you still need to showcase your personality. After all, you’re a whole person, not just a sexual object.

Engage in conversations, share your interests, and let your soul shine through.

Live Your Own Life

Don’t revolve your world around your hookup. Continue living your life, hanging out with friends, and pursuing your passions.

Not only will it show them that you’re independent, but it’ll also make you happy.

Leave on a High Note

Instead of spending the night, make sure to leave on a high note. It’ll build up anticipation for the next time you see each other.

Plus, it shows them that you have other things going on in your life.

Develop a Real Connection

Engage in real conversations and get to know each other. You never know; you two might have more in common than just sexual attraction.

The connection you develop might lead to something more. Don’t Chase Them

Being too needy or desperate can scare someone off, even if it’s just a hookup.

Let them come to you and show them that you’re worth their time.

Stop Depending on Them for Happiness

Don’t rely on your hookup for your happiness. You should be happy with who you are, regardless of whether they’re in your life or not.

Understand What They’re Looking For

It’s essential to discuss what each person is looking for from the arrangement. Communicate your expectations, so there are no misunderstandings down the road.

Make Them Work for What They Want

Don’t be too easy to please. Make them work for your attention and affection.

It’ll show them that you’re a valuable person worth pursuing.

See Other People

There’s nothing wrong with dating other people while in a hookup scenario. This way, you can assess your feelings and decide if it’s worth pursuing something more serious.

Tell Them About Others Who Want You

The scarcity principle can be a powerful tool in making someone miss you. Let them know that other people are interested in you, so they feel like they have some competition.

Talk About Your Busy Life

Show them that you have a life outside of them. Talk about the different activities and hobbies you have going on.

It’ll show them that you’re independent and not just waiting around for them.

Let Them Contact You First

Don’t always initiate conversations or hookups. Let them come to you first.

It shows them that you have boundaries, and you’re not always available.

Act Uninterested

Playing hard to get can be another useful tool in making someone miss you. Don’t always be available, and set firm boundaries.

It’ll make them wonder why you’re not as invested as they are.

No Guarantee of Making Someone Miss You

It’s essential to understand that your hookup may never develop feelings for you. No matter what tactics you use, you can’t control someone’s feelings.

Accept the outcome and move on if necessary. In conclusion, hookups can be a good way to satisfy sexual cravings or find companionship without the pressure of a committed relationship.

However, they come with their fair share of pros and cons. And if you’re looking to make your hookup miss you and want to date you, there are several tactics you can use.

Remember to communicate clearly, set boundaries, and prioritize your emotional well-being. Good luck!

In conclusion, understanding the pros and cons of hookups and how to make your hookup miss you and want to date you is essential if you’re considering engaging in this kind of arrangement.

It’s crucial to prioritize your emotional well-being, communicate your expectations clearly, and understand that hookups aren’t a substitute for a real relationship. As with anything in life, there are risks and rewards, and it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you.

By following the tips outlined in this article, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the world of hookups and make the most of your experiences.

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