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Irresistible Men: The Science Behind Sexual Attraction

Are you curious about what makes a man sexually attractive? While everyone has their own preferences, there are some scientifically-backed characteristics that are generally considered attractive.

From physical features to personality traits, we’re breaking down what makes a man irresistible.

Physical Characteristics


Many women find a light beard to be very attractive, as it signals a certain level of sexual maturity. Heavy stubble, in particular, is seen as the most attractive level of facial hair growth.

Facial Symmetry:

Our brains are wired to find symmetrical faces more attractive, as they signal good genes and health. A study conducted by the University of Aberdeen in Scotland found that even babies as young as 6 months old prefer symmetrical faces.


It’s no secret that many women find muscular men attractive. This is because muscles signal physical dominance, which is seen as a desirable trait from a biological standpoint.

However, it’s important to note that there is a fine line between being muscular and being overly bulky, which can be a turn-off for some women. Grooming:

A guy who takes care of himself is always going to be more attractive than one who doesn’t.

This includes everything from good hygiene to dressing well to having good posture. A dapper appearance signals good health, confidence, and high self-worth, all of which are desirable traits in a partner.

Facial Scars:

While they may seem like a disadvantage, facial scars can actually be seen as attractive in certain contexts. According to a study from the University of Liverpool, women are more likely to be attracted to men with facial scars when looking for short-term relationships.

This is because scars signal excitement, adventure, and a willingness to take risks. Nice Cologne:

A pleasant smell is always attractive, and cologne can be a great way to enhance a guy’s natural scent.

Just be sure to use it sparingly and choose a scent that’s appropriate for the occasion – heavy, musky colognes are better suited for nighttime events than for the office. Deep Voice:

A low, resonant voice has always been seen as attractive, as it signals both social and biological information.

Men with deep voices are often seen as more dominant and powerful, which can be appealing to certain women. Simplicity:

Sometimes, less is more.

While highly distinctive features can be attractive, there’s also something to be said for plain, unassuming features. In these cases, good manners and a kind personality can often be even more attractive than physical traits.

Personality Traits

Sense of Humor:

There’s nothing more attractive than a guy who can make you laugh. A good sense of humor signals intelligence, wit, and confidence, all of which are desirable qualities in a partner.

Laughter releases endorphins, which can make you feel closer to your partner and strengthen your connection. Fidelity:

Loyalty and faithfulness are always going to be attractive traits in a partner.

Knowing that you can trust your partner to be true to you and to stick by your side through thick and thin is incredibly important in a relationship. Altruistic Behavior:

Selfless concern and acts of kindness are also very attractive traits.

There’s something undeniably appealing about a guy who is willing to put others’ needs before his own, whether it’s volunteering at a food bank or simply taking care of a friend in need. Conclusion:

At the end of the day, what makes a man sexually attractive is a combination of physical features and personality traits.

Whether you’re looking for a short-term fling or a long-term relationship, finding someone who possesses a combination of these traits can make all the difference. So, keep an eye out for guys with symmetrical faces, light beards, muscular builds, and good senses of humor – you never know where it might lead!

In conclusion, understanding what makes a man sexually attractive can be helpful both in the dating arena, and in long-lasting relationships.

Physical characteristics such as a light beard, facial symmetry, muscles, grooming, facial scars, nice cologne, and a deeper voice are traits that generally signal good health, a certain level of maturity, and physical dominance. Personality traits such as a sense of humor, fidelity, and altruistic behavior demonstrate good character and a strong connection.

By recognizing these elements, we can make better choices in our relationships, and ultimately nurture stronger bonds with our partners. Remember – while attraction is important, it’s only a small part of what makes a relationship fulfilling and long-lasting.

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